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  1. POLL: Any gay men had a girlfriend before they came out?
  2. To be or not to be gay?
  3. Today I found out that my son is gay ?
  4. I REALLY do not like lesbians. Weird for a gay guy?
  5. Bisexual..needs help heree.?
  6. If we allow gays to marry will the next generation adopt this way of life...
  7. what are the lyrics to the song from legally blonde that goes is he gay or european?
  8. what are some music groups that talk about being gay?
  9. Are there any republican openly gay people out there?
  10. Do you think Christians are being to lenient towards gays?
  11. What are the concerns of Islam and sexuality? ?
  12. I want Obama to be president, I really like him except for his judgment on gay
  13. is it gay to wear skinny jeans? imma guy?
  14. How many gay male couples have open relationships?
  15. i'm probably bisexual but think she's straight?
  16. My boyfriend might be bisexual!?
  17. Why are people who use Yahoo answers gay?
  18. IS hulk hogan is gayer then GOLD DUST ?
  19. Lesbians and Bisexuals: What do you look for in a girl?
  20. What do i do about my bisexual relationship ?
  21. does this make you gay?
  22. do u have 2 b gay????
  23. Reeeeally confused about my sexuality... I'm a bi girl who sees herself as a gay
  24. To what extent do you support gay marriage?a) None b) domestic partners c)...
  25. How specifically, would allowing Gays to marry undermine your marriage?
  26. POLL: Did you always know you were gay?
  27. Does God really hate abortions and gay people?
  28. Prop 8? yes or no/ do you have any gay friends? y/n how close are you to them?...
  29. Is sexual abuse a contributing factor to being gay?
  30. Why do people assume attractive looking guys are gay..?
  31. Friend accused of molesting someone when he was young cause him sexuality problems
  32. I only have an urge to watch gay porn when I'm not having any luck with the...
  33. POLL: Do you think i'm gay? 10 points for insight!?
  34. parents would you tell your son you know he is gay?
  35. Is My Bestfriend Gay/bi With My Other Bestfriend? Im Just Using Sum Made Up
  36. Why am I being bullied for being bisexual, and what can I do?
  37. Why do people say the support gays and homosexuals, but than use the word...
  38. Is ZIGGYWHATWHAT bi or gay?
  39. I'm sure you're all tired of this but.. gay?
  40. Am I gay, bisexual, or straight, HELP?
  41. i like this guy who might be gay he liked me once before but nothing...
  42. I hate women I'm I gay?
  43. How do can I convince people that I am not gay?
  44. POLL: Do I look gay ?
  45. What if the guy I like is confused about his sexuality?
  46. I told him I'm bisexual, now he's excited?
  47. How did the liberalization of sexual conduct after the Revolutionary War...
  48. my heart says straight my body says gay?
  49. why gay and lesbian is more victim in the society?
  50. If sexuality is encouaged through childhood trauma, then is this also true?
  51. Are there any gay men who are celibate and/or have been through reparative therapy?
  52. friends being gay helpppppppppppppppppppppppp?
  53. Who has been very supportive to you about your sexuality?
  54. Can You Please Tell Me If I Am Bisexual?
  55. Gay politics in the art world. anyone know anything about it?
  56. i just found out the guy i like is gay ?
  57. As people in General who do you think gay men have the most in common
  58. What if your girlfriend was bisexual?
  59. Convincing myself I'm not gay.?
  60. ok so im bisexual and i want to see if this other guy is?
  61. Does my gynecologist need to know my sexuality?
  62. I don't think my parents believe me and are testing me about my sexuality?
  63. What wil my parents think if i tell them i am bisexual?
  64. Am I gay straight bi or what!?
  65. How do you know if you are bisexual?
  66. George Clooney is BISEXUAL - true or false?
  67. Is it so wrong for a footballer to be a metrosexual?
  68. are you aafrican american woman in florida who is bisexual or a lesbian?
  69. Anybody like Yaoi (gay anime)?
  70. Ok so I'm bisexual and my girlfriend just asked me...?
  71. guys, lesbiens, and bisexuals..please answer?
  72. Is Bre's Son From Deprate Housewives Son Gay In The Program ?
  73. Gay marriage?? Whould you?
  74. A question for bisexual women....?
  75. ok sorry m yquest was actuall y suppose to be if it would be coo lto have master
  76. My gay friend gets turned on by me (I'm a girl). Is he really gay?
  77. My boyfriend just told me how he use to be bisexual?
  78. is sasori from naruto shippuden gay?
  79. Jesus encountering a gay man?
  80. guys, lesbians and bisexuals.. please answer?
  81. i'm bisexual, and i don't know if i should tell anyone, i don't want
  82. is kate perry the singer bisexual,lesbian,or strait?
  83. in the end, Christians were not able to stop equal right for gays.... is this...
  84. Did Jesus encounter any gay men or women during his time on earth?
  85. Why is it that gay people use the word Agenda when describing a question...
  86. Why do Dems support an anti-gay marriage candidate?
  87. Which red state will be the first to legalize gay marriage?
  88. Question about sexuality and being drunk! ?
  89. Sexuality and beauty...?
  90. Gay couples raising children in Australia?
  91. How Do You Tell If Someone Gay?
  92. I am a guy, now... if I watch myself on video and commented that I have a nice
  93. are there any organizations one can get involved in that are anti-gay rights?
  94. Disgusting Gay Question?
  95. HELP! I think Im falling for a guy (Im gay)?
  96. Should I leave my gay friend alone?
  97. please tell me im not gay?
  98. What do you think of rihanna's "sexuality"?
  99. Why is being an asian bisexual hot girl such a turn on? (guys please)?
  100. Gay marriage, state and religious?
  101. Do you think he's gay?
  102. insecurity, guys who like asians are gay?
  103. whats the best top reated gay dance clubs in new york manhattan?
  104. Question about what I read on gay health (both male and female)?
  105. Do you get offended when people call the Jonas brothers gay?
  106. Does this make me gay forever?
  107. i have a friend who's gay and this is his user but i am using it while he's
  108. Is being gay a good or bad thing?
  109. Gay Christians - are you celibate?
  110. A question for Gay Christians?
  111. is there any mexican gay bars in kansas city?
  112. Is he gay................?
  113. Does soy milk really turn you gay?
  114. Gay experience with my childhood friend? Help!!!?
  115. Can the older brother be gay...?
  116. Gay marriage: APPROVE OR DISSAPROVE?
  117. Am I bisexual/bicurious?
  118. can you become a gay masculine despite you are a gay effeminate?
  119. Church homes for the gay/lesbian crowd?
  120. what panic at the disco guy is bisexual?
  121. Are there any local gay teen chat rooms? ?
  122. How can I find a girlfriend? I'm 18 and I can't find any gay girls. ?
  123. is there any mexican gay bars in minneapolis?
  124. can you change from being an effeminate gay male to be a masculine gay...
  125. Do you think he is gay?
  126. is there any mexican gay bars in omaha, NE?
  127. wats the best way to come out to parents about being gay?
  128. Is he lying about being gay?
  129. Is anyone TRULY straight or TRULY gay?
  130. can barbys make you gay?
  131. Why do people hate Gays so much?
  132. Gay teen boi ask how cool r yur parents?
  133. Is this weird and gay for him?
  134. My boyfriend says that all women are secretly bisexual. Do you agree?
  135. Any Lesbian/Bisexual Females ages 16-20 in the new york area who is looking for a
  136. Am i gay forever now?
  137. Difference between bisexual and pansexual?
  138. This is for girls only!-unless your gay.?
  139. Gay guys, have you/do you wanted to be more manly, physically and mentally?
  140. reasons of being gay or lesbian?
  141. Gay's rule: PLIS HELP!?
  142. I really hate being gay?
  143. Do you have a problem with gay people?
  144. Do you think i should be gay?
  145. Question about sexuality and gender issues?
  146. Are there any clubs specifically for bisexuals in Spokane? not swingers club...?
  147. Poll: Is it stupid to break up with someone just because he/she is bisexual?
  148. I think i may be bisexual how do i know?
  149. How do I tell everyone that i am gay?
  150. i like thinking of doing gay stuff with this guys in my yr but im not gay?
  151. How do i come out as being bisexual? I am a male.?
  152. Is Dan Abrams from MSNBC gay?
  153. in what states can gay people get married?
  154. Which Anime Character Would You Turn Gay For ?
  155. im 13 and im gay how do i tell people?
  156. Undercover Bisexual.?
  157. Is being gay something yur ashamed of?
  158. Is it bad to be bisexual?
  159. Is Emeril the cook on Food Network gay?
  160. Where in the bible does it say being gay is not a choice?
  161. I'm having doubts about my sexuality .... i'm confused!?
  162. homo sexuality & Christianity?
  163. A question about finger length and sexuality?
  164. Woahh!? My Sexuality!?
  165. If Christians judge gay people, (and goodness me we know they do) then
  166. my parents found out i'm gay and they don't accept it what do i do now?
  167. I'm not sure if I'm gay? Please Help Me?
  168. Does sexuality destroy spirituality, in your opinion?
  169. Spiritually speaking what are your thoughts on Connecticut legalizing gay marriages?
  170. Is Kevin Jonas Gay?????????
  171. What rights will straight Americans lose if gay Americans are permitted to marry?
  172. how to plan a gay wedding?
  173. gay guy with bad anger issues ?
  174. LGBT: What creeps people who are insecure with their sexuality out?
  175. How do your parents feel about gay/lesbian people?
  176. Are you a bisexual if you like girls more than guys sometimes?
  177. Should I tell her I'm gay?
  178. Why can girls adore an actress, but it's considered gay for a guy to...
  179. i'm 15, should i tell people that i'm Bisexual?
  180. Do gay personnals sites ruin relationships?
  181. not gay but does she like me?
  182. What do you think of this lesbians/bisexuals?
  183. Please where I can find a night club gay in Brasov? Or addres or phone number?
  184. If you were a gay/lesbian llama, where would you get your hair cut? ?
  185. Why are some people very judgemental against gays/les/bis?
  186. Do Jonas Brothers fans have issues with gay people?
  187. question for gay guys?
  188. I'm afraid of getting into a relationship with a woman because I am bisexual?
  189. what exactly is the difference between gay marriage and civil unions?
  190. How can I make my uncle regret calling me gay?
  191. a sexuality question....????
  192. How can I get them to stop calling me gay?
  193. gay + girl ?
  194. do you think men can be bisexual?
  195. Since most homosexuals are atheists does that also mean that most atheists are gay?
  196. Do straight men have you ever had a gay dream or bi dream?
  197. so am i gay??????????????????????????????
  198. A question about sexuality?
  199. ok i need help i might be bisexual?
  200. Gay Guys Only, What do you prefer?
  201. Gays/Lesbians, have you ever had somebody straight try to turn you?
  202. is my husband gay? he talks more than me, he says if other males are cute or not,...
  203. Girlfriend needs more sexuality from me?
  204. Do you think it's amusing that gay marriage was legalized in Bush's state of birth?
  205. Gay men, do you agree with this?
  206. Are there any local gay teen chat rooms? ?
  207. Some emotional support about my sexuality?
  208. Where can I find Another Gay Movie "Frisky Chickens" uniform?
  209. am i gay or not or is this a phase?
  210. Bisexual... what to you make of this..?
  211. Names or links of Gay rights organizations in Arizona?
  212. In terms of physical attraction I'm bisexual, but my romantic thoughts are
  213. I Think Im Bisexual Well I Know Im Bi...?
  214. Do you think The Bible is contradictory? (mainly sexuality rant)?
  215. How do you come to the conclusion that you are bisexual?
  216. Is it true that all people are bisexual but just in varrying degrees?
  217. Does this mean I'm bisexual?
  218. am i a lesbian or bisexual? im not sure anymore!?
  219. How and when should you tell your kids you are Transgender, or bisexual?
  220. 10 pts to best answer. Is he gay? ?
  221. Is Anderson Cooper gay?
  222. AHHH I want to kill myself! gay...?
  223. Why aren't gay people allowed to vote?
  224. What is your personal definition of a Metrosexual Man?
  225. Confusion about my sexuality?
  226. Gays and transgendered feeling unsafe at school now they're demanding to...
  227. Bisexual and committed but want one more experience?
  228. How can I tell my best friend I'm bisexual?
  229. Metrosexual or Retrosexual girls which one do you find hotter?
  230. Do you agree that the Obama/Biden ticket is the metrosexual ticket?
  231. I want to go to a gay teen group thing?
  232. Why are most straight men so paranoid about their sexuality?
  233. is my younger brother gay ?
  234. LGTB People: Does it bother you when people say "thats gay!" when they
  235. Where can gay teens hang out in St. Louis?
  236. Why do gay men usually (not always) dislike women?
  237. Does anyone know where I can find a good wedding ring for gay marriage?
  238. Would you consider Obama metrosexual?
  239. Do most bisexual men prefer men over women when it comes to sex?
  240. is this metrosexual ?
  241. what do i do about getting picked on at school because i am "emo" or bisexual?
  242. am i straight, bisexual, bi-curoius...?
  243. my gf wants me to wear capri pants ... is this too metrosexual?
  244. stories or books on female sexuality?
  245. girls, would you care if your boyfriend wore a thong. Would you think it...
  246. I'm really questioning my sexuality lately, help?
  247. question concerning my sexuality.. anyone please read your advice wanted..?
  248. Am I bisexual or not? What do you think?
  249. What do you think about Obama's ties to a gay porn producer?
  250. i'm feeling SERIOUS tension trying to figure out my sexuality, help!?