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  1. Toronto, Gay Friendly?
  2. Am I gay or just curious? ?
  3. Does being attracted to a girl make you bisexual?
  4. gay guy in gantz the first stage?
  5. Why don't people trust someone if they're bisexual?
  6. Gay question about....?
  7. For you christian/catholics or whatever that don't support gay rights?
  8. Has anyone tried one of those herbal remedies for boosting sexuality and found...
  9. why do gay boys act...?
  10. What type/brand of gay donuts do you like? ?
  11. why should gay people be able to marry in a church when a church is a symbol of God.?
  12. My mom's gay friend has a crush on my dad?
  13. i don't really know about my sexuality?
  14. Is there ever any hope of Ohio passing the gay/les marriage law?
  15. If being bisexual puts off nice girl-next-door women, should I choose to suppress it?
  16. Is prop 102 in arizona to allow or ban gay marriage?
  17. Why did my boyfriend's sister talk to him about kissing a girl when i was...
  18. Annoying/Funny/Interesting statements concerning your sexuality?
  19. LGBT: I'm bisexual, im pretty sure and...?
  20. Am i gay straight or bisexual?
  21. I'm questioning my sexuality?
  22. Don't you hate it when people tell bisexuals to make up their minds?
  23. I told my friend I'm bisexual and now he's cussing me!?
  24. Problems with being bisexual...!?
  25. Whats wrong with being GAY?
  26. Was Rorschach in the WATCHMEN gay?
  27. Gay opinion of Reverend T.D. Jakes?
  28. Is Kanye West a metrosexual?
  29. Would you date an Bisexual ? ?
  30. Do you think someone can be bisexual there whole life?
  31. Are Spongbob and Patrick gay?
  32. Has anyone seen the "that's gay" public service announcements?
  33. Has legalized gay marriage destroyed your own hetero-marriage and family...
  34. Sexuality Gay/Straight?
  35. i dont know my sexuality. help!?
  36. Need help with gay foster child?
  37. how do i know if he is gay?
  38. Brandon Stoughton.. gay?
  39. What do you think about gays? ?
  40. Is Richard Simmons gay?
  41. are you an openly bi or gay guy? how do you feel about about that?
  42. Should I tell him that I'm gay?
  43. Eoghan: your contnued assertion that Lesbians, Gay Men and Transsexuals are
  44. Who else thinks Spiderman's Gay?
  45. Am I a Bisexual, Or am I just confused?
  46. Gay marriage versus Civil union issue. ?
  47. A girl likes me but I'm closeted gay and don't like her back- what should I do?
  48. Figuring out my sexuality..?
  49. Why are people so mean to someone just because they are gay :(?
  50. do you think your born gay or its a choice.?.?
  51. So my buddy has constantly changing hairstyles. Does that mean he's sort of
  52. poll: are you comfortable with your sexuality?
  53. Bisexuals, in what proportions.?
  54. Please Help Personal Gay Life And Huge Crush?
  55. Does being bisexual make it harder to meet women.?
  56. If your gay and a Citizen for of the you Us and you get Married with
  57. What would you do if you saw a gay couple kissing?
  58. If a bisexual does stuff with a girl are they still a virgin ?
  59. Is CAMERON JENSEN, of Thurston Gay or Bi?
  60. is drake bell really gay? tell the truth?
  61. Is my foreign exchange student roommate gay or bisexual?
  62. upset with my sexuality?
  63. How do I hint to people that I'm bisexual?
  64. Does my name sound gay?
  65. How can I tell my mom that I'm Bisexual?
  66. Is my mom a bisexual?
  67. My gay guy friend loves this guy...?
  68. Do gay men (and women) confide in other gay men and women about their sexuality?
  69. is it normal for teens to questions their sexuality? please help i am freaking out?
  70. Bisexuals-Crushes On Straight BFFs?
  71. Bisexual & multi partnered?
  72. LGBT: Will sexuality play any part in your vote in the Presidential election?
  73. What are you(bi,gay,les.),(willowick middle kids, pass on to them too)?
  74. Ejaculation at doctors office...Gay?
  75. Do you think I'm bisexual?
  76. Am I bisexual and not know it?
  77. Let's say I'm bisexual ...?
  78. AmI bisexual or just confused?
  79. How long did it take for you to honestly accept being gay?
  80. What kind of women would consider a relationship with a bisexual man?
  81. does anyone know of any lesbian or bisexual social sites?
  82. Out of curiosity-To all bisexuals?
  83. What do you think about gay marriage? (girls only can answer)?
  84. Can being molested by a man cause a boy to become gay?
  85. Is there any way to know if your gay, or bisexual?
  86. Help ive lost myself in my sexuality?
  87. A gay guy for a night?
  88. turnabout ranch; do they turn gay kids around?
  89. What do people have against gay marriage?
  90. Is it gay for a grown man to?
  91. Gay marriage question?
  92. What is your gay community like?
  93. Meeting someone for gay sex? advice?
  94. Is it wrong for me to want a gay best friend?
  95. if a stranger comes to you and ask you if your gay/les would you lie or tell the
  96. Can being bisexual be forgiven by our lord and savor?
  97. is this creepy or cute (gay or bi guys/girls only please)?
  98. why is it so hard to be gay in soceity?
  99. Sexuality discriminating words?
  100. Trying to find out about gays - please help?
  101. My I think my bisexual friend likes me.what should I do?I dont like her...:?
  102. Another gay question for Christians?
  103. When did emo become gay?
  104. Do you think straights who are opposed to gay marriage but aren't homophobic
  105. If Obama is really a Christian then why does he believe in Gay marriage and Abortion?
  106. Survey on Human Sexuality...How do you communticate?
  107. A gay boy usually think about sex more frequently than a straight one?
  108. how to tell my parents im bisexual?
  109. My college (guy) roommate is gay! ahhhhh?
  110. Do dreams have any significance on your sexuality?
  111. why do alot of gay men?
  112. are there any gay japanese-black couples?
  113. If you knew your sister was gay would you....?
  114. what would be a good title for a paper about not legalizing gay marriage?
  115. Confused sexuality...?
  116. why are people gay in the world?
  117. what is the name of gays in history?
  118. They Want To Open An All Gay High School In Illinois!?
  119. My I think my bisexual friend likes me.what should I do?I dont like her...:?
  120. long or short lashes -am not gay?
  121. Kanye West is he really gay?
  122. If I do it with a dude and a chick at the same time, is it still gay?
  123. My mum doesn't support gay marriage =[?
  124. is the bible the cause for most gay hate crimes & homophobia?
  125. So many gays are Democrats since they think that party helps their rights. The...
  126. Is it possible my husband is gay?If so why cant he admit it?
  127. My parents have been married for 20 years but they got divorced and told me...
  128. Is it stereotypical for gay men to be single?
  129. Planet out gay.com chat rooms Missing ?
  130. Do you think it's right? (gay rights)?
  131. Asking ALL Bisexuals: Are you more attracted to people of the same sex or...
  132. what is your take on gay marriage?
  133. If republicans think that abortion should be a state issue shouldn't gay
  134. Can you help me figure out my sexuality?
  135. As a bisexual or lesbian woman what do you think of Katy Perry's song I
  136. What is a valid reason to make Gay Marriages illegal?
  137. Mark Indelicato from Ugly Betty gay?
  138. My parents think im gay but im not?
  139. Apparently this is LGBTQ (lesbian,gay,bisexual,transgendered, questioning)
  140. Gay.com chat rooms missing?
  141. what are you voting on Prop 8? (Gay marriage)?
  142. Do straight guys go to gay clubs? plz Need ur opinion?
  143. Is my best friend gay?
  144. How does interracial marriage even begin to compare to gay marriage?
  145. What's with the gay guy / headband phenomenon? ?
  146. Questions regarding human sexuality. help!?
  147. I'm unsure of my sexuality..Can you help?
  148. If your a straight girl would you date a bisexual guy?
  149. I might be bisexual please help!!!!?
  150. Ladies, do you have alot of gay guy friends?
  151. What is a good website for bisexual teens?
  152. Is this possible for Bisexuals?
  153. -------------->bisexuals attention here please<-------------?
  154. gay capital...................?
  155. Are we both gay, or not?
  156. Can one's sexuality change?
  157. My friend said this is gay..?
  158. My friend said this is gay..?
  159. Do women use gay as an excuse to have male friends?
  160. How to tell my mum I'm bisexual?
  161. I am gay but i dont like to be like this,I want to have a child with a
  162. is Cute Kip from TNA gay (no homo)?
  163. Can two men share a sofa overnight without it being gay?
  164. a lil confused here, i would say im bi, maybe but a little towards the gay side,
  165. Help Im A Bisexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
  166. Could you say that you are Gay/Lesbian in order to apply for a Gay/Lesbian...
  167. In a (gay) relationship, is sex one-sided?
  168. Do you support gay marriage? Why or why not?
  169. Why are homosexuals so mistrusting of bisexuals?
  170. Is success in certain industries determined by your sexuality?
  171. What are some big areas of clubs/bars (for gays)?...In Illinois?
  172. is my bf gay? or is me? please help!?
  173. Gay/lesbian clubs in miami or fort. lau.... that 18yr old could get in?
  174. Who was the speaker on a gay rights video?
  175. How come its seems the majority of gay guys can sing?
  176. am i really bisexual?
  177. Bisexuals more attracted to their own sex?
  178. Does making out with a girl mean your gay?
  179. Im gay, in the closet and need some advice?
  180. can a gay couple from out of Connecticut get married there?
  181. if my friend is gay should i encourage him?
  182. POLL: Do gays go to church?
  183. POLL: Do gay men scare you?
  184. I hate the commuter college i'm going to! it's so gay!plz help?
  185. I'm gay and there is this waiter I like. I'd like to know if he feels the same way.
  186. Christians- What are your views on gay marriage?
  187. Feeling very isolated being a bisexual Christian?
  188. if your gay/lesbian and you saw your self sitting @ a bar would you hit on
  189. How can I help my gay friend come to terms with herself? ?
  190. Are churches required by law to provide gay weddings in states that it is legal in?
  191. Gay nights in South Yorkshire?
  192. Is there a problem with my sexuality ?
  193. bisexual and scared.what shall i do?
  194. How do i deal with being bisexual, leaving my girlfriend, and not having anyone...
  195. Bisexual girl is very confused ?
  196. Coming to grips with your Sexuality?
  197. Crazy about a guy who claims to not be a monogamist, and is bisexual. help!?
  198. lesbians don't like bisexual girls?
  199. Do you know any books about lesbian or bisexuals?
  200. Do you consider this being bisexual?
  201. How do I help someone determine their sexuality?
  202. Have you noticed that without religious references the anti-gay marriage proposals?
  203. am i bisexual, lesbian? bi-curious?
  204. I don't "Pitch a Tent" when thinking about women, am I gay?
  205. What rights do gays have in Ohio?
  206. poll-for my essay- do you think people are born gay(genetics) or become...
  207. How old were you when you had your first gay/lesbian relationship or were
  208. Why support abortion if these babies can be give in adoption to a gay...
  209. If God doesn't approve of Gays....?
  210. i discovered my dad watches gay porn. what should i do about it?
  211. are you gay/lesbian and do you like cats?
  212. Why is being gay a sin?
  213. we're both bisexual, but i cant do...?
  214. My bisexual friend hates his life...?
  215. are you for or against gay dating?
  216. is being gay really a choice?
  217. Does anyone really know Obama's position on Gays?
  218. is it gay for me a girl to want to be a ufc fighter?
  219. why isn't it hypocritical of gays to judge ex-gays?
  220. Was Joan Crawford bisexual?
  221. Spiritually speaking, how do women cope with their sexuality?
  222. What do you think about Jesus gay kiss? ?
  223. So why are gays so bad?
  224. do bi-social women make it harder for real lesbians/bisexuals?
  225. Is the Statue of Liberty possibly a gay socialist?
  226. What is Tennessee Williams saying about human sexuality?
  227. Christians, if you could tell an unborn baby would be gay.. would you be ok with...
  228. Is There Any Credible Scientific Proof that People are Born Gay?
  229. Do you like your guys scruffy or metrosexual?
  230. am i gay bi or straight?
  231. My wife thinks it would be cool to have 3 kids and out of them one gay son. I
  232. Where can I find a sexuality website?
  233. I need help finding a story about "gender" and "sexuality"?
  234. A question for straight girls and gay guys..?
  235. what is a gay guys chances of not paying child support if he got a girl
  236. Is being a virgin gay guy such a turn-off?
  237. my homey sais im super gay for having a Larry Bird poster with them short
  238. uhm...help? (gay problem but not me)?
  239. Is there a website that definies sexualities?
  240. Am i bisexual?????........?
  241. Gay men. Do you think these Australian guys are sexy/ handsome / cute / yummy ?...
  242. Gay male and straight woman friendship - should we continue?
  243. Is McCain's latest attempt to smear Obama, insinuating that Obama is gay?
  244. Typical bisexual crush, needs advice situation =/?
  245. Do gay female singles or couples use sperm donors?
  246. Some bisexual men like men for more raw physical needs and women more for tenderness?
  247. Gay men do you ever feel like you...?
  248. Is Jared Leto gay or not?
  249. I think my boyfriend is gay...?
  250. why do some gay guys dress like women?