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  1. do masculine gay guys do like effeminate gay guys or they prefer guys like...
  2. Does this make me bisexual?
  3. depression and sexuality?
  4. i am a gay or should i say bisexual man, i need some answers or help please!!!?
  5. Can you get a gay guy to.....?
  6. Why gays and lesbians choose to be gay or lesbian and to what extend do they
  7. I've been told I'm too pretty to be bisexual?
  8. How does a gay man in a conservative, midwest town, find partners to explore golden
  9. Why do some people associate gay people as...?
  10. i think one of my friends are gay?
  11. is it true that only bisexuals are allowed to ride bicycles?
  12. Why is gay marriage a GOOD thing?
  13. Will a kid be Gay if he lives with two Gay parents?
  14. Gay Marriage vs. Civil Unions: Unconstitutional?
  15. A gay marriage poll for the R&S community?
  16. How to tell if he's gay?
  17. Bisexual question? Confused?
  18. LGBT: Gay guys, have you ever had a Katie Perry moment?
  19. a bisexual girls struggle/confusion between men & women - books?
  20. Concerned about sexuality?
  21. how do you know when you're bisexual?
  22. How come there aren't as many bisexual guys as girls?
  23. How have Hostess snack cakes influenced your sexuality?
  24. What is the best comeback when someone calls you gay?
  25. I'm a bisexual woman in a lesbian relationship, but I'm attracted to my neighbor...?
  26. what female sexuality and femenist theory in the handmaids tale by margaret atwood ?
  27. I doing a school report and i need to know what type of anus related
  28. Was Joe the Plumber a Republican plant like the reporter with a White House Press
  29. A friend of mine recently tried it on with me, I'm not gay or owt but I liked it...?
  30. female sexuality in to kill a mocking bird ??? looking at theory side of it hellppp?
  31. Should I trade Rudy Gay for Randy Foye and Troy Murphy?
  32. Why do many gay women like women that look like men?
  33. Where did the expression, "tossing the salad" come from in reference to...
  34. do you consider this BISEXUAL?
  35. if there is any church which accepts gay people as official members but not gay
  36. Someone found out that i'm gay, how do i stop him from telling everyone!?
  37. what are your views on bisexual relationships?
  38. When a guy does kissy faces, does it mean he's gay?
  39. is hayden christsensen gay?
  40. I'm prudish, but are these feelings that I have about sexuality right (part 3)?
  41. Sexuality......................?
  42. Why do most parents deny their children if they are gay,lez or bi?
  43. can somebody tell me some songs that speaks about sexuality as something that
  44. Gays, Hi, is it true that in the late 60's early 70's the gay community
  45. why do people assume Kristen Stewart is gay, ugly weird looking?
  46. I'm so confused? Gender/Sexuality?
  47. Bisexuals-Again About the Best Friend?
  48. Which new categories should Y!A answers add? I think Home/Neighbor Relations;
  49. Do i have gay looks (PICS)?
  50. having sex with multiple partners , gay relationships, adultary are all
  51. it seems most gay men have a certain lisp to their speech?
  52. Gender identity and sexuality?
  53. How do Jews feel about gays?
  54. Lyantha said that 'gay men' abused a 2 year old and a 17 year old?
  55. How is gay marriage wrong?
  56. Hey I'm gay and a 100% gay guy ?
  57. I need everyone's opinion: Am I bisexual, straight or lesbian?
  58. is it wrong to want kids when I am gay?
  59. Gay men - tops/aggressive answer?
  60. i m gay now ans i love it forever?
  61. Am I what you call a metrosexual?
  62. Gay crush at work.. but is he strait?
  63. Is Ryan Seacrest gay?
  64. How can yo tell if you're you're bisexual?
  65. if you are straight, would you date a bisexual person?
  66. Anyone remember that gay newscaster scandal?
  67. How can I tell people that I am a bisexual?
  68. Is it possible for a gay guy to turn into a straight guy?
  69. How do you subtly find out if he's gay?
  70. ok,here it is.---a gay man said to me i wasn;t gay,because no gayman is...
  71. Any gay teens with aim?
  72. my bisexual love :]]?
  73. Help with gay sex advice?
  74. I am a gay 18 year old who is now single since my ex-bf broke up with me. How do
  75. Do you know this actor who plays a gay soldier?
  76. So, am I straight or gay??
  77. i am looking for a certain gay Detroit magazine?
  78. Where is the money to defeat anti-gay amendments?
  79. Very confused about my sexuality?
  80. Being GAY/BI? Plz ans it's killing me....i wish i was DEAD!!!?
  81. Why can't there be more gay/straight best friends?
  82. Can you provide an ideology-FREE argument against gay marriage ?
  83. I am a gay 18 year old who is now single since my ex-bf broke up with me. How do
  84. Should you always be able to choose your sexuality ?
  85. sexuality ........please help...?
  86. Am I gay, Help me?! ...?
  87. Am I confused about being bisexual or gay?
  88. I'm bisexual, but i havent told anyone yet, is there anyway to ease...
  89. Please help, am I bisexual/gay?
  90. What Does the Charter of Rights say about gay marriage?
  91. Feminists debate: would more fems be against or for using sexuality to...
  92. Why is it that Palin favors a constitutional ban on gay marriage...?
  93. How could you call yourself an American yet be opposed to granting gay's
  94. Poll question: the gayest rapper ever?
  95. Do gay men like other men the same way stright women like them?
  96. Do you think that a bisexual boy is hot ?
  97. Do you think it's wrong for women to use their sexuality to gain power?
  98. Is gay marrage tolerated? Do we tolerate gay marriage?
  99. What is your opinion on Bisexuals vs Gay individuals having and raising Children?
  100. Is it gay for a guy to take the urinal next to yours when there are other free ones?
  101. Would you consider me a metrosexual?
  102. i think my son is gay?
  103. gay marriage opinions, no idiots please?
  104. Am I what you call a metrosexual?
  105. do you think people are ignorant that think gay mairrage should be banded?
  106. How do you know you are lesbian or bisexual? and how and when did you find out?
  107. Why would Prop 8 use today's children to politically attack the protection
  108. This is a question for the bisexual girls here?
  109. I know I'm gay but no one believes me! ?
  110. Gay Dating and Relationship Help?
  111. Are there any REALLY GOOD arguments against gay marriage?
  112. im bisexual, should i tell my mom over the phone?
  113. I am 100% Hetrosexual with a family, with many Gay/Lesbian friends ?
  114. Do you believe that most people are bisexual?
  115. Was James Buchanan the first gay president?
  116. How to know if you are bi or gay?
  117. how can i find someone gay my age?
  118. STD question about gay people?
  119. Is my husband gay or bisexual? Please help?
  120. I'm prudish, but are these feelings that I have about sexuality right (part 2)?
  121. are there any girls on here that are not sure about there sexuality like me? lol?
  122. Why do I find my male friend sexy after he had a gay kiss?
  123. I have no confidence especially in my sexuality, is it going to get better?
  124. Should I ask my sister about her sexuality at 12 or wait until she is older?
  125. I don't want to be gay, and the worst part is I can't tell people that?
  126. Is Lil Wayne gay or is he straight?
  127. My wife is bisexual!!! please help?
  128. I am pretty sure I'm bisexual ?
  129. Am I bisexual if I prefer women over men?
  130. am i gay or just jealous?
  131. Where can i hook up with gay teens?
  132. Why does almost all Gay/Lesbians?
  133. I just purchased a bracelet that my wife insist looks "gay". ?
  134. how do i experiment with my sexuality to see what i like?
  135. why do some people hate Gay and Lesbian?
  136. Why do people make the stereotype that men who do theatre are gay?
  137. I find my male friend sexy after he had a gay kiss?
  138. POLL: True or False only women & gay men are notaries?
  139. Im gay and need help :( please ?
  140. Is this normal for a bisexual person...?
  141. Straight male with gay destiny...what would you do?
  142. why are a LOT of straight men OK with lesbian sex, but not gay sex?
  143. Do you think Republicans would fight for a fetus' right if it was a gay fetus?
  144. I find my male friend sexy after he had a gay kiss?
  145. Questioning my boyfriend's sexuality?
  146. Ethics question regarding gays?
  147. How to help a teen confused about his sexuality?
  148. What's wrong with gay marriage?
  149. Gay Marriage - Yes or No?
  150. Why do so many black gay men in New York only want Puerto Ricans?
  151. What is the more powerful way to use sexuality for athletes/bodybuilders regular...
  152. Would I Still Be Gay If?
  153. If you were Mr gay UK, how would you prepare a meal with your lover?
  154. For bi girls and gay guys?
  155. Would you consider me a bisexual or a lesbian?
  156. I'm prudish, but are these feelings that I have about sexuality right?
  157. Gay and can't stop obsessing over straight friend?
  158. Just for fun but, this has always puzzled me: Guys+two lesbian girls=
  159. Do the majoriety of women like metrosexual men?
  160. How does the Gay Community feel about those who claim to be Bi?
  161. Is tyler Hilton by any chance gay?
  162. do you think we should have 'sexuality' catagories in yahoo?
  163. do you beleive that leonardo de Caprio is gay?
  164. i think its ironic that this is the group for gays?
  165. How I can be sure if this guy is gay?
  166. Why are the Boston Red Sox so gay?
  167. I'm questioning if I'm bisexual. Help?
  168. I think I may be bisexual, but I'm not sure...?
  169. Why is it that no one gets the meaning of bisexual?
  170. Where can i buy or download books on gay and lesbianism for kids?
  171. How to tell people i am bisexual?
  172. I am gay---but am I? Details at 11?
  173. Gay love Triangle. What do you think?
  174. I have started a group on BEBO and am planning to use the Gay Pride Rainbow
  175. I think I may be gay. I'm 12.?
  176. gays somebody know how to solve this finance problem?
  177. How do I know if I'm lesbian/bisexual?
  178. how do tell your friend that ur are gay ?
  179. help me, i think my little brother is gay ?
  180. How do I know if i'm bisexual or not?
  181. Girl, Teen, Bisexual? Help?
  182. Being gay with social anxiety?
  183. How is UBC? Gay friendly?
  184. how do I tell my parents I'm gay?
  185. Are you gay and oppose gay marriage?
  186. How to tell my Bisexual Female Friend that I have a Boyfriend and only want
  187. What side is the gay side to get your ears pierced on? ?
  188. Where does a young bisexual teen find a girlfriend?
  189. Are you sick of some feminists double standard towards male sexuality?
  190. do u think there alot of people gay in uk then usa?
  191. lesbians and gays differences in opinion?
  192. Gay events near my home?
  193. Is it legal for a gay magazine to refuse to run a Christian AD?
  194. am i bisexual or straight?
  195. is gay sex a very beautiful thing?
  196. What about gay parents?
  197. Straight woman falling for a gay man?
  198. Did ya know Chris Brown was gay?
  199. What to say to people who doubt a married bisexual?
  200. So.. I think I am gay, but how do I know for sure?
  201. Need huge gay community help?
  202. What is the best way to bisexual man?
  203. Does any gay guy have low self-esteem?
  204. Gold + emerald earring for a guy. Is this gay?
  205. Im gay having sex with my stepbrother?
  206. to girls who have had experiences with both cut and uncut guys - any...
  207. any suggestions on how to deal with this bisexual dilemma?
  208. is that true some bisexual men can be finally choose to be gay or they were gay...
  209. Tell me about your first time gay or bisexual sexual experience.?
  210. why does gay is related with being effeminate and lesbian is related with being...
  211. If you were me, would you think you are bisexual? girls only?
  212. Can a bisexual be a madonna/whore?
  213. Can you be a straight metrosexual?
  214. all bisexuals on myspace/com?
  215. BISEXUALS!!! Who's more attractive, Barack Obama, or Sarah Palin?
  216. Do you think bisexuals may be more aware of the beauty around them in general? ?
  217. My gay friend committed suicide in May and has been coming to me in dreams ?
  218. can a bisexual be a madonna/whore?
  219. I am looking for a bisexual girlfriend in Illinoisor in a close state.?
  220. HELP! Can you help me cure my gay-love?
  221. Whats the best way to find a bisexual girlfriend?
  222. i'm lost, have i turned gay?
  223. Which planet contols your sexuality?
  224. why are there so many gay/lesbian couples in university?
  225. Once i was straight, now i'm having gay fantasies, im not sure?
  226. how can i tell if this guy is gay?
  227. I'm done with being gay. Sick of it. How do I stop?
  228. Crush on gay friend- what to do!?!?
  229. My names Phillip Abson and Im having problems finding out my sexuality?
  230. What should be the title of my story? (gay main character)?
  231. Am i Gay if i cross dress?
  232. i found out that my friend is bisexual !!! ..:O?
  233. I've got a great idea regarding gay marriage. What do you think?
  234. Why do gay people love France?
  235. Help, I lost my virginity to a girl but I think I'm gay!?
  236. I am a guy but I constantly get harassed by men calling me gay?
  237. new in wichita? does a gay community exist here?
  238. My daughter is quite active and loves her gal pals, could this mean she
  239. So am I actually bisexual?
  240. A friend told me that she saw Trey Songs say "Im unsure of my sexuality" on
  241. Is there any movie about gay youth?
  242. Toronto, How Gay Friendly...?
  243. What would you do if your basketball player told you he was bisexual?
  244. is this guy a gay ? mentally retarded guy? or Autistic ?
  245. What's the difference between porn for straight females, and gay porn?
  246. How did Jorg Haider reconcile his political views with his sexuality?
  247. i found out that my friend is bisexual !!! ..:O?
  248. do gay people think its offensive when some one says something is gay, when
  249. do you think calling a child niccademeus is gay?
  250. does anyone know some books about a bisexual or lesbian?