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  1. Why was it the blacks who vetoed California gay marriages?
  2. kids at school call me gay but im not ,the kids that say it to me are
  3. What makes a Gay Icon?
  4. Christians and Atheists: God loves Gays, but not Homosexuality?
  5. so you say, it's not okay to be gay?
  6. Those who are for gay marriage, would you be ok with two brothers marrying?
  7. If you had a child that came out as gay ...?
  8. Ive talked to alot of poeple who are hard core christians. People against...
  9. If you oppose gay marriage, I have a question for you?
  10. Is it possible to be both bisexual and asexual?
  11. How come gay men can get away with telling a girl she has nice boobs, and a...
  12. Since Obama is going to make it legal for gays to marry, shouldn't we...
  13. what are your views on gay marriage?
  14. how would u react if girly gays flirt with u like this...?
  15. Should we allow gay marriage simply for the entertainment value?
  16. Why do most lezbos "discover" their sexuality in their late 20s or 30s, but...
  17. Have you ever used your sexuality as a weapon?
  18. What do you think about human sexuality?
  19. (sexuality) what does this make me?
  20. Whats wrong with me or my sexuality?
  21. Since you DON'T have the choice of your sexuality?
  22. Is sexuality down to your actually sex your born as, or by peer pressure(Scientific
  23. Men, are you tired of all the assaults on sexuality?
  24. Have you ever been called a waste because of your sexuality?
  25. My parents says the fortune teller can determine my sexuality.How do you think of...
  26. Why Does My Sexuality Affect Church!?
  27. I think I am bisexual -I am an 20 year old women, will someone give me some advice?
  28. Question about Being bisexual?
  29. Should I tell my kids that I'm a bisexual?
  30. Just all little encouragement for bisexuals...?
  31. Do Bisexuals choose Heterosexual privilege over homosexual struggle? ?
  32. Same gender crush? Am I for sure Bisexual?
  33. What is the metrosexual style?
  34. would you call this bisexual or lesbian?
  35. meeting groups for bisexuals?
  36. So what is the metrosexual style?
  37. is there any diffrent from being bisexual or not?
  38. AM I BISEXUAL????? help!!!!!?
  39. what r some good web sites to meet or talk to gay or bisexual kids? 15 and
  40. Bisexual woman tired of rejection from men and women both? Should I just be asexual?
  41. what does metrosexual mean?
  42. How do I become a metrosexual or ubersexual?
  43. Would you consider me a metrosexual?
  44. Am I what you call a metrosexual?
  45. Is being a Metrosexual a good or a bad thing?
  46. How do I shut up a skinny metrosexual kid, who fakes like hes high every...
  47. Why is the term "homo" offensive to homosexual people even though it is so
  48. Gay: Is It More Or Them?
  49. I think I WANT to be gay...?
  50. Would it be gay if i wore this?
  51. How many closet gays are still out there?
  52. Is my son Gay??? if so say yes or no?
  53. Have you ever seen a homosexual person against gay marriage?
  54. [Some] Gay People Are Just As Closed Minded...?
  55. Is she gay, or looking for a straight date?
  56. Should we pass a U.S. Constitutional Amendment saying that the 14th...
  57. Should we pass a U.S. Constitutional Amendment saying that the 14th...
  58. Why do people think there is a gay agenda?
  59. Is being a Metrosexual a good or a bad thing?
  60. How can we know if a man is bisexual?
  61. Does anyone else think Chris Jarvis from cbeebies is Gay?
  62. Why do some feminists who are bent on controlling women's sexuality,...
  63. is it wierd if my dad is gay now?
  64. Is it possible to make a straight guy bisexual?
  65. I'm a lesbian in love with a bisexual woman.?
  66. is it okay to have feelings for a guy when he's gay?
  67. Help me, I have fallen for my gay best friend?
  68. question for lesbians,gay,bisexual, transgendered?
  69. If the church said it was acceptable for gays to marry would you support it?
  70. Can people change their sexuality over time?
  71. oh crap, is my faux fur jacket too metrosexual?
  72. where can i find other gay people.?
  73. Am I a lesbian? Or Bisexual?
  74. Does this make me gay or what?
  75. Ladies: Would you date a guy who is bisexual?
  76. Can straight guys have gay experiences?
  77. Question about sexuality. (Experienced people only)?
  78. How can i find other gay guys in my area?
  79. I'm bisexual but terrified of telling people?
  80. Boy Problems...please help (ignore my gay username)?
  81. Lesbian,gay or bisexual?
  82. A sexuality question?
  83. i think emo guys are gay, but scene chicks are sexy?
  84. Get rid of Bisexual thoughts.?
  85. Human sexuality question?
  86. Are women raised to fear male sexuality?
  87. WTF!!! why is microsoft being gay help?
  88. Dose straight people fear gays because there afraid of their own sexuality?
  89. Is forced bi sexuality so wrong?
  90. Why is California going to vote to Ban Gay-Marriage when its Legal in
  91. I have a question in regaurds to human sexuality! please help! topic for my...
  92. Is he gay or bisexual?
  93. Gay teen film D.E.B.S was great, anyone know of any other gay teen films?
  94. Dating a bisexual??????????
  95. I've had some questions about sexuality.?
  96. Do u think obamas gay?
  97. do you see a problem with somebody being bisexual?
  98. I would like answers from Christians who disagree with gay marraige and believe...
  99. I want to tell him I'm gay and I have a HUGE crush on him...?
  100. Survey on Human Sexuality..Answer plz?
  101. i'm a teen & and am going to have gay sex with my boyfriend?
  102. Do gay men use "toys"?
  103. If this guy I like is atleast bisexual?
  104. Is this what being lesbian/gay does to you?
  105. why do lesbian women not want to date bisexual women?
  106. I need bisexual friends, help?!?
  107. does anyone know when gay and lesbian week is at myrtle beach 2009?
  108. What are your views on Gay marriage?
  109. Why is it that when you tell someone that you're bisexual, they automatically say...?
  110. Need advice on approaching a guy that you think is gay?
  111. Is Jesus gay or bisexual?
  112. im 13 and i think im bisexual..?
  113. Am i really bisexual? Am i to young to know for sure?
  114. What do you think about this theory on sexuality? Gay/ Straight?
  115. Im bisexual in love with my straight friend....any advice?
  116. if a guy gets raped and then turns gay what does that mean ?
  117. What the hell is up with my sexuality...? hahaha?
  118. i want a gay bestie please? ?
  119. What does the written Torah prohibit in sexuality?
  120. Question for bisexuals: Who are the hottest actors and actresses to you personally?
  121. The man im seeing were both GAY, about to be dating but theres just one problem?
  122. i need to know am i bisexual?
  123. should my friend be gay or bi and why ?
  124. My "Hip Hop" Metrosexual Asian Coworkers Will Be Voting For McCain/Palin.
  125. do BiSexual women ever have an interest in teaching men how to better oral lovers?
  126. Why do gay guys do this? It's so annoying.?
  127. Am I bisexual? I like to admire woman's bodies but I never see myself
  128. HELP! - bisexual confusion?
  129. OKAY! so theres this boy at school and im really into him and hes gay
  130. Rate: Sign sexuality most to least?
  131. My gay male buddy's family name is Breitweiser. What is his possible heritage?
  132. Under the marriage law in California will a bisexual be allowed to marry
  133. Lesbian and Bisexual girls, What was your first date with a girl like?
  134. POLL: Do you think im gay? (sexuality crisis)?
  135. im totally bisexual xx?
  136. depressed about gay crush?
  137. u think this guy's gay?
  138. why do bisexuals always look or act as a straights? they are not effeminate...
  139. What's a good place to read about what bisexual women think about, and their issues?
  140. To gay folks male or female, would you change your sexuality to Straight if you
  141. need Some Bisexual help?
  142. are all these experts wrong on gay families?
  143. Do you think that you're 100% sure in your sexuality?
  144. If I love triditional marriage why do some people say I hate Gays?
  145. I'm bisexual. But coming out is hard?
  146. HELP! what's wrong with my sexuality?
  147. Project. Are You Gay Or Not?
  148. What percentage of naturally attractive women look for ways to exploit their
  149. Sociology human sexuality?
  150. Im gay, I was wondering when are they gonna find a cure to homosexuality?
  151. I have a gay PEDO problem? HELP ME?
  152. how do you ask if someone is gay or bi? specially to a stranger?
  153. my sexuality? plz help?
  154. Why do people dislike Gays?
  155. Of sexuality and blindness?
  156. Fear of sexuality and emotional intimacy?
  157. Okay, I'm a girl who likes men....but I think girls are HOT! am i bisexual?? ?
  158. Is Colin Farrel bisexual?
  159. How can homosexuality be a choice when only 1.8% of people are bisexuals?
  160. How have Hostess snack cakes influenced your sexuality?
  161. What if everyone was bisexual?
  162. How can I find out if I'm Bisexual or not?
  163. MEN: Have you ever experienced sexuality confusion? (be honest)?
  164. transference or bisexual?
  165. is there any member of United Christ Church Chere? is that true gay people are...
  166. How come so many gays on here fancy their straight mates?
  167. Men: would you be okay with your Girlfriend being Bisexual?
  168. Why do people think the Jonas Brothers are gay?
  169. Is God against Gays being happy / gay rights?
  170. Sexual orientation confused, bisexual? what do you think?
  171. i think i'm bisexual....plz help?
  172. Ok, new scenario regarding gay lifestyle ?
  173. I'm dating a bisexual guy, help?
  174. to the guy who said his wife thinks he's gay because he only owns brad...
  175. My friend acts gay when he's drunk?
  176. Have you ever gotten your way using your sexuality ?
  177. Could my husband be gay?
  178. Im bisexual and i want to meet people like me.?
  179. Do you like Rihannas new song "sexuality?"?
  180. Are X Factor's JLS gay?
  181. Does this make me gay ? Please help im very confused!?
  182. In a gay marriage, how does a lesbian...?
  183. About the bisexual colors, do you know 'em?
  184. Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay nights?
  185. I want to become a Metrosexual...how does this happen?
  186. Is this forum being ran by teenagers confused about their sexuality or what now?
  187. Full Bisexual Strap On Movie?
  188. I'm Gay but I think I might be Bisexual now?
  189. What is this thing about Mormons, that they give their kids no education...
  190. Why do a lot of lesbians refuse to date bisexuals?
  191. Obama says 6 year olds already know about gay couples, isn't that so?
  192. How do i know if he's gay or bi or into me at all?
  193. Am I a lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, or what?
  194. Where to get a gay pride bracelet?
  195. How could any straight man resent another man for being gay?
  196. Free Bisexual Video and Picture Galleries?
  197. I think i'm
  198. Do you think straight couples should be allowed to adopt gay kids?
  199. Is my gf turning me gay?
  200. Question for gay guys?
  201. What does this mean, is this normal? Am I gay?
  202. Umm weird question...? Gay?
  203. If you knew you were going to have a gay child but...?
  204. Does this make me bisexual?
  205. What does Sexuality mean to you?
  206. which is better gays or lesbians?
  207. how do I stop being gay?
  208. Do you think he's gay?
  209. Do you find History of sexuality by Michel Foucault a difficult text to grapple with?
  210. I recently came out as gay, but some people think I am lying, what do I do ? ?
  211. In the future, will anti-gay marriage people be looked at the way anti-interracial
  212. Curious about a friend's sexuality?
  213. For white gay guys, would you have sex with an asian gay guy?
  214. Do you find History of sexuality by Michel Foucault a diffiult text to grapple with?
  215. How can I know if some is gay?
  216. is lara knows that michael clark is a gay?
  217. could i be bisexual. how can i tell?
  218. Are people gay by choice or mental disorder? You can't be born gay?
  219. Why am I so scared of my sexuality?
  220. how would you tell your family your gay?
  221. I am bisexual but i have a hard time finding girls to hook up with?
  222. how does one get over the shock, nervousness, and fear of realizing their own
  223. My friend is faking her sexuality!?
  224. How do you know if your bisexual?
  225. Am I gay, bi or straight?
  226. I signed up for a dating site and lots of women are BI. are most American...
  227. Why do republicans care so much about banning gay marriage?
  228. This article from the BBC kind of says that no guy can be bisexual?
  229. whts the difference between gay bisexual lesbian?
  230. r there anything online for teens (eg: teen gay...)?
  231. Does this mean a man is gay?
  232. Why No to Gay Marriage? Is it different from Women and Minority rights?
  233. Christians, have you considered this passage in relation to the gay marriage debate?
  234. Chemistry Help?!Gay Lussac Law? ?
  235. i'm not one of those guys who only listens to hardcore songs on his mp3. I...
  236. Is Grant markel gay???????????????
  237. Who can help me (Sexuality) ?
  238. What are signs that a guy may be gay? ?
  239. Bisexuals: how do you feel about those who identify as bisexuals just
  240. Why do alot of Bisexuals think they have to have a BF & a GF at the same time?
  241. Why are people for gay marriage, but not for abortion?
  242. My bisexual friend married a woman in Holland, does she need a divorce to...
  243. What makes someone gay?
  244. So is this guy gay/bi....if so does he like me?
  245. YOUR OPINION - Do you think its right for gay people to kiss in public?
  246. im a heterosexual female dating a bisexual male?
  247. need advice soon plz. Are there any risks involved in gay sex?
  248. Everyone thinks I'm gay because of my voice?
  249. Artists On Sexuality?
  250. My roommate told me that he is gay and in love with me. Please help what...