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  1. I'm Bisexual...but still curious?
  2. If you think that all people claiming to be bisexuals are really just gay or...
  3. bisexual relationship...?
  4. Gay... in my sleep? Help!?
  5. Tips on having a bisexual boyfriend?
  6. first gay experience?
  7. Bisexual men in my area?
  8. Why are the gays and the Union workers are upset because Obama did not keep his word?
  9. Are Duncan Sheik, Haley Joel Osment, Queen Latifah, and Missy Elliott gay?
  10. Was Jesus a metrosexual?
  11. Sexuality confusion!!?
  12. I'm gay and deeply in love with my straight friend?
  13. Do I need to boycott everything that folds to gay threats?
  14. How do i change my sexuality?
  15. I am 15. Is it wrong for me to be bisexual?
  16. When CA judges overturned the ban on gay marriage, they said the right for gays
  17. How do boys/ girls first learn about their sexuality if their parents do not...
  18. why so much hate and violence towards gay/lesbians?
  19. How do I know if he's bisexual?
  20. Are people born gay or do they choose to be gay?
  21. is anyone insulted by the defenders of gay marriage equating their situations...
  22. Bisexual MFM threesomes?
  23. I am not a lesbian or bisexual but it turns me on when..?
  24. Ok, I believe that everyone has the ability to be bisexual and....?
  25. Is Leonardo DiCaprio gay?
  26. Tijuana: I am bisexual and want to expirence being with a girl. Where do you
  27. I am not lesbian or bisexual but it turns me on when...?
  28. When a gay uses the term "breeder," do they mean it in a derogatory manner?
  29. Is Bill And Tom Kaulitz Gay Together Or Just Brothers?
  30. Gay Relationship Advice ?
  31. Bisexual girls to talk to?
  32. name some lesbian and bi sexual or gay. lgbtq people ?
  33. Gay Marriage: Nudest don't hurt anyone, should that be legal too? Should we
  34. Would I forever more be considered gay ?
  35. Are Timmy Mallet & the other new guy gay?
  36. I think i'm turning bisexual but I don't want too? Can you help me not to?
  37. With all this Prop 8 stuff going on, what happens to the gay marriages that...
  38. Poll: Are you for or against gay marriage?
  39. What are things you see in a gay village that you never see anywhere else?
  40. Do you sometimes wish that you had a Gay-gun? Like a ray-gun except it could turn
  41. Do you think there is anything wrong about being Lesbian or gay?
  42. gay parents and children?
  43. Will Sen. Craig (R-Idaho) on the GOP ticket for 2012 bring in the gay vote...
  44. What is the fish that turns rainbow colored and pretends to be gay to attract...
  45. Tired of thinking im bisexual.. Advice please..?
  46. This is what i think about gay men...?
  47. i addicted to sex but my boyfriend left me and i need a man or a girl in...
  48. why are some gay people so uncomfortable with hetrosexual people, ive
  49. the two faced gay marriage supporters?
  50. Am i even bisexual or what im so confused..? ?
  51. More about the gay lifestyle?
  52. Would a lesbian or gay man get turned on by having sex with someone of the opposite
  53. Am I straight or bisexual if I suck dick?
  54. my friend said that a lisp means your gay?
  55. i think my husband is bisexual can someone tell me the signs ?
  56. Sexuality question???????
  57. How can I tell if my buddy is gay?
  58. Is it true that a gay protester in San Francisco hit a young girl in the head with...
  59. Confused with my sexuality?
  60. What types of methods do they use to 'cure' gay people?
  61. who's sexier, gay or bi guys?
  62. At what age does someone realize they're gay?
  63. In 100 years, do you think more people will have bisexual and interacial
  64. Do bisexual women think its okay to cheat on their boyfriends with other women?
  65. Could This Be A Sign That I'm Bisexual?
  66. gay ex boyfriend? could it be possible and will he change back?
  67. Gays ...Please help me with my problem?
  68. Would gays be soo aggressive and"in your face" if everywhere they turned
  69. aim is gay...........................................?
  70. I have proof (from scripture) that Jesus is all for gay marriage....
  71. A gay way to stand out, but not seem gay?
  72. I am confused about gay marriage?
  73. So is Brian in ATWT really gay or straight?
  74. Gay guys are so cute :D?
  75. where to find a lesbian or an open bisexual ?
  76. How can I get a gay guy to notice me?
  77. I'm not gay: is there any way to revert back to the old Xbox360 dashboard?
  78. My life is a wreck, i just so happen to be gay. I really don't know what
  79. Is keanu reeves really gay?
  80. Would you find it gay if a guy was on your high school dance squad?
  81. Isn't the Eharmony issue with the gay law suit really taking it too far ?
  82. Are girls attracted to gay guys?
  83. if i have a gay boy in my class what should i do ?
  84. Am i really gay or am I just scorned?
  85. why are alot of black gays on the downlow? misrepresentation in the gay community?
  86. Need Lesbian or Bisexual ladies?
  87. lol ok this is gay question but its in ma head?
  88. Is commuting gay......?
  89. can someone TURN gay?
  90. Why do we differentiate straight love and gay love?
  91. Am I the only one who has started saying "That's so gay..." again?
  92. Have Gays and Lesbians lost your respect too?
  93. A gay teen in south/widwest. ?
  94. What would Jesus do?....Gay marriage?
  95. Why did stopping Gay Marriage in California become a Mormon holy crusade?
  96. Isn't the Eharmony issue with the gay law suit really taking it too far ?
  97. Are the gay population going to rise in England and Canada now that gay marriage...
  98. What would gay people gain from being able to marry?
  99. what is good about gay marriage ?
  100. How to Turn a gay guy to like me?
  101. (for the most part)Are women only desired for their looks and sexuality in the media?
  102. If gay marriage were legalized, how would you be effected.?
  103. currently, does california allow gay marriage?
  104. We got invited to a gay/lesbian holiday party?
  105. Is he bisexual or straight?
  106. Gay or str8 Christians Opinion?
  107. do you think there is an issue with the gay community and black/ hispanic gays?
  108. Do you think those who push gays to change to str8t would let their kid
  109. What does the bible say about being gay?
  110. How do you know if you are homosexual, bisexual, or straight?
  111. Is Blake Bashoff gay?
  112. whats your opinion on gay marriage?
  113. Are gay people more depressed than others in society?
  114. why is it that the gay activists that yell the loudest for more gay right are the...
  115. Do you think a gay guy can turn into a bisexual?
  116. how can gays who claim to be christians ingnore God's word n still be saved?
  117. How Can REPUB's win over Gays & other so-called Minorities?
  118. With states discriminating against gays so easily, do you think they will...?
  119. How many feminine gay men love feminine gay men?
  120. Opinions On Gay Marriage!?
  121. My teacher hates me because i'm gay and a vegetarian?
  122. Would a gay homosexual be considered straight?
  123. Pluto in Sagittarius (gay marriage & war with Muslims) & Pluto in Capricorn
  124. Determining if I am gay, straight, or bi?
  125. If gay marriage is legalized and gays were refused church weddings, could...
  126. What is your view on Gay Marriage?
  127. i have to write a letter to my mom telling her that I'm gay.?
  128. How can someone get sued for not agreeing with gays?
  129. Anyone ever date anyone for a long time and then later years later find...
  130. I am just going to ask it. Am I the only person who thinks it looks gay when guys...
  131. How do I look more gay?
  132. ok so heres a lil quiz to see if ur gay!?
  133. For All Gay Fans of the TARZAN Movies and TV Shows: Which One Was Your Favorite?
  134. Rational arguments against comparing gay marriage to polygamy?
  135. Where can I find a Hard Gay barrel toy thing?
  136. Should stories about gay and bisexual families be read to children?
  137. How can I look more gay?
  138. Since when did being Gay make you a minority? Gay is not a race or a sex, but a
  139. If homosexuality is a choice, then why are some animals gay?
  140. What are the current options for gay marriage in the united states?
  141. What do you think of eHarmoney being forced to acknowledge that gay people
  142. God does not hate gay people?
  143. Bisexual? Or Bi Curious?
  144. Am i a bisexual or not?
  145. How do you feel about gay marriage?
  146. Bisexual wife wants to sleep around?
  147. Is this right? eHarmony forced to have a gay dating site?
  148. Is it unamerican for gay people to be gay?
  149. how do i find or get a guy thats bi curious, bisexual or gay to try stuff with me?
  150. What am I? bisexual? straight?
  151. Is part of the fear of gay marriage the idea that children will become...
  152. If you believe that there is no such thing as bisexuals?
  153. What if being gay turns out to be a disorder?
  154. Please explain to me the bisexual argument "Gender doesn't matter as
  155. Ever heard of a gay guy turning bisexual?
  156. Why are people on this site racist against Homo Sexuality amongst other things?
  157. Is Lily Cole bisexual?
  158. Philadelphia gay and lesbian music festival 09?
  159. Do the recent violence by Gay Marriage Advocates, makes liberals look hypocritical?
  160. Why can't atheists understand that gays CHOOSE to be gay? It's a sin, and
  161. I Think My Friend is Gay. What About You?
  162. Grr my friend doesn't believe me when i told her i was bisexual!?
  163. Why do gays not accept the vote as the choice of the people?
  164. What approach is Barrack Obama taking against the gay marriage rights?
  165. am i bisexual please read?
  166. What should you do when a gay person comes onto you?
  167. Gay Pride Parade San Francisco 2009?
  168. best friend gay questions ?
  169. I'm gay, he's gay, I know he's gay, he's not sure I am gay, he loves me, I don't?
  170. what do i need to ask myself when looking at female sexuality in literature ?
  171. If Homosexuality is a sin, then why is it impossible to "reverse" a person's
  172. Spiritually Pondering: Do gay men wage war?
  173. my daughter told me she was gay what can i do about it?
  174. Do you have to be bisexual in order to believe people can choose to be gay?
  175. Would religious conservatives and gays/lesbians be happy with a compromise?
  176. All you people against Gays and Gay marrige...?
  177. Why do people keep asking if im gay!?
  178. Ladies do you like metrosexual guys (pics)?
  179. POLL: Do you support gay marriages?
  180. Ok, I'm a guy who listens Too Katy Perry..uhm..is that bad or does it mean...
  181. I think I might be bisexual but I'm not sure?
  182. My older brother came out to me as gay?
  183. Does Checking Out Other Girls Make Me Bisexual?
  184. Is Bill, from Tokio Hotel, gay?
  185. Does Checking Out Other Girls Mean I'm Bisexual?
  186. For Straight Guys, Lesbians, or Bisexuals: Do you like nail polish on a
  187. Atheists, liberals, gay rights supporters, why do we care what Christians think?
  188. If being gay was not a choice, why do they preach 5 year old kids about gay...
  189. if i were gay and you were a guy would you go out with me?
  190. What Do You Think About Bisexual Girls?
  191. Gay or straight how to know?
  192. what if my parents dont accept that im bisexual?
  193. Am I Gay??? Read And Let Me Know?
  194. IF a man likes to behold other "handsome " guys " is he gay ?
  195. Have gays really been behaving badly (violently) since Prop 8?
  196. I Might be bisexual, can you HELP ME please?
  197. Gay/Lesbian rights from 1920-1960...?
  198. anyone who is against gay marriage?
  199. I'm not Christian, so why should the Bible have anything to do with my sexuality?
  200. Ladies do you like metrosexual guys?
  201. Self-promotion of a bisexual guy - Asians are invited!?
  202. Haven't we Christians handled the "Gay Marriage" issue very badly?
  203. Bisexual or Pan-sexual? What's the difference?
  204. i dont understand what people mean that being gay is in the genes?
  205. How can I not be afraid of gay people (serious question)?
  206. If gays organized a religion, and subsequently invoked gay marriage as a ceremony
  207. Is Anderson Cooper from CNN gay ?
  208. if you are bisexual? should you tell your friends?
  209. Is anyone else getting the idea that a lot of atheists & atheist gays are using
  210. Why have they called Tony gay??LOL!!!?
  211. Are gays practicing 21st Century McCarthyism after the defeat of
  212. Are men nowadays becoming more and more metrosexual..?
  213. Are men becoming more and more "metrosexual" these days?
  214. Straight, Gay, or Bisexual?
  215. I am gay nd my parents said i have 2 move out!!! Help?
  216. Help!! First date.... Bisexual and Lesbian......?
  217. Why do gay people act like a bunch of freaks protesting Prop 8 ? How are they
  218. Is it too gay to start decorating for Christmas now?
  219. Is there a consensus on abortion in the gay community?
  220. how do I tell my wife that I'm gay?
  221. What Is The Percentage Of Guys Who Are Gay/Bi At High School?
  222. It's no contest really as to who is the most gay looking lol?
  223. how can a gay guy fancy me?
  224. LGBT or Anybody: Im bi (in the closet) and have a crush on this guy but dont know...
  225. So does that make pan-sexual better than bisexual?
  226. Are you for or against gay marriage?
  227. Is Paul Rudd , the actor, gay?
  228. is it generally true that bisexual people are usually more sexual than most?
  229. How much would it benefit women if they were bereft their power/control over
  230. why are people so obsessed with sexuality/sex preference?
  231. black girl i used to talk with was straight and is now GAY?
  232. Confused about Christianity and sexuality?
  233. Is Zachary Quinto gay?
  234. Every man, whether black, white gay or straight, dreams of the same fantasy. It is
  235. Should Gays serve openly in the military?
  236. For Heterosexuals: Now that gay marriage is legal (at least in some states)
  237. How do I tell my gf about my Sexuality?
  238. if christians arent allowed to discriminate against gays, does it infringe on...
  239. Bisexuals? Why do you change your mind like a girl changes clothes?
  240. arguments against gay marriage?
  241. Please tell me I am a GAY.... ? ?
  242. I really need to talk to someone gay?
  243. am I gay or am I confused?
  244. ???POLL: Am I gay?!?! ?
  245. Why are feminists confused on issue of womens sexuality ?
  246. Why not move to a state that allows gay marriage?
  247. Bisexual Libra and Pisces females...?
  248. Being gay is a sin and all, but?
  249. What Country Matches Your Sexuality?
  250. Jews please - is it okay to be gay (and proud of it, where you're not gonna