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  1. what exactly is being bisexual?
  2. Can you go from Bisexual to a total homophobe?
  3. Do you think finger length has anything to do with sexuality?
  4. Confused about my sexuality! Am I bi or a lesbian?
  5. You know the comedian Julian Clary is he gay or bisexual only....?
  6. Is Rolly Teranishi gay?
  7. Where can i download the gay test form snackfoam for free?
  8. when/how do you know you were bisexual?
  9. If you knowingly marry a bisexual, is sex outside of the marriage OK?
  10. Sigh... Being the only gay in the village is so depressing, especially when...
  11. Lesbians: What, if any, are the pros and cons of dating a bisexual woman?
  12. i need an evil revenge plot for a (no longer) friend who acused me and my
  13. Am I Gay(or maybe bi)?
  14. Human Sexuality (I need help with the following questions)?
  15. Married and bisexual...?
  16. bisexual girls and girlfriend problem?
  17. Gay community in Tallahassee?
  18. What can I get my bisexual guy friend for his birthday?
  19. I am a 17 male and think i am gay?
  20. Moving to Australia from USA to be with my gay partner?
  21. Would you read a book about gay vampires?
  22. Is Being Curious Being Bisexual?
  23. how do you know if your guyfriend is gay ?
  24. Is gay marrige illegal???
  25. Do you think that being GAY is of the Devil? Why or Why not?
  26. is my bf in da closet? is he in denial about his sexuality?
  27. Where / How can I meet MASCULINE gay men?
  28. Why is Gay Marriage unconstitutional?
  29. How do you tell if you man is bisexual?
  30. how tell whether someone is gay or bi?
  31. whats wrong with being gay?
  32. Christians who are against gay marriage............?
  33. im bisexual i would like to know who would be my first real kiss?
  34. i am bisexual and i have a bf that knows i have a gf ?
  35. Do religious people say sexuality is a choice because they are struggling with
  36. Gay men: Would you date a shorter guy?
  37. Lil Wayne Turning people's stlye gay?
  38. Am I bisexual or just BIcurious? Am i falling 4 my bffl?
  39. What is the best online dating website for Lesbians or BiSexual women?
  40. what would be a good name for a metrosexual mens magazine?
  41. Why does the media , promote bi sexuality to young people ?
  42. Are kids of gay parents sexually confused when they get older?
  43. is my guinea pig gay?
  44. How do I tell my girlfriend I am bisexual?
  45. Gay or bi? please help! i am in a dilemma.?
  46. question for girls(bisexual or straight)?
  47. Gay guys is it easier?
  48. HELP PLS I NEED HELP?a christian straight female and a catholic bisexual is there...
  49. This is really gay and gross but....?
  50. Is it a bad thing if you are bisexual?
  51. Polite question to people who are gay?
  52. If your Gay and could take a pill to make you straight?
  53. Gay haters don't say u were not warned?
  54. how much do a famous gay porn star make for a scene?
  55. im bi but my bf doesnt know and he thinks bisexual is wrong what should i do?
  56. Please indicate which term would best describe your sexuality: ?
  57. is that Ok if I feel fears against gay people even I am a gay and I am...
  58. how do you know if your bi,straight,or gay?
  59. Anyone have a good recipe for stuffing? Minus nuts and berries and other gay stuff?
  60. How Can I Meet Local Gay Teens?
  61. Has anyone experienced being gay as a child and had to deal with bullying? ?
  62. There's this girl that likes me,and she's really pretty but,I'm gay what should I do?
  63. Was it OK for Rosie O'Domnnel's son to say her choice of clothes for him was too Gay?
  64. im writing a paper on gay marriage. I cant find any fully explained reference...
  65. Where can I buy gay pic magazine?
  66. is likeing a shemale gay?
  67. your opinions on gay people?
  68. I think my doctor is gay...?
  69. my "Guy" Friend jsut told me he is gay ?
  70. Bisexual girls, how do you compare your sexual attraction between man and woman?
  71. how many gay students were killed at school in 2007?
  72. Help with a thesis statement supporting gay marriage?
  73. What is wrong with gay marriage?
  74. Poll: Which Celebrity Would You Turn Gay For?
  75. Would this be a way for gay ppl to get married?
  76. am i gay if i enjoy looking at sunsets?
  77. HELP PLS I NEED HELP?a christian straight female and a catholic bisexual...
  78. i wear thongs do gay guys like other gay gus that wear thongs?
  79. Why are Americans, including gay Americans, so stupid?
  80. Is this normal behavior for a gay man?
  81. Considering children without health insurance, children in poverty, why is gay
  82. what age is it when you know for sure about you re sexuality..?
  83. Would you say I am bisexual, straight, or lesbian?
  84. My girl said she is 50 percent sexuality attracted to me?
  85. anxiety, sex and sexuality - 22 years of stumbling in the dark?
  86. Is this an example how gay people push their views on others?
  87. If you think people "choose" their sexuality, doesn't that mean you once
  88. Is my date potentially bisexual or Homosexual?
  89. any Lesbian or Bisexual In stockholm sweden ? ?
  90. How are the relationships and sexuality of teens depicted in the movie Juno?
  91. in love with a gay guy?
  92. IDK...if....I am gay or bi........?
  93. When are we going to be able to have ways of detecting whether or not a...
  94. what does inbetween mean in terms of gay and bisexual men?
  95. Sexuality/Attraction Issue Help!?
  96. what sexuality i am? Am I lesbian or what?
  97. HELP PLS I NEED HELP?a christian straight female and a catholic bisexual is there a
  98. Why is gay life of US soooo diffrent from Canada?
  99. hey there,i am gay & i have a boyfriend,and i need to ask a question about something?
  100. Minorities fear trend from California gay marriage ban?
  101. Ellen Page's Sexuality- Opinions?
  102. The most Lesbian acting actress that isn't gay would go to?
  103. Do you agree with the Gay is the new Black...slogan?
  104. My bestfriend since 1st grade turned gay I consider him as a friend but not a gay...
  105. Is my friend gay or maybe bisexual?
  106. Effeminate gays like manly gays but manly gays reject effeminate gays and...
  107. Poll: How many of you are gay?
  108. Is This a sign of maybe being bisexual or just Curious?
  109. i think im bisexual.?
  110. Very complex gay question.?
  111. How many people are gay?
  112. How to understand your sexuality?
  113. im straight but i support being gay and gay pride how do i let it out soo...
  114. Gay because I wear boy tennis shoes?
  115. HELP ! Sexuality problems please help me !?
  116. where do bisexual and bi curiouss women hangout in Houston,Tx?
  117. do fundamentalists have a name for other christians who dont h8 gays sufficiently?
  118. Do some Gay People get so affected by Homophobic people to the point that they...
  119. Gay Marriage: proposed definition?
  120. If God made it where some people are born gay...?
  121. My friends gay friend...i think he isnt gay!?
  122. How do i tell my family i'm bisexual?
  123. How can I get my mom to be more social with my Sexuality?
  124. i am bisexual but only a few people know?
  125. Do you think my friend is gay?
  126. Getting a boyfriend for a male bisexual on myspace?
  127. Why are lesbians/bisexuals/gay people usually grouped together with
  128. How could the Arkansas voters justify voting to ban gay couples from adopting? ?
  129. If California and NY are not completly gay then why...?
  130. Am I becoming bisexual?
  131. A survey I saw said most people think in upcoming long-term future, gay marriage...
  132. I'm not sure about my sexuality? ?
  133. What legal rights to gays get from getting married?
  134. Do you think im bisexual?
  135. why in the gay community are people shunned upon if they do not act a certain way?
  136. what if a gay couple adopt...?
  137. Am i bisexual even though i dont want a relationship with girls?
  138. When you join the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and other wierdos cult...?
  139. What if one of your best friends say they are bisexual? What should i do?
  140. A question for bisexual people....?
  141. If today its Gay marriage what will tomorrow bring?
  142. Is this the explanation to why some people say that being gay is just a phase?
  143. Gay men: How is your dating life in COLLEGE?
  144. I told a guy im dating that im bisexual, now he hates me, what can i do?
  145. House placements and sexuality ?
  146. Is it ok for girls to be bisexual?
  147. Isn't sexuality more of a scale, or matter of degree?
  148. Top or Bottom? Gay or Straight ?
  149. Is it possible that my friend could be gay?
  150. I need 5 reasons why gay marriage shouldnt be allowed?
  151. Am I gay just because I've thought about kissing one guy?
  152. Gay "marriage" and civil rights?
  153. Why do people think the Jonas Brothers are gay?
  154. i'm bisexual and need help?
  155. A girl who likes gay males?
  156. My friend tells me he's bisexual...?
  157. how can i talk to gay guys my age without coming out yet?
  158. Why are some gay guys so critical of those who are "Big" or "Feminine"?
  159. Sex and the City movie in relation to Human Sexuality?
  160. What should one do if they are knowingly gay, but are not attracted to gay men?
  161. How would i go by starting a Bisexual fling? ?
  162. so a bisexual can't be monogomous?
  163. The NEW slick way to Band Gay Adoption? Do you hear about this?
  164. He doesnt like me anymore cos i told him im bisexual, what can i do?
  165. My Wife is NOT bisexual but she thinks Ellen is Sexy? WTF?
  166. what's the big deal with gay marriage?
  167. am i stupid for marrying a bisexual?
  168. Why would Women still want real men, when butch women can pass as Men and...
  169. can someone please tell me why being gay is wrong?
  170. Where is gay marriage prohibited in the Bible?
  171. Are any of these guys gay?
  172. According to what i see in dating sites and real life many women are...
  173. Title of Utube video showing photos of Gay....?
  174. Bisexuals: Are you attracted more to the same sex or opposite sex?
  175. Any good books about being gay?
  176. what is gay chick? Please answer the question?
  177. Is Bill O'Reilly Gay?
  178. whay is jason donovans sexuality?
  179. Question for gay and bisexual men?
  180. what's the problem with being gay/lesbian/bisexual?
  181. Please answer! Give me your opinions. What is my sexuality? Detailed answers please!?
  182. If I look at a boys ass, am I gay?
  183. When Obama becomes president, how will he change gay civil union laws?
  184. Why don't I get along with gay guys?
  185. Are the Jonas Brother Gay?
  186. How is calling someone "gay" an insult?
  187. Why can't I get married to two hot women? If gays can why can't I. ?
  188. Im Bisexual And I Dont Know How To Tell My Parents..HELP PLEASE!?
  189. Excellent Gay Foreign Films?
  190. What to do , my FB wont have sex with me ? (Gay)?
  191. Help on identifying a good friend gay?
  192. bisexuals: whats your preference, if any?
  193. Answer please What is you opinoion? What is my sexuality? Detailed comments please!?
  194. Help???!!! AM i Bisexual or was this an exception?
  195. Are Mormons afraid that if gay marriage passes then God will make them go back to...
  196. Is this normal? Whats your opinion? What is my sexuality?
  197. Have Gays and Lesbians lost your respect too?
  198. Bisexuals: On Facebook, what do you have under "interested in"?
  199. Please help- sexuality issues?
  200. Is Davey Havok really gay?
  201. what if your parents don't accept your sexuality?
  202. i oppose gay marriage. what do you guys think of gay marriage?
  203. I'm Confused About My Sexuality?
  204. How can I tell my parents that I'm bisexual?
  205. Why do people think gay marriage is "THE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO HUMANITY"?
  206. How do I tell my parents that I'm bisexual?
  207. Do you think bisexuals are just greedy?
  208. Would women benefit from having society no longer appreciate them for their
  209. Am I bisexual???????????
  210. Is there anyway I can make being bisexual easier?
  211. Question for all Gay teenagers.?
  212. So I thought Prince was gay, but apparently not?
  213. Why dose it seem that gay people are more sexually explicit?
  214. If you believe that there is no such thing as bisexuals?
  215. Biological question about the nature of human sexuality & reproductive organs ?
  216. Why do people suggest "experimenting" to figure out sexuality?
  217. OMFG!! mA best mate is bisexual What to do?
  218. What the heck is the big deal about gay marriage?
  219. Am I straight, bisexual, or gay, and wouldn't I know?
  220. Are bisexuals just gays in waiting?
  221. What determines sexuality?
  222. HELP PLS I NEED HELP?a christian straight female and a catholic bisexual is
  223. Why do women think they serve a purpose beyond their sexuality?
  224. Do you think he's gay...?
  225. Could this guy be gay?
  226. I need help. I'm in love with a gay guy and i don't know what to do?
  227. Why does God send gay people to hell?
  228. I am bisexual should I tell my fiancee, if I plan on being faithful to him?
  229. Are you Bi, Gay, Les, Trans, Homo, Straight?
  230. Why is there a 50/50 chance that a HOT guy might be Gay?
  231. Any bisexual ladies want to chat? ?
  232. How is being bisexual greedy?
  233. Guys/Girls. Do u find this gay?
  234. I'm a gay person,with a partner of 13 years living together, he has since
  235. Gay people: Theory about a travel company for gays?
  236. (Girls Only unless gay or bi)?
  237. help with this sexuality thing?
  238. do you think it would seem gay if i?
  239. Do you think my guy friend is gay?
  240. My mate turned gay before he ever saw a vagina?
  241. Is this girl bisexual? I have a good feeling?
  242. Gay Christians... well they get into heaven?
  243. Is Dan Savage helping or hurting the gay community?
  244. hw can u tell if somebody is gay.....any signs......10points?
  245. Is it offensive for me to give advice to a bisexual gay person who is not...
  246. picking classes for college, Sex and Sexuality?
  247. Does dreaming about having sex with a girl mean that you're gay or bi even
  248. need help with picking college course, Sex and Sexuality?
  249. Question to gay parents?
  250. My guy friend is bisexual?