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  1. Is there a remote possibility that Jesus was secretly gay?
  2. Women & Sexuality: Where did the mentality of a woman's sexuality being...
  3. IF (emphasis on the IF) you believe any of the following about bisexuals,...
  4. If a person who was gay/bisexual/lesbian wanted to become a member of your
  5. So what's the deal with the steady inclination of young women using their
  6. how can you tell who takes the "man" role or "women" role in gay relationships?
  7. Am I bisexual, bi-curious, or straight and confused?
  8. Do you ever forget how alone we are, in our sexuality?
  9. undies for a metrosexual type of guy?
  10. If you were gay, would you be ashamed of that sexuality?
  11. Is Will Smith Bisexual?
  12. is homosexual teachers the same things as Gay preists or pedophila? ?
  13. How does gay marriage infringe on the rights of Christians? ?
  14. Am I Bisexual/ Bi-curious if I just want to experiment w/ my best friend?
  15. A question about love and sexuality ?
  16. gay males if you could reborn again would you change your gender?
  17. The girl in the dorm next to me is bisexual..so am i, how do i start talking to her?
  18. Why are people "turning" bisexual now a days?
  19. Do gay conversion camps work?
  20. How to explain gender and sexuality to small children?
  21. How does it feel to come out to your mom about being gay?
  22. I have a question for all those who opposes gay marriage?
  23. Friend's sexuality in question?
  24. sooooo confused about my sexuality?
  25. Is my brother gay, what do you think?
  26. Do you think the U.S.A. should be like Europe when it comes to sexuality?
  27. I love my fiance, but i find myself being attracted to some women. Am I bisexual?
  28. bisexual girl,15. please help?
  29. Good songs about a gay guy with crushes on a straight dude?
  30. I am a bisexual boy and i like my friend, how do i tell him that im both...
  31. If you liked guys and animals, would that make you bisexual?
  32. Where can I find the girl for me? Am I gay?PLEASE HELP?
  33. Am i gay or bi or what?
  34. church's perspective on sexuality?
  35. Feminine (real) Bisexuals and Lesbians mistaken as straight/ disbelieved of
  36. Do you think when parents give kids the birds and the bees speach they should...
  37. Does the sexuality/choice debate hold stronger implications for Christians...
  38. Who was the first person in history to support gay rights?
  39. Am I bisexual or Lesbian?
  40. IF you believe any of the following about bisexuals, can you please tell me why?
  41. How do you bring up the question " Are You Gay, Bisexual Or Straight " In An MSN...
  42. J.K Rawlings stated Dumbledore is gay?
  43. is it justin timberlake gay or a sex gay idol?
  44. why do people say this about sexuality?
  45. How come girls are called sl*ts when they are open with their sexuality?
  46. tips on how to not act gay?
  47. Could I possibly be bisexual?
  48. Can you consider a gay guy perverted?
  49. Why does YA say no adult content when half the questions are about gay...
  50. A friend of mine is going through a hard time realizing or accepting her...
  51. Do you think Brendon Urie is gay, bisexual, or straight?!?
  52. So if marriage can be voted on..would anti-gay marriage advocates accept a straight
  53. Depression about ones sexuality and being completely on the verge of collapse?
  54. born gay or choose gay?
  55. Math Teacher is really gay?
  56. Please help me. Am I Bisexual?
  57. Am I gay or bisexual? I need to know.?
  58. I think i might be bisexual but i dont no how to tell my mom or firends plz help?
  59. Why is it that gay men are soooo good at all the arts?
  60. Here's to all my gay homeboys...?
  61. Thesis on sexuality ?
  62. My friend just told me she is gay!?
  63. my bestfriend now hates me and no HE is getting close with another guy,[v r both
  64. Question about bisexual guys going into/coming out of straight relationships?
  65. I want to join the Army, but I'm bisexual...?
  66. Do you believe in Gay Marriage? Mature Survey.?
  67. I need to know if i'm Bisexual!?
  68. Why are people in denial about their sexuality?
  69. Is having both ears pierced gay?
  70. bisexual? straight? hmmm?
  71. How can I make sure I am/not gay or bisexual?
  72. Is it common for straight men to make negative comments or jokes @ gays?
  73. What are some good lesbian/bisexual *serious* dating sites?
  74. Need Help with my sexuality? PLEASE?
  75. What exactly is the point of being an overly camp gay?
  76. What action did voters in Michigan take in recent years on gay marriage?
  77. What makes you decide and agree that a guy is Gay?
  78. Is this normal for a bisexual?
  79. why is so hard to be gay when you live in a small city?
  80. Are you offended when someone asks you about your sexuality?
  81. Im bisexual and I don't know how to tell my mom because I think she would be...
  82. How can you tell if you are bisexual.....?
  83. Did Gay Marriage Ban Pass Because Blacks Go to Church More than Whites?
  84. Any one intrested an a bisexual girl?
  85. Is there a way to tell if a guys sexuality using psychological techniques?
  86. Bisexual men: do you just hate the stereotypes?
  87. confused about my sexuality. what am i? ?
  88. my husband's brother told me he was gay. 1 other person knows, but not the...
  89. intamacy in a bisexual & straight relationship is the same because of the...
  90. Lesbians, describe the guy who made you question your sexuality the most?
  91. Your Soo Gay..........................................?
  92. why do people think hiv is only pasted on by gay man?
  93. are you happy with your sexuality or still doubting?
  94. Are they gay or do they can't stand me?
  95. Is sexuality is a curse or blessing?
  96. why is chris branton the gayest kid in the world?
  97. I'm confused about my sexuality...?
  98. Are there any gay mens groups in Hartford?
  99. a question about bisexual?
  100. Why are so many Gay people ashamed of their sexuality?
  101. being bisexual is tough?
  102. is Greece the worst destination for gays?
  103. Have you ever been embarrassed of your sexuality?
  104. Question on Lesbian/Bi-sexuality?
  105. Seriously could my girlfriend really be a lesbian or bisexual?
  106. question!!! are gays born gay?
  107. Why do pro gay marriage people keep blaming Conservatives?
  108. Can you help me with my sexuality?
  109. Would this make me bisexual?
  110. Would this make me bisexual?
  111. does our sexuality depend on our genes or not ?
  112. What are some hot topics in human sexuality?
  113. what are your thoughts on the Gay Bible that's coming out in Spring?
  114. After 15 months now my boyfriend is worried I'm bisexual?
  115. Meeting bisexual/les girls?
  116. Which areas of Mexico are gay friendly, inexpensive and safe to visit?
  117. Now that the gay marriage thing is getting fixed can we get on with
  118. What do you do when you like someone but you can't tell them because of you're
  119. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Teens?
  120. poll: bisexual - confused or just plain greedy?
  121. Question to all gay,straight,bisexual ladies.?
  122. Does ordering low-carb beer enhance your masculinity by proving that...
  123. Why do gay couples have more rights than me?
  124. Don't you hate it when people say they're gay/lesbian/bisexual just to...
  125. I'm so confused about my sexuality I was bi curious ?
  126. What is a normal age for someone to say that they are gay?
  127. Is it true that Nicole Kidman is bisexual and her last marriage and this
  128. How "out" are you? How open are you about your sexuality?
  129. How do black people like being compared to "gay" people?
  130. I think that all homophobes are insecure about their sexuality,...?
  131. Totally confused about my sexuality...please help?
  132. Does this make me bisexual?
  133. I was wandering if you could get std from gay sex?
  134. Should my wife and I go to gay Christmas party? (we are straight Christians)?
  135. Homosexual/bisexual ?
  136. How can I tell if my new bisexual girlfriend would prefer an exclusive or open
  137. What is a really good online store [that also has public stores] that...
  138. is it possible and is it likely that you can change a gay guy into a straight guy...
  139. Is it right that i'm repulsed by my sexuality?
  140. Have you ever heard of a gay man falling for a woman?
  141. Does this make me BISEXUAL? ?
  142. sexuality.The problem with my sex?
  143. I think my son is gay?
  144. i dont know if I am lesbian or bisexual?
  145. If i want to try sexuality with another woman?
  146. LGBT: Do you wish your parents were more accepting of you and your sexuality?
  147. Where do allot of gay guys work?
  148. Bisexual people who is hotter?
  149. Gay Marrige should not be aloud..?
  150. Questioning my sexuality....?
  151. Are the Jonas Brothers gay?
  152. Is he gay, bi, or just curious?
  153. What's so bad about being gay/lesbian?
  154. Is it true that there is a TV show called "Torchwood" that has a subtle gay...
  155. What should you do if you are confused about your sexuality?
  156. gay marraige? help any info would be nice =]?
  157. Major sexuality crisis, Really confused?
  158. OK is this guy gay or bisexual?
  159. My 13 yr old daughter just told me she is gay.I will love her regardless.Can...
  160. I heard that Madonna is bisexual?
  161. why does mean to be gay is being effeminate but for bisexuals there are...
  162. i am thinking about turning bisexual?
  163. Am I going to look gay wearing cashmere?
  164. can anybody tell me why do gays is a synonym of being effeminate? but bisexual could
  165. what will yur reaction be if you found out that yur dad was GAY?
  166. How many words can you find in the word SEXUALITY?
  167. Gay marrige should not be aloud !?
  168. What's your favorite gay movie?
  169. How to see if he's Gay or not....?
  170. Can a divorce influence kids to become gay?
  171. Who do bisexuals end up marrying?
  172. what is the position with gay men and transexuals / transvestites?
  173. Going through changes..(bisexual)?
  174. Do you think bisexual women tend to like variety when it comes to women but
  175. Straights need to help fight for Gay rights too.?
  176. Could This Guy Be Bisexual Or Just Weird?
  177. What do Bisexual Girls really want?
  178. how do u tell your parrents u r gay ?
  179. Please Anyone help Me..Give me some suggestions about the Question: What is
  180. Have you ever had second thoughts about entering a store that displayed a gay...
  181. LGBT: Is it gay of me to ask questions here in LGBT?
  182. I'm looking for gay friends/relationships?
  183. Do you have any advice for someone who is confused about their sexuality?
  184. im bisexual but i like girls more whats the best way to find a gf?
  185. I'm gay and I'm getting really depressed?
  186. If being gay was somehow just as visually obvious as being black, who do
  187. Why do SOME people compare black people to gay people?
  188. How did you figure out what your sexuality was?
  189. Are There Any Openly Gay Billionaires?
  190. Questionable sexuality?
  191. People keep saying that my boo(Jesse McCartney) is gay. Is it a fact or just a
  192. question for bisexuals - when you are in a long term relationship....?
  193. how do you make a catapult for gay science class?
  194. What ever happened to Kelli Peterson the Utah Lesbian Teen who started the Gay...
  195. how do i tell my family that im bisexual?
  196. What purpose does early sexuality have in the scheme of things according to God?
  197. Why should gays be granted ?
  198. Do Bisexuals swing one way more than the other?
  199. what is your opinion on gay rights? ?
  200. POLL: Do you think Katy Perry is lesbian/gay?
  201. Is gay innate or a choice?
  202. best gay/friendly clubs in toronto?
  203. Why do CA Gay people and Liberals only picket Mormon Churches...?
  204. a question about Jesus sexuality?
  205. are there any bisexuals who truly like both genders equally?
  206. When do you think we'll see a gay president?
  207. am I really gay????????/////?
  208. Could i be gay, or am i just retarted for saying this?
  209. Is Sean Hayes (Jack) from Will & Grace, gay in real life?
  210. is it gay for a straight guy to get his eyebrows waxed?
  211. Should women be brought up to use their sexuality to their advantage in life-...
  212. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!! i my boyfriend gay?
  213. I'm very confused about me sexuality and need some advice please?
  214. Is this a guy or a girl, gay or straight, insane or sane, age, and what is your
  215. is he Gay? or not Gay...?
  216. How do you tell if you are bisexual?
  217. Do you think that sexuality is subject to change or predetermined at birth?
  218. Chicago's Nice Lesbian/Gay Clubs/Bars?
  219. to all bisexual men out there. help?
  220. Question about gay marriage?
  221. Is my stepbrother bisexual gay or straight?
  222. Any one got any Bisexual jokes?
  223. Gays: how (on a scale from 1-10) girlish would you say you act?
  224. How do you know if a guy is gay?
  225. Here goes! I'm kinda gay for CM Punk. Does he have a girlfriend?
  226. Is anyone here Bisexual?
  227. Sexuality question for all genders. if you can answer please do?
  228. is my myspace song gay?
  229. I am attracted to women am i bisexual?
  230. bisexuals only need some help?
  231. would you think me gay or bi if i told you this?
  232. Hi, im a 16yr old male, im bisexual, but i want to know where i can find other
  233. Is it gay to buy boxers/boxerb.s from ae or aero?
  234. eHarmony lawsuit - Gay rights activism going too far?
  235. what do i do if people r calling my bf gay?
  236. How does the wife of bath use biblical references to justify her argument...
  237. well im bisexual and i need advice?
  238. Why do some gay people define themselves using their sexuality?
  239. Gay sex?!?!?!??!?!?? HELP please?
  240. Gay men: Do you see yourself more as an uphill gardner, or a sausage jockey?
  241. Anxiety and sexuality? ?
  242. how do i ask my best friend out if i am bi/gay?
  243. is it true that most gays prefer?
  244. does it make me gay if i masturbate when i think about guys and not when i think...
  245. What am i? Am i bisexual, am i gay?
  246. what page on the internet can aloud man to talk about sex and how their gay
  247. I have a question about being bisexual?
  248. What are the similarities between gays demanding the right to "marry"?
  249. im 14 and im bi but people at school are bullying me because they think that i am
  250. Why is everyone gay now?