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  1. Question about sexuality?
  2. what was the sexuality of michelangelo?
  3. If disagreeing with vegetarians is not hateful or "vegetarian-phobic", why is...
  4. How do you feel about the amount of gays in your area?
  5. Gay, Christmas and family?
  6. Bisexual Christians..?
  7. aparrently im gay, wat does that meen?
  8. Why Does Everyone Call Me Gay!?
  9. How can i tell if my crush is gay? please help!?
  10. why do guys think to wear bikinis for men or thongs for men is a gay thing?
  11. where can i find local gay guys to hook with?
  12. gays..... i would like to ask something.... just a simple question...?
  13. How come there are no protests from gay groups about the word faggot in the...
  14. im scared my crush is gay! how can i tell? help!?
  15. Is it alright to go to a gay club by yourself. ?
  16. How Do i know If i am Bisexual or not?
  17. Do you personally know any masculine gay men?
  18. Mommy says I'm special but Daddy says I'm gay?
  19. Have you ever had an embarrassing gay experience?
  20. Do you think that the GLBT communities are well represented by the leaders...
  21. What are some good 18+ gay clubs in NYC?
  22. Why are there so few good looking famous gay guys?
  23. Do you think its gay if a dude wear gucci shoes?
  24. is the singer of tokio hotel using a story, to cover the fact that he is really gay?
  25. Can you crush on a Gay guy?
  26. being gay kind of makes me scared that lots of people hate me..?
  27. Am I a lesbian, bisexual? please tell me what you think.?
  28. When does someone find out that they are gay?
  29. Does this make me gay?
  30. Why do people say me being bisexual isn't real?
  31. Question to all gay guys or BI?
  32. I'm a straight girl, and My gay guy friend hits on me, and its getting
  33. what are your views on gay marriage? ?
  34. Aren't opponents of gay marriage only hurting their cause by their actions?
  35. can a bisexual guy pretend to be gay?
  36. Gayest group/band? in u opinion?
  37. Help!! Am I bisexual?
  38. Did you feel "different" from the other kids before you realized you were gay?
  39. Is Vin Diesel Gay? I just heard he was and im in complete shock. ?
  40. Un-sure of sexuality girl, dating a lesbian?
  41. um bf question...gay?
  42. Gay and Lesbian (LGBT), does it also include?
  43. do you think lil wayne might be gay?
  44. Gay Asian Men having "Tighter Holes!?"?
  45. LGBT Who do you think is gay?
  46. How Do You Know If A Man Is Gay After? ?
  47. My computers being gay?
  48. my brother is gay, should i talk to him about the girl i like since i dont want
  49. I don't "Pitch a Tent" when I watch women, am I gay?
  50. Are there any stores that sell gay pride stuff?
  51. Are all bisexuals sluts?
  52. Where does the difficulty in knowing if you are gay or not come from?
  53. Why gay marriage should be illegal?
  54. Why is there a daily answering limit? How gay! ?
  55. Why do anti-gay Christians take such pride in being...? ?
  56. Main Worry is a Closeted Gay?
  57. What was santa doing in that gay pride parade this summer?
  58. Christians - Would it bother you if an openly gay couple moved into your
  59. Do straights and gays start realizing their sexual orientation at around
  60. Would you be for the extinction of the gay gene in the gene pool or should it...
  61. people think i'm gay and its getting really annoying?
  62. Christians: Can you list the main tenets of what you refer to as "The Gay agenda"?
  63. question about my sexuality?
  64. How do i become straight, and not gay?
  65. Why do people equate racial rights to gay marraige?
  66. What season on Nip/Tuck does Christian think that he is gay?
  67. my daughters boyfriend thinks he is gay?
  68. What's the best gay joke?
  69. Will the gays EVER be happy?!?
  70. Do any of you 13-16 year olds even know if you are really gay?
  71. why would a gay guy spread a rumour around that I'm a lesbian for no good reason?
  72. Do you think the DOMA protest this January will be the biggest gay rights...
  73. Has any church or clergyman been sued for refusing to allow a gay marriage in...
  74. How come adults always believe gay boys rather than girls?
  75. Do people like NEIL S annoy you slagging off gay people?
  76. are gays physically weak people?
  77. Did pro gay marriage activists agree to have a vote on the issue?
  78. Do you have a gay boyfriend?
  79. If 'bi' and 'gay' is fine with people then why ?
  80. Is there any place in the Bible were it says that God opposes gay people.?
  81. If Christians were smart they'd accept Bisexuals and homosexuals gladly.?
  82. I'm a guy and I'm into makeup, beauty, and fashion. Does that mean I'm gay?
  83. Are husbands / boyfriends welcome at Mohave County Bisexual Women's Club, or is
  84. What gay-themed movies are on itunes?
  85. I say well done to the Pope for telling Gays where they can stick it...What do you
  86. Is peter gay or not??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  87. Are you Gay or Bisexual?
  88. Why are gays not content with a civil union why do they want to marry?
  89. Parents, we've already agreed to disagree on gay marriage....?
  90. Some tips for gay u-no-wat?
  91. Confused about sexuality. Can you help me?
  92. Do mostly Gay guys work out in the gym?
  93. Is it ok to be....gay?
  94. There are many bisexual married women who are grossed out by the notion of...
  95. I'm gay and had sex with a guy over a year ago...His head was barley in me but none
  96. what do you think of bisexuals?
  97. What is my sexuality?
  98. What is it like to be a lesbian as to a gay man in a committed relationship?
  99. ummm....am i gay????????
  100. Can you be gay and be a true Christian?
  101. What is the link between body chemistry and non-reproductive sexuality?
  102. I just hired a babysitter for my young son---but I found out the sitter is
  103. Comparing women's sexuality to men's ?
  104. Why do bisexual people get treated badly alot of the time?
  105. God decides what sexuality you are?
  106. Why do Christians use the Old Testament when it comes to the issue of Gay Marriage?
  107. Getting hit on by gay dudes?
  108. Gay Rights: The Civil Rights Issue of Our Time....?
  109. Ambiguous sexuality - Can you decipher it?
  110. which straight male marvel superhero would turn gay for one night?
  111. For Lesbians and Bisexuals ONLY!!!!?
  112. Is the Pope issuing his own 'fatwa' on all gays?
  113. When you visit a gay website, have you an erotic relationship with your
  114. Can you tell if a guy is gay? How?
  115. What do you think of what the pope has said about gay people today?
  116. Will the pope be happy to take some responsibility the next time someone is...
  117. will the gay mafia ever give up the pres for special treatment and join the
  118. Does this mean the man/woman is gay?
  119. Religious and Gay...?
  120. The Pope had a point didn't he? Not content with tolerance the gays now
  121. Democrats think republicans are gay because of Larry Craig. What does Wade Rowland
  122. Help me I think I am gay ?
  123. Ok, so what have I missed? There are a lot of Pope questions concerning gay
  124. Gay pics / nude pics of Ryo Chan~?
  125. Just a curious Question aboyt GAYS ?
  126. Is Pope Benedict trying to get people on a gay-bashing gig this Christmas?
  127. Why do people call me gay and a fag, when I'm not?
  128. CATHOLIC Gays, Homosexuals and Transexuals, How do you feel about the Popes...
  129. Poll: Out of the Jonas Brothers (aka JoHoes), which one is the most gay?
  130. What would you do if your religious and found out your child is gay?
  131. Do they think I'm gay?
  132. Is trimming your leg hair sort of metrosexual?
  133. Bisexual girl is confusing me and I want to tell her I like her?
  134. Is beinq a bisexual wronq? nd why?
  135. How to avoid being stereotyped as 'the gay friend'?
  136. my boyfriend just told me he's bisexual?
  137. my bf is gay. does that make me a les?
  138. So, if I'm a gay atheist lumberjack..?
  139. Who thinks Human Sexuality should be banned from schools?
  140. Explain to me straight women who hang out in gay bars?
  141. click here if your not gay, if you don't then its abvous that you are?
  142. Why do women so often use sexuality to their advantage- if they truly consider
  143. Gay Marriage-- Should it be legal?
  144. Is Michael Payne gay?
  145. Can I sue a gay guy that lied to my community, my wife, and my friends? He
  146. Help from Christians please? Son thinks he's gay?
  147. im 14 and im gay how do i tell my family and how do i know if somone else is gay?
  148. Is angel lola luv gay or bisexual?
  149. Does it mean I'm gay if I sometimes like to watch gay porn?
  150. Is tom cruise gay!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  151. i dont want to say gay any more because i feel bad so what do i say?
  152. A lie about my sexuality has ruined my reputation and my marriage. What should I do?
  153. why is there a better chance of getting aids in gay sex than there is in
  154. are smart gay guys thought as appealing?
  155. trying to deal with issues of obsession and sexuality- any advice?
  156. How do you feel about gay marriage?
  157. Why does everyone try to hard to be politically correct concerning race, sex,
  158. What percent of yahoo employees are gay ?
  159. I was just wondering if the guys in Depeche Mode are gay.?
  160. Is my boyfriend gay, bisexual, or straight?
  161. If you had a child do u think it's ok to be bisexual?
  162. do you think i am gay? or bi?
  163. according to a studio gay brain male is similar to a woman straight then...
  164. Stereotypically are Jews as anti-gay as Christians?
  165. to all the bi and gay females?
  166. Ok gay guys would you consider dating me if you knew me?
  167. Do you think Mayans were gay for making their DUMB calendar?
  168. Do you think i'm bisexual?
  169. [GAY SEX LIFE] Stomach/Chest/Abs | Butt | Legs ~~ HELP!?
  170. Gay Spongebob Quotes?
  171. About how much of a gay stereotype are you?
  172. Why are SOME gay people unable to discuss anything else apart from their sexuality?
  173. Am I really Bisexual?
  174. is angel lola luv gay or bisexual?
  175. Since Homosexuality is Against Teachings of Clerics, Would You Expect a...
  176. What do I tell my mom about why me and other gay people tend to like female singers?
  177. What do you think of the Gay/Lesbian/ Bisexual/ Transgender cult?
  178. good high school lesbian/bisexual stories?
  179. can are our dogs gay?
  180. How can I tell if my husband is bisexual?
  181. Homosexuals/bisexuals: If you could press a button that would make you straight,
  182. Is the actor Bud Cort gay?
  183. On Myspace, is it gay to add random guys?
  184. would this be bisexual or lesbian?
  185. Is a metrosexual: maybe a gay? not yet a gay? almost a gay? never a gay? ...?
  186. would it be easier to convert from gay to straight or straight to gay?
  187. basically i'm "sexually-frustrated" regarding my [bi]sexuality...?
  188. Was Jesus a metrosexual?
  189. Isn't it wonderful, being gay?
  190. **Why When You Tell People About Your Sexuality.... ?
  191. Does laura ingraham support gay marriage.?
  192. How do i now if i'm bisexual?
  193. How come the United State is so restrictive regarding sex and sexuality? ?
  194. How do I know if I am bisexual? (I'm a girl)?
  195. Do horoscopes work the same way on str8 people and gay people?
  196. sexuality, i'm confused.?
  197. are you secure with your sexuality that you have no problem saying that a person ?
  198. Are there women who will marry a bisexual man?
  199. Where can IJR get a copy of the Atheist Agenda? How about the GAY AGENDA?
  200. Adding random dudes on myspace is gay?
  201. What is so metrosexual about Abercrombie & Fitches clothes?
  202. How do I tell my dad and sisters that I'm bisexual?
  203. How can I date a guy who doesn't show his sexuality?
  204. How would Jesus feel about Gays?
  205. what's the difference between metrosexual, gays and bi? ?
  206. Human intimacy = Sexuality?
  207. what would be a good name for a metrosexual mens magazine?
  208. undies for a metrosexual type of guy?
  209. (For Gay Guys) am I the only one that just reads magazines like sports
  210. Would you marry a bisexual?
  211. Is it more "normal" for a woman than man to be repulsed by sex and sexuality?
  212. How do you know what's your sexuality?
  213. Confused about my sexuality?
  214. Why Cant i Meet any Bisexual/Gay Boys?
  215. Is my sexuality a result of this?
  216. Who thinks twilight is gay? ?
  217. Changes in sexuality?
  218. My god. My friends don't accept me?(Sexuality ?)?
  219. where can i find gay people online?
  220. what's the difference between metrosexual, gays and bi? ?
  221. What are good websites to chat to bisexual/homosexual teens?
  222. Why is it that every time I ask a question, Yahoo always suggests Lesbians,
  223. Why Do All My Boyfriends End Up Gay?!!?
  224. How can I tell my friend who is gay for help on a boys who he likes,...
  225. Am i bisexual?.. help please!?
  226. Do you think that your sexuality/sexual drive is linked to your sign/horoscope?
  227. Am I gay or bisexual?
  228. Was anyone shocked when Clay Aikens admitted he was gay?
  229. How would Mormons react if gays created a $25 million ad blitz against them
  230. women bisexual relationship roles?
  231. A question on Foucault and his History of Sexuality?
  232. Am I Gay vs. Bisexual?
  233. have you seen the at&t commercial with the 2 gay guys?
  234. Important! Confused With Sexuality!?
  235. Gay-torrents.net invite?
  236. How did the Grateful Dead represent gender/sexuality?
  237. I think I might be bisexual; how do I tell?
  238. Bisexuals- How many of you are tired of being picked on or stereotyped?
  239. MY bf
  240. Is it wrong to lie about my sexuality to friends and family?
  241. Where can I find "Human Sexuality: Diversity In Contemporary America" by Bryan
  242. Is this normal or do you think im bisexual?
  243. How do i find gay guys?
  244. Why don't homosexuals base their identity on who they really ARE instead of
  245. Im bisexual and in 8th grade. I cant decide whether to come out now or wait till
  246. is katy perry gay or not?
  247. Did you stay home from work for the gays today?
  248. i dont know if im bisexual?
  249. is sexuality a spectrum?
  250. Is it gay of me to think....?