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  1. girls! what do you think about metro/metrosexual guys?
  2. Gay Guys Only Question?
  3. How do I know if I am bisexual?
  4. Do you think this is kinda gay?
  5. am i bisexual, or just bi-curious?
  6. What Was Sexuality Like Before HIV?
  7. do u believe that you are born with your sexuality?
  8. What is the Christian Gods beef with people being gay?
  9. serious sexuality question?
  10. German film about gay punks?
  11. do bisexual guys feel confused sometimes about choosing a partner a male...
  12. Poll: Do you think I'm gay?
  13. Why are Killswitch Engage fans so Gay?
  14. I have low self-esteem because I'm fat and gay?
  15. do u galz find a guy metrosexual if he tames his eyebrows and chest?
  16. Do you think she is bisexual?
  17. man handling a bisexual?
  18. Do you think that gay marriage is inevitable?
  19. Is the actor Oliver James gay?
  20. Women- why don't men routinely raise the bar for women who enjoy getting
  21. Should I tell my Christian Boyfriend that I'm Bisexual?
  22. open gay teens in Utah?
  23. Is my friend bisexual or am i exaggerating?
  24. how do i knowif im gay?
  25. Do gay men have female personalities? or male personalities?
  26. Safe from Bisexuals in Chicago?
  27. is my friend gay? ?
  28. everyone is bisexual!?
  29. im bisexual and need help about some chick?
  30. Edward Cullen struggles with his sexuality?
  31. I'm going to set up a profile on a dating site - should I mention that I
  32. Sexuality is a choice?
  33. bisexual or not? please tell me what you think.?
  34. I came out to my friends that I'm bisexual about a week ago and...?
  35. Question for lesbians, Do you like girls from their sexuality or their personality?
  36. What are some gay themed books?
  37. Gay people suck !! ?
  38. why do gays claim that they were born gay when in fact most were turned gay?
  39. Is Tim Curry gay ????
  40. Im BIsexual but how do i tell my parents and my family?
  41. gay nightlife new haven, ct?
  42. why do gays claim that they were born gay when in fact most were turned gay?
  43. I Want A Baby And The Thing Is Im Gay!!?
  44. do bisexual men feel uncomfortable with being bi sometimes when they are...
  45. My husband walked out on me during the middle of having sex. Heard that he is
  46. any new gay themed films you can recommend?
  47. "Choose to be Gay?!?"?
  48. Im not comfortable with my sexuality among woman?
  49. Feeling like I'm gay or something. I asked this once already, please...
  50. Gay republicans, how do you live with yourself?
  51. u might say am a lil bit stupid but how does gay....?
  52. Is it possible to be mistaken of ones sexuality?
  53. How Do you know If some random person is gay By just looking at him/her?
  54. How should i come out to my friends that im Gay?
  55. are there in this section of men health bisexual guys and gay guys?
  56. Why are some people ashamed of their sexuality? how can they ditch it?
  57. Popular being bisexual?
  58. What is your favorite lesbian gay bisexual or trans song?
  59. How many of you veterans or soon to be soldiers are gay in the military?
  60. Are there gay animals?
  61. How I could I know if I lm a bisexual?
  62. Is it gay to like the Jonas Brothers?
  63. I think I'm bisexual?
  64. Seriously questioning my sexuality, can you help define it for me?
  65. Is he gay??? Loads on info inside?
  66. One of my closest friends just told me he is gay. What can I do to help him? Does...
  67. Straight Guys:Have you ever been sexually harassed by a gay guy?
  68. Does this make me bisexual?
  69. This question is for bisexual or lesbien girls only question?
  70. Other than Interactive Male, what other gay hotlines are there?
  71. Am i Bisexual?????????
  72. Am I a lesbian or bisexual?
  73. I'm not sure what my sexuality is any more? Help please.?
  74. I just found out that I am bisexual!?
  75. Where and how can my family foster a gay teenager?
  76. Ever been surprised by someone in your life being gay?
  77. how can you tell if your bisexual?
  78. how to start being gay?
  79. Bisexuals: what do you like about guys? girls?
  80. I have a gay guy friend. Is he messing with my head or does he really have feelings
  81. Bisexual Dating Question?
  82. shouldn't gays be allowed to lose their property/ house and pay alimony just
  83. How do I prove to myself that I'M NOT GAY?
  84. Can someone against gay marriage explain to me how gay people getting
  85. Why do guys think that all women are bisexual?
  86. is it haram to be gay in islam?
  87. Gay Guys: Post a Picture of who you think is the Hottest Male Celeb?
  88. i think my jack russel might be gay?
  89. If your bisexual would you....?
  90. Why do i get crushes on straight guys?(or girls that are taken-i think i...
  91. I think I'm in love with my gay friend.....?
  92. How is your sexuality determined ?
  93. Is my brother gay or just being a boy?
  94. Is "gay" a synonym for "stupid"?
  95. am i bisexual or no????
  96. gay guys, how do you feel when girls have crushes on you?
  97. Why are so many anti-homophobes classified as gay!?!?
  98. My mom wants me to be gay?
  99. Can a gay guy fall for a woman?
  100. Telling Bi-Sexuality?
  101. English teacher John Salapatek is gay.?
  102. Drunk bisexual confuses me.?
  103. How do I explore my sexuality?
  104. bisexual or straight? please read.?
  105. Am I gay? Please answer seriously?
  106. Is it gay for 14 y/o boys to figure skate?
  107. is the actor Laz Alonso Bisexual?
  108. i found my friend looking at gay porn, is he gay?
  109. do u think i am gay ?
  110. Spiritually speaking are you Gay!?
  111. Being Gay is a Choice, somewhat?
  112. Bisexual ladies: how did you know you liked women too?
  113. In regards to my previous question ie. Bisexual Males?
  114. Ladies, does this make me gay????
  115. What the Hell is a gay christian?
  116. Does this make me gay?
  117. I need to tell some one im gay?
  118. BISEXUALS: do you have a preference over which gender?
  119. why is it when anyone mentions anything about sexuality it suddenly becomes a
  120. if a gay gene was discovered in a baby would you have the gene removed?
  121. Is it possible to be bisexual if...?
  122. do you call your self gay are straight?
  123. Can you give me a proof from any of his writings that Shakespear was homosexual or...
  124. How could Jordan and Zach be combined??? Jordan is a girl by the way soooo dont
  125. my son is gay and i think he might be having sex...at 14!!!!!....how do i know for
  126. im gay and i have only came out to my friend but now i don't know how to tell...
  127. what's it like being a gay or bisexual in the UK?
  128. Isn't divorce worst than gay marriage in it ruining the sanctuary of marriage?
  129. Is everyone's a little bit bisexual?
  130. I just told my friend I was bisexual and now he won't talk to me =(?
  131. Do you believe that Men can be bisexual?
  132. Is it true that gay men do not have an?
  133. Is it safe to go to a gay bar?
  134. How relevant are the Pope's statements about gender/sexuality and naturalness?
  135. who else thinks the jonas brothers are the gayest thing that the world has ever seen?
  136. Can a guy who is gay fall for a woman?
  137. Why do you support gay marriage but not polygamy?
  138. How to tell if he's gay?
  139. really confused..am i gay?
  140. what is gay in America???? im an asian.?
  141. Are people with Venus in Gemini more likely to be bisexual or gay?
  142. Big Problem, I think my birds are gay.....what ...?
  143. What is the main reason why people will not vote for Gay Marriage?
  144. Does this dress style make me look gay or something? Why do all women give...
  145. Is there any guys that are gay but act masculine?
  146. that one group for gay teens?
  147. Why do people doubt the existence of bisexuals?
  148. How do bi-guys prove their not closeted gay guys?
  149. Can you be GAY without being with another GUY?
  150. Single Lesbians/Bisexuals! What Do You Think Of This?!?
  151. Isn't it easy to be anti-gay until someone in your family comes out?
  152. Why do i feel the need to tell my grandfather im gay?
  153. Okay I'm bisexual. The girl im in love with is in love with me too but...
  154. Would you disown your son or daughter if they were gay?
  155. Religiously and gay-hating speaking, do you think my MySpace profile is as zeckzi...
  156. How can you tell your bisexual friand likes you?
  157. Do most gay guys do this? ?
  158. ive never been in a gay relationship? how are they?
  159. My friends continuously question my sexuality?
  160. I don't support gay marriage but I have nothing against gays?
  161. I have a question regarding my sexuality and my friends sexuality?
  162. Are all other gay guys like this or just me?
  163. Whats the best way to approach this bisexual girl that I like?
  164. Is it wrong for mother and son to have a sexual relationship Is it wrong for
  165. Sexuality Confusion and Psychological Problems , Help needed to give advice..?
  166. Is Charlie Weasley of the Harry Potter series gay?
  167. Sexuality Confusion and Psychological Problems , Help needed to give advice..?
  168. how do i ask someone out i am a 23 year old gay man?
  169. bisexual? straight? lesbian?
  170. Being Gay is not a choice but its scientifically proved. What does islam say about
  171. Any straight guys here who have Gay Best Friends?
  172. Ok, again, who is this guy and what is his sexuality
  173. Why is the gay world so harsh?
  174. How can you tell if your lover is Gay , Bi or on the DL ?
  175. I need some truth! Are all men secretly gay? Honestly!?
  176. Family won't accept my gay best friend and his spouse. ?
  177. Gay welcoming churches?
  178. is it wrong that my cat is gay?
  179. A really cute guy from track team made a move, but i totally blew him off,
  180. If you have a gay brother who has a "special friend"?
  181. Did you decide to make the Yule Tide gay?
  182. Is Nathaniel David becker gay?
  183. Is Ricky Martin the gay?
  184. Lesbian and bisexual girls, what type of hair do you prefer on a girl?
  185. What are good ideas for a gay marriage protest sign/banner?
  186. Why girls avoid bisexual guys?
  187. If a girl is obsessed with outing gay men could she be gay?
  188. Does it make me gay if....?
  189. why is my brother so gay?
  190. Im Bisexual! How do I tell my Girlfriend?
  191. Do you think it'd be harder for a bisexual man to date a woman, rather
  192. I don't "Pitch a Tent" when watching women, am I gay?
  193. Is my boyfriend gay?? HELP?
  194. Best Gay Bars in Seattle?
  195. which picture do i look less gayest?
  196. i don't like watching gay porn but I feel excited when I imagine me + another guy?
  197. If a man pierces his nipples, does that mean he is gay?
  198. Can you really forget an online conversation after two days. A guy...
  199. Should Lesbians or Gay men choose their mate by sun signs ?
  200. Bisexual Friend A little TOO close?
  201. What's the difference in Bisexual and Pansexual?
  202. where were the other victims of the Holocaust such as blacks, gypsies, and
  203. Do you think having a Gay experience makes you gay?
  204. Is it possible for a gay guy to fall for a close woman friend?
  205. is it possible to be bisexual if...?
  206. I just wondered if any Christians would get rid of pets if they were gay?
  207. Who all thinks jensen Ackles is gay?
  208. Are the Kaulitz twins gay?
  209. i am so confused about my sexuality ?
  210. On a scale from 1-10 what's your sexuality?
  211. Can a gay guy fall in love with a woman he is really close to?
  212. What do kids of gay parents call their dads/moms?
  213. How old should you be to become bisexual?
  214. Am I bisexual because of this?
  215. For gays and lesbians. Why do you not tolerate others?
  216. is this gay or not????
  217. Is he really Bisexual?
  218. hey wats up im a gay male looking for the same?
  219. Should I Tell A Guy I'm Bisexual On The First Date?
  220. I'm head over heals for a guy who appears to be denying his own sexuality,...
  221. gay kid singing to hanna montana halarious?
  222. how to people become gay?
  223. Could he like me a little bit/is he bisexual?
  224. my best friend i think turned gay =[?
  225. If all the money was spent towards working against gays was spent towards...?
  226. Could he like me a little bit/is he bisexual?
  227. Gay civil rights and Black civil rights?
  228. How many of you report "Gay Christian" answers, and put in the reason box... ?
  229. Can a gay guy fall in love with a girl he is really close to?
  230. im getting depressed because i want somebody to love but im 13 and gay. HELP!!! ?
  231. do you think bisexual people are promiscuous (or just really like sex)?)?
  232. How do you know if you are gay?
  233. Should christians take back the rainbow, the word gay and CHRISTMASmas?
  234. Why are all of yahoo avatars metrosexual-looking?
  235. On the gay Richter Scale, how much do I rock your world?
  236. What is the title of this gay movie?
  237. How do I make sure that my little brother won't be gay? ?
  238. Is it gay to love a Hermaphrodite?
  239. Do you personally know any masculine gay men or feminine lesbian women?
  240. Do you believe that people choose to be homosexual or bisexual?
  241. What's a great gay themed movie?
  242. Are people born evil/gay/"with Jesus in their heart"/sinners/saints/whatever?
  243. In a gay relationship ? And career. ?
  244. Do my parents need to know that I'm gay? ?
  245. Can a guy who is gay fall for a woman he is very close to?
  246. Is Mika Gay???? ?
  247. Did Breads made me fat & excessive gay ?
  248. am i the only bisexual teen?
  249. Can a gay guy fall in love with a woman he is very close to?
  250. People are always screwing w/ me saying im gay, why?