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  1. Is a women's sexuality more fluid than men's?
  2. do most lesbians start off as bisexuals?
  3. How old were you when you figured out you were gay/bisexual/lesbian/bi-curious?
  4. Why do all comedians have a gay voice?
  5. Which is the gayer nation the USA or the UK?
  6. I need Help. Am I Bisexual?
  7. My friend turned out to be gay....?
  8. I am a 13 year old boy and i am confused about my Sexuality.?
  9. Do you think it's fair to say that they are not gay when they've actually never...
  10. gay/bi guys; do you find my ex appealing?
  11. I Am Bisexual And I Have Another Problem Too ! ! !?
  12. Any logical or empiracle reason to oppose gay marriage?
  13. Is female sexuality more fluid than male sexuality?
  14. "I am bipolar and straight, but when my meds are off, I become bisexual"?
  15. i am a girl, and i have 2 gay dads?
  16. WOMEN ONLY: if ur a guy, then ya better be gay if ur gonna answer this?
  17. My husband is gay, what shall I do?
  18. How to tell a guy you're bisexual, but more gay?
  19. Obama Appoints Gay Man To Faith-Based Council- What do you think?
  20. Gay Friend Problems...Please Help!?
  21. Are Most Women Really Bisexual?
  22. if you have 2 gay dads.. is it true that you will grow up to be gay?
  23. I'm gay and I need help!!! =(.?
  24. is it weird/metrosexual if guys wear designer underwear?
  25. this is going to sound so gay and selfish?
  26. my fiances 19 yr old gay son is trying to split us up..?
  27. Please Answer me, Am i gay?
  28. When did being gay become cool?
  29. how do you set non gay goals?
  30. Gay teen blackmails 100's of male classmates on Facebook for sexual acts. Thoughts?
  31. How do I turn my gay xboyfriend, straight? I'm pretty sure he's just confused....?
  32. Should I become gay? My girlfriend is nuts?
  33. Is gamer girl a book for girls and would it seem gay for a guy to read it?
  34. is gay and drugs synonymous?
  35. I am metrosexual. I want to be more masculine. Help!?
  36. is my friend gay and if he's not why did he do this?
  37. Read this and I ask you, Am I gay?
  38. Does anyone know what a gay nazis is?
  39. Are you bi, gay, straight, lesbain?
  40. Is anyone still or was married to a gay man & how did you leave him?
  41. Why does Canada ban 'Hate Speech' against gay marriage, yet ban entry for...
  42. I think i might be gay?
  43. I'm fourteen and i think i may be bisexual.?
  44. What is my sexual orientation? Am I really bisexual?
  45. Gay men..met a guy a week or two ago. he wants me to meet his mom! eeek?
  46. Why aren't there any gay actors?
  47. Why do straight chatrooms have local but not the gay rooms?
  48. I think I might be gay, please help!?
  49. i love my gay freind he also in love with me but he avaid me when i toch him?
  50. how come when girls like 2 see two really hot guys make out they are...
  51. That's so gay commercials?
  52. Gay men: When you fold your hands together, is the left or right thumb on top?
  53. Can a private college kick someone out for being gay?
  54. what are some fun things to do on a gay date?
  55. TGIF! I feel like dancing, prancing and jumping all around. Is that another...
  56. I got married 18months back, then found out he is gay, he does not go to htem
  57. How do I tell my parents I'm bisexual?
  58. Whats the difference between Acting gay and acting straight?
  59. Help...What is a good thesis statment about sexuality in the middle east?
  60. is it right that the guys who listen to Cilen Deon are gays?
  61. my gay best friend and I am a female. His behaviour isn't very gay?
  62. young gays here's a question for you?
  63. Do gay men immediately know who is going to be?
  64. Under what circumstances would you go gay country boot scootin booging with me?
  65. If a guy likes pegging is this an indication that he is gay or is it normal?
  66. is barrack obama gay?
  67. Is it a norm to be shirtless in a gay bar?
  68. Is my son trying to tell me he is gay?
  69. Is it gay for a guy to want to impress another guy?
  70. how many couples(married, commited, gay etc) use the spenser spanking
  71. would you support a music artist who dosen't like gays?
  72. why i am a gay??????????????????????????????
  73. Is this shirt metrosexual?
  74. Do male gay couple generally exchange wedding rings in wedding ceremonies?
  75. Do You Think Male Thinness Is More Accepted In The Gay Community?
  76. How can I figure out if I'm Bisexual?
  77. Is this male lifeguard gay or straight?
  78. I'm glad Adam and eve were bisexual?
  79. how does a guy tell his gf that he is bisexual?
  80. i think i may be a bisexual!?
  81. do women prefer macho man or metrosexual man?
  82. What do gay men find attractive in a 'bottom' ?
  83. Do Straight Guys Like It When Gay Guys Check Them Out?
  84. Why to Jehovah Witnesses hate Catholics and Gay People?
  85. Sexuality question, is it normal?
  86. hey, Im gay and I am 24 asian, 6' and 160, looking for friends?
  87. Am i gay if i look at features of other guys, but really like the personalities...
  88. What is metrosexual fashion?
  89. whats the movie called where the guy thinks hes gay?
  90. How to talk to counselor a about sexuality? What do I say?
  91. asexual, transsexual, bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, metrosexual, homosexual?
  92. Why am I confused about my sexuality other black boys aren't,the cute and fine ones?
  93. How can I be a masculine gay man?
  94. Girls Only Please: Now that Miley Cyrus seems to be experiementing with her...
  95. Would you consider me a Metrosexual?
  96. Experienced lesbian/bi/gay/tran.?
  97. Should I tell people that I'm bisexual?
  98. is Anderson Cooper Gay?
  99. 2 Women, in love with one, the same as the other one, can I explore my...
  100. Does this make me bisexual?
  101. Sexuality in the Middle East: The ongoing battle between the two...
  102. Are you offended by gay people?
  103. Does this make me metrosexual?
  104. This guy said my hair was gay is it?
  105. who would you turn gay for?
  106. How do I tell my folks that I am gay?
  107. How Should I deal with a bisexual girl friend?
  108. why is metrosexual considered bad?
  109. Am i really bisexual?
  110. some BI guys keep bashing gay guys in school?
  111. Have you ever had bisexual thoughts and not told anyone?
  112. Help...What is a good thesis statment about sexuality in the middle east?
  113. I have conflicting feelings about my sexuality.?
  114. Being a MetroSexual, out of the ordinary?
  115. I am sooo confused (bisexual)?
  116. Is Kanye West bisexual?
  117. Is Chris Lowell from ABC Private Practice gay or straight?
  118. is lil wayne bisexual?
  119. Flirting Tips For Gay/Bi Guys?
  120. How can I be sure of my sexuality?
  121. What is my sexuality?
  122. Would you consider this outfit metrosexual?
  123. Help* is my sister gay?
  124. Is it just me or are alot of Japanese/Korean guys metrosexual?
  125. Why does sexuality have to be SO uncomfortable to talk about?
  126. A question for Gays/Lez/& Bi's: Before you knew your sexuality, how was...
  127. Is sexuality genetic?
  128. what does metrosexual mean?
  129. Do you know where black bisexual women can meet?
  130. Have you ever had a crush on someone, even though you knew they were gay?
  131. My bisexual girl friend has a crush on my sister?
  132. Why do many Americans judge sexuality more harshly than violence? ?
  133. Is it really that hard to find METROSEXUAL looking boys?
  134. Gay Men Being Called Froot Loops?
  135. Have I turned him bisexual?!?
  136. Do you think that me being bisexual is normal?
  137. What If America Adopted Iran's Anti-Gay Laws?
  138. To Christians against gay marriage...?
  139. How to come out of the closet about being bisexual and nontheis to my family?
  140. The gay guy in mamma mia?
  141. How can you tell if a bisexual man is interested in you (i am a girl)?
  142. is it normall for teenagers to question to question there sexuality?
  143. I'm biracial and bisexual but seen as black and gay?
  144. Would any young women like to share their views about sexuality to be
  145. Would women date a KNOWN bisexual man?
  146. Do all gay men have feminine lispy voices?
  147. why do woman choose bi-sexuality?
  148. Want to know why 70% of blacks voted against gay marriage?
  149. Guys - what would you do/think if your girl mate told you she was bisexual?
  150. How can i get lesbians or bisexuals to be attracted to me?
  151. IS sexuality more about love or sex?
  152. Why are transexuals grouped with Gay,Lesbian & Bisexual people?
  153. Help Me! Am I bisexual? ?
  154. Being gay in Canada....?
  155. Why did Jesus not condemn gays?
  156. Gays bisexuals & Lesbians please help?
  157. What is my sexuality? Could this be caused by hormones?
  158. Can I persuade my friend to be bisexual or lesbian?
  159. If i ware women's thongs i'm i gay?
  160. what does this mean...gay, bi, straight?
  161. POLL!! for any sexuality?
  162. do you think im bisexual?
  163. Have you seen any of these 3 movies? What nudity/sexuality does any of them
  164. Is there a word for the counterpart of metrosexual?
  165. how would you know if your friend is gay?
  166. List songs that are good for working out or expressing sexuality or sensuality?
  167. bisexual and married.?
  168. should my mum care if i am bisexual?
  169. Why do I have mixed emotions about being straight or gay?
  170. when did you know you where gay?? or bisexual?
  171. Girls - why would you think a guy is gay?
  172. Is my husband gay, bi or is this a phase?
  173. are there any girls who would date a bisexual guy?
  174. Why do gay people think they need they're own recognition or rights?
  175. Is she bisexual or lesbian?
  176. If you found out your crush was gay..?
  177. Does viewing yaoi/yuri anime/manga affect a person's sexuality?
  178. oook bisexual people help?!?
  179. Homo friend getting disowned at 18 because of sexuality?
  180. how do you know if you're a lesbian or bisexual?
  181. ok question about sexuality?
  182. My husband said he's gay.?
  183. What are some creative ways to imply to someone that they are gay?
  184. bisexual open relationship complications.?
  185. My little brother thinks he is bisexual. How do we know?
  186. My Best friend just came out as bisexual...and he's in love with me.. ?
  187. Am I Gay? Please Help!!?
  188. My gay guy friend told me I'm his twin soul. What does he mean?
  189. Where can I study human sexuality and relationships?
  190. I spoke to Allah and he told me my sexuality was acceptable in Islam?
  191. My gay guy friend told me I'm his twin soul. What does he mean?
  192. how many bisexuals need members of the same sex?
  193. if sexuality is innate, does that mean all other preferences are also innate?
  194. Why do Gay people always compare gay to having brown or blue eyes?
  195. What are the dangers of anal sex is my partner then bisexual or gay? ?
  196. Confussed about sexuality?
  197. Who can tell me if you like Robert Pattinson and thing he's boy gay?
  198. My gay brothers, how did you met your soulmate / beloved partner?
  199. Is it wrong of me to not be proud of being gay?
  200. Bisexual males, can I ask you some questions?
  201. Do you honestly believe that you can control your sexuality?
  202. Those who are 'for' Gay marriage and are not homophobic?
  203. Not gay...just metrosexual?
  204. Is my friend bisexual/lesbian?
  205. Have an issue with my sexuality at my church?
  206. why do people decide to be gay?
  207. Do you think i *could* be bisexual? serious question..?
  208. lesbians/bisexual women?
  209. How common are bisexuals?
  210. I'll try this question again, dont be gay and report it..?
  211. Why are gay people so stupid?
  212. how do guys become metrosexual?
  213. Do gay guys get turned on by there own penis?
  214. I am gay and been with my bf for almost 6 months..The sex....?
  215. i'm so confused about my sexuality...am i straight?!?
  216. Can you tell me what it's like being gay or bi-sexual?
  217. Pretending to be a gay male when you're a bisexual girl...?
  218. My ex-girlfriend doesn't know I'm bisexual..and I've fallen head over heels for
  219. Anti-gay marriage people: Can you give me one thing that could happen as a
  220. A question for bisexuals?
  221. I'm feeling really hurt and conflicted over my boyfriend's sexuality...?
  222. gay guys... any of you living in auckland, new zealand?
  223. I found out my son is gay, don't know what to do.?
  224. Does anyone know of any Gay/Bi Clubs nation wide? Not like schools ones
  225. Gays/Lesbians, The Pope Thinks You Need To Be Saved, What Do You Think?
  226. Does this song have anything to do with gay or bisexual people?
  227. Is it "gay" for a guy 2 want a digital camera?
  228. confused about my sexuality?
  229. Serious question I need answers please? lesbians, gays, bisexuals ?
  230. How do I know if I Guy Is Gay or Not? I am Curious and Looking.?
  231. My girlfriend said that she is bisexual...?
  232. How Do I Tell My Guy Friends That I'm Bisexual?
  233. Good torrents for "Ghosts" by The Gay Blades and Dr. Manhattan's self titled album?
  234. I'm gay - can anyone give me some advice please?
  235. CHRISTIAN MEN: if you found out a girl was BISEXUAL would that turn you off?
  236. Bisexual Boyfriends( ladies would YOU?)?
  237. Any good murder novels from the POV of the murderer, and novels about a gay murderer?
  238. outlets for straight men with bisexual tendencies?
  239. After January 20, can I be more open about my sexuality and the school I teach at?
  240. is my best friend gay?
  241. why does everyone assume bill kaulitz is gay!?
  242. Confused about my sexuality?
  243. OK I'm bisexual and my teacher confronted me with some disturbing things that...
  244. Struggling with sexuality?
  245. question for bisexuals?
  246. 4 states do not allow gay couples or singles to adopt? 8 others have failed...
  247. My son is gay and I don't know if I should?
  248. Am i bisexual??How do i kno if i am?
  249. bisexual guy song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  250. If Uri Gellar was gay would he be known as a "gender bender" serious