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  1. Do people still believe its the persons choice to be gay?
  2. What is wrong with being lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, or other?
  3. Am I bisexual or straight?! is bisexual a bad thing?
  4. Am I Bisexual?? PLEASE HELP!!?
  5. Am I bisexual? How can stop?
  6. Is there any scientific proof that your sexuality is a choice?
  7. soccer, the gay version of hockey?
  8. My name is Kyle, I love gay men and they love me, can't we all live in harmony?
  9. is zak efron gay or not?
  10. Is it gay for you to pants someone in the communal showers?(Long sotry)?
  11. Good gay themed valentines for my girlfriend & I?
  12. gay men domestic violence?
  13. Destroyed sexuality (words to fill in topic requirements)?
  14. Need some opinions on gay sexuality?
  15. Bisexual and i want a Boyfriend Please Read!!!?
  16. Im bisexual and want a boyfriend, how do i find one?
  17. how should i go about my sexuality?
  18. bisexual, i want a girl.?
  19. gay friends, how do you handle it if you're straight?
  20. Question for gay people?
  21. If I catch little butterfly's and gas them, can I braid them into my lovely
  22. Girls/gay guys.... would you date these guys ?
  23. is my boyfriend gay and in denial?
  24. is the singing group coldplay gay cause they looked SUPER gay ?
  25. How do I tell my parents I'm bisexual?
  26. I'm a gay guy wanting to join the UK army.?
  27. I am a gay honest guy from Italy.It would be great to have penpals from
  28. Ever wonder why there is a category for gay lesbian and transgendered but not...
  29. How many people do you think are bisexual in my school?
  30. What is the name of the gay designer that will create the new pink Barcelona kits?
  31. If a king is gay and marries another guy what is that guy to the royal family?
  32. Subject: Catholics and Gay?
  33. Why is it that gay, or bi people, are looked on as a sissy?
  34. Why do i have an urge to watch gay porn sometimes?
  35. I need help. How do I tell my parents I'm bisexual?
  36. My co-workers don't know my sexuality...?
  37. Is this guy gay? he's only had 2 GFs in his life, 32, not married, likes
  38. Why do gay men say they are scared of vagina?
  39. What are some Lesbian/Bisexual Anime?
  40. I have conflicting feelings about my sexuality.?
  41. HELP i think my bf of 2yrs is gay!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  42. Gay Marriage Essay Help?
  43. is kanye west the rapper gay?
  44. how can i make myself more metrosexual?
  45. When guys say LOL does it make them sound gay?
  46. Should I downplay my sexuality because I happen to have a high sex drive?
  47. What clothes can a guy wear that show off his toned muscular body without making him
  48. Is it possible to have all of my friends and people at school know I'm gay, but...
  49. Am I gay? I think I am but ...?
  50. I was curious if Doug Benson was gay?
  51. Why do some lesbians refuse to date bisexuals?
  52. Is a 7 inch penis erect small?(girls)(gays)?
  53. How do i know if i am going to be gay as an adult?
  54. Is it weird to be bisexual ?
  55. Is he bisexual or am I crazy?
  56. What on earth is wrong with being gay?
  57. Do you think i am bisexual?
  58. Girls, how would you feel if you found out your ex boyfriend turned gay?
  59. Are you a gay Jehovah's Witness?
  60. Do you guys think this guy is possibly gay or bi?
  61. is my bf gay?plz help?
  62. Is a woman who is sexually interested in men and women but only interested in...
  63. Is Indiana Jones gay?
  64. it must b very sad when a gay guy falls deeply in love with a straight guy?
  65. I know I am bisexual and I dont know how to tell my dad?
  66. What do you do when you're bisexual, and your mum is totally against it?
  67. Sexuality/ Father issues...please HELP!?
  68. GIRLS, what turns you on and what do you find attractive? (lesbians and bisexuals)?
  69. Is he gay or Bi and Does he like me?
  70. GUYS, this might be a stupid question, but Do guys get freaked out by bisexual
  71. Is Alex Rodriguez (Arod) gay? Bisexual? Will he be outted in the Selena Roberts book?
  72. extreme sexuality confusion!!!?
  73. SURVEY FOR GUYS: would this type of woman freak you out? I am a bisexual and?
  74. Do women find actually find metrosexual dudes attractive?
  75. Sexuality/ Father issues...please HELP!?
  76. what am i? a lesbian or a bisexual?
  77. If our brain is our most important sexual organ, does that mean that being...
  78. Where can I go to experiment with my sexuality?
  79. Parents just found out im gay and my girlfriend please help very scared and need...
  80. My friend says she's bisexual, but just for one person?
  81. Friends keep making fun of lesbian/gay/bisexual people?
  82. Is there something about the fashion design industry that attracts a...
  83. What is the best way to work around a girlfriend that is bisexual but jealous
  84. what are some good gay sites on the internet?
  85. Sexuality/ Father issue...please help!?
  86. How do you meet gay guys your own age?
  87. My boy dog pees like a girl dog (9 wks old). is he gay?
  88. song on the big gay sketch show?
  89. Female orgasm and sexuality?
  90. How do you ask somebody if they're gay?
  91. Am i Bisexual???????????????
  92. Gay men. Do you find many German guys physically attractive?
  93. does being Bisexual immediately doubles your chances for a date on a Saturday night?
  94. Gay men. How do you determine if a guy is hot? What's your criteria?
  95. how to get in to the gay community?
  96. Why should gays not be allowed to be together?
  97. any gay boys around the age 12 to 16 that just want o hang or get to no eath...
  98. im gay and needs help i want to find a boy friend but don't really no how plz...
  99. Vladimir Putin is GAY!?
  100. Would you marry someone who is bisexual?
  101. why are gay guys so cute?
  102. Poll Gay=hiv=aids=death?
  103. Gay and Bi and need your help?
  104. Does Brandon Lim of "Gays Gone Wild" movie have a fan site or social network?
  105. I gotta question if I may? (Is it gay to play Putt-Putt golf with a friend
  106. How do I bring up that I'm Bisexual to a guy that I like?
  107. Any tips for visiting a gay club?
  108. Do you feel more comfortable hanging out with people of your sexuality?
  109. Are men who are gay/sissy's only mentally buy never physically?
  110. Why do i think everyone is gay?
  111. Is it okay to be Bisexual?
  112. Do you think, or is it wrong for gay/lesbian couple to raise a child as a
  113. Did you think you were gay forever--and then like someone of the opposite sex?
  114. Scientists say that men who are scared of gay men actually fancy them and it's true?
  115. Since we gays have been around forever?
  116. what does metrosexual mean?
  117. am i bisexual?................?
  118. Is it true that gay men have a drag stage?
  119. Is my best friend gay? How do i know?
  120. Is it okay to flirt on a guy even thought I'm not sure if he's gay?
  121. Im gay and I dont know wat 2 do i am only 13?
  122. How gay is this American idol contestant?
  123. Isn't banning gay marriage against the 1st amendment?
  124. not lesbian , not bisexual ..or is she?
  125. That's So Gay????????????//?
  126. Would you accept your child or future child if they were gay?
  127. Is having a gay male best friend a trend among straight teen girls?
  128. FOR GAY GUYS ONLY (jk girls can answer too)?
  129. Why are there no decent, single, non-smoker gay guys in Reno, NV?
  130. Why are there no decent, single, non-smoker gay guys in Reno, NV?
  131. is joe jonas hot,sexy, or gay in your opinion?
  132. How is it like being openly gay?
  133. My Friend says being gay is a better life than Straight do you agree?
  134. Do you think wrestling is a gay sport?
  135. Am I bisexual for loving brandon teena?
  136. How can I know if someone is gay or not?
  137. Who were the original gay activists in NYC, SF, and LA?
  138. what does it feel like to be bisexual?
  139. After last night im wondering if im gay, so am i gay?
  140. Im confused about my sexuality? (13 year old girl)?
  141. What do U wear to a gay bar?
  142. i promise that i have never had a date in my life and am not gay?
  143. Do Catholics believe it's wrong to be gay or bisexual?
  144. When Is the Gay Pride Parade In SF?
  145. Has anyone ever approached you about wearing "gay-themed" clothing?
  146. Does Yahoo! Answers have a gay and lesbian fetish?
  147. What's so bad about gay people?
  148. Mormons changed their stance on polygamy to follow the law of the land. Do they
  149. Confused about possibly gay best friend?
  150. ever here of the 2 Irish gays,Patric Fitzgerald and,?
  151. If there was only one gay person and you didn't really like that person, would you
  152. If you're gay and you know it clap your hands...?
  153. Should I tell my parents that I'm bisexual? If so, how?
  154. Are either of Lily Loveless or Kathryn Prescott, actresses from Skins 3,...
  155. Finding a bf (gay) pls hook up ;)?
  156. Am I bisexual...or a bent straight?
  157. why do people think there is no life for gay people in the middle east?
  158. Does the gay population consist of mostly?
  159. Gay Bars/Clubs vs Straight Bars/Clubs ?
  160. what is your opinion on gay men who never came to terms with their sexuality?
  161. Luis Guzman.. is he gay? or just has that weird "i could be gay, but you'll
  162. I want to be kind to this gay kid, but he's a hypocrite?
  163. Is he gay or Bi? Please Help?
  164. Is Jimmy Carr Gay.......?
  165. I need to find a gay teen in lincolnton NC?
  166. Is my 9 year old son gay?
  167. how could i tell my friends im gay?
  168. Why are gay people against Preparation 8?
  169. Ok, so I'm gay, now what do I do?
  170. Are there any gay bath houses in Washington DC?
  171. Why do people think I'm gay? (I'm not homophobic)?
  172. When did you realize you were gay?
  173. Where can i get gay sex?
  174. according to studios what is the difference between a gay and transsexual?
  175. What would my sexuality be considered as??? (18/21+ only)?
  176. Profile: “Interested in ; - Women - men”. bisexual?
  177. Why can't I post a picture on The Gay Youth Corner?
  178. Why wasnt I ever made fun of for veing bisexual?
  179. Do you agree that virgin mobile is gay ?
  180. To gays & lez: what emotionally do you like about the same sex romanticaly
  181. Confused about my sexuality but not being able to do anything about it?
  182. my boyfriend is in shock what to do (i just told him i was bisexual)?
  183. How can I find out how my friend feels about gay people without alerting him?
  184. The other black guys in my school aren't sexuality confused the cute and tough
  185. i have a friend, and i think she's gay, how to tell if she is?
  186. What is the sign that you friend is bisexual and is dening it.?
  187. was it hard telling anyone around you was bisexual?
  188. How can a blind person tell what sexuality they are?
  189. My little sister is questioning her sexuality, how do I help?
  190. Is she Bisexual or straight?
  191. Am i Gay or maybe Pan or maybe even Bi?
  192. Manchester United has a large gay following, is it because they have a few gay
  193. im confused about my sexuality?
  194. Can anyone give me a little more information on gay/straight alliances?
  195. Why do people suggest that we LBT people are born bisexual?
  196. is there a free hotline for teenage bisexuals?
  197. why do gay men only want "dumb blondes" as friends?
  198. If Mormons changed their stance on polygamy to abide by the law of the
  199. Are there bisexuals that only get attracted to guys one day then get attracted only
  200. I Think i'm Bisexual?
  201. Where you terrified when you FIRST realized that you were gay?
  202. I think i'm gay.......?
  203. Marge vs. Singles, Seniors, Childless Couples and Teens, and Gays parody of...
  204. question for gay man about .....?
  205. Who in this site is gay, bi or straight?
  206. How do you tell your friend you are gay?
  207. Why do some gays and lesbian couples try to mimick a heterosexual relationship?
  208. Discreet bisexual relationship: How to break up with a possessive and difficult...
  209. im gay, have a crush on a friend, what should i do?
  210. how to tell boyfriend im bisexual?
  211. how do you know if a girl is gay or bi?
  212. Do you think if the jonas brothers wore pants that weren't so, idk,...
  213. Is It True That Gays Goes To Hell?
  214. hawaiian flower desing tattoo for guys... is it to gay?
  215. question about sexuality?
  216. How to tell if your a bottom or top? (Gay girl)?
  217. How can i find a bisexual girl...?
  218. how do you find other bisexuals at this age!?
  219. Do you know a gay couple where one is aesthetically ugly and the other is...
  220. Why won't Anderson Cooper admit he's gay?
  221. I know that 'most' Christians believe that being gay is a choice, but...?
  222. Gay people: did you think you were bisexual at first?
  223. Is my friend and I gay?
  224. gay bestie : hot or not ?
  225. How do you know if your truely homosexual or bisexual?
  226. Could my gf be bisexual?
  227. gay and...
  228. how to cure a gay friend?
  229. How do you deal with a dad whos totally against gay/bi ppls? i want to
  230. How do you deal with a mom AND dad who hate gays?
  231. how do you know when someone is gay?
  232. Gay men, do you ever get angry with your partner and be unsatisfy with lovemaking?
  233. Do you hate gay people?
  234. I have a 14 year male friend who belives he is gay. How can I give the
  235. How gay-friendly is Cincinnati?
  236. How do i find out if a girl is gay?
  237. Valentine gift to a Gay Man Florist?
  238. Am i Gay? i am so Confused.?
  239. do you support gay marriage?
  240. how gay friendly is North Dakota?
  241. Should i let my gay friend come over my house?
  242. How many libs out there support abortion on demand, gay...
  243. Skit with Gay Characters?
  244. Is Dale Earnhartd Jr. gay or just a whiney talentless driver?
  246. Sexuality - I am so confused...?
  247. question about sexuality?
  248. I am bisexual but am i becoming a lesbian?
  249. QUESTION: why is John Cena gay?
  250. What does gay and lesbian means? Answer and star this question for the chance...