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  1. is being gay a choice or are you born that way?
  2. How can you tell if a girl is bisexual? Are there any hints?
  3. if i am a girl and i checkout girls butts and boobs, am i bisexual?
  4. A gay perspective on what to do for valentines day?
  5. How Do I Noe Am Bisexual?
  6. The new BATGIRL is gay in DC Comics... good or bad?
  7. is the singer T.I. gay?
  8. What is a man-crush exactly? And does having a man-crush make you gay?
  9. Basically my whole school found out that I'm bisexual?
  10. Why do many Christians oppose legalizing gay marriage because it's against their...
  11. Question about Female sexuality?
  12. Christians that go to Gay Pride events just to read from the bible and "protest"?
  13. Do you ever wish you were bisexual?
  14. Sexuality Versus Lust. Where do you draw the line?
  15. can anyone help me with my gay crush... please help.?
  16. Bisexual, Lesbian and Gay people, do you rather somebody approach you or you...
  17. what is wrong with being gay or bi ?
  18. What's is metrosexual??????????????????????
  19. I have 2 best friends. I am gay. He is str-8 and loves my Other best friend.?
  20. LGBT: I keyed the words Gay Boi into my Leather Seats?
  21. Are either of Lily Loveless or Kathryn Prescott, actresses from Skins 3,
  22. Is Mrs. Clinton's announcement that she's gay really a big surprise?
  23. Do gay people think they can just have everybody, even if they're straight?
  24. Gay/lesbian and bisexual people: what is the most difficult thing about "coming out"?
  25. My mum thinks im gay!?
  26. Attracted to a man? (only female, unless you are gay or bi)?
  27. I need advice. Am I gay?
  28. I am a bisexual girl & I would like to hear any stories people have about
  29. do you know of any scholarships for gay/lesbians?
  30. Is Brendon Urie from Panic At The Disco Gay? Please Answer?
  31. Why is Craig Oliver so gay?
  32. help me, bisexual friend with depression!?
  33. Why do people think Christians hate gays?
  34. What sexuality are you and what do you define that as?
  35. Are 'pro lifers' the first ones to oppose gay people adopting?
  36. Transsexual to bisexual coming out?
  37. plz tell the gay movies name which is some what comedy and having XXX scene also?
  38. Are these signs that he may be gay and interested?
  39. gay, bi chat on skype? i am 18 looking for guys my age to chat with (and
  40. How should I start out going to gay bars?
  41. Mardis Gras Gay scene in New Orleans?
  42. i think my dog is gay...?
  43. Am i Bisexual? Or just curious?
  44. did the king brathers ever find out that grason is gay?
  45. why is your mother so gay?
  46. can someone help..Am i bisexual?
  47. Are either of Lily Loveless or Kathryn Prescott, actresses from Skins 3,...
  48. James from Team Rocket... is he gay?
  49. Why are lefties more likely to be gay?
  50. My Boyfriend Was Gay? Similar Experiences?
  51. What are the effects of the media’s portrayal of sexuality on adolescents’...
  52. Don't you hate people who really discriminate against homosexuals and bisexuals?
  53. Can i start a Gay-Straight Alliance in a Catholic School?
  54. Are bisexual women attracted to effeminate guys?
  55. Any hip gay clubs around orlando area?
  56. do you think my sexuality should have an affect on what sports i can do in high
  57. Is it weird for a 22 yo gay guy like me to like...?
  58. Anyone else having your V-Day plans restricted because of your sexuality?
  59. Does anyone else Shawty Lo is Gay?
  60. gay friendly colleges?
  61. Whats up with the Gay Guys Vs Gay Girls?
  62. Sexuality that doesn't match any explicitly stated orientation?
  63. Jonas Brothers. Miley Cyrus. I tuned in to see what all the fuss was about. I
  64. OK, so I might be bisexual.....I think I AM Sorry bout the length.?
  65. LESBIAN AND BISEXUAL GIRLS: what do you think of girls with braces?
  66. Katy perry's your so gay song...?
  67. Okay....so I could be gay?
  68. Im seeing a psycologist tomorrow due to a phobia, should i be worried she
  69. would you ever go out with a male bisexual?
  70. Do you think you were born gay/bi?
  71. Question About My Sexuality?
  72. Bisexual Love Problem?
  73. How do you feel about DC comics unveiling Batwoman as it's first gay superhero?
  74. Gay Marriage, Please click?
  75. is zac and josh farro in the band paramore gay?
  76. is lady gaga+neyo gay?
  77. Why is it that some people argue that bi-sexuality does not exist?
  78. Will Smith....he's GAY?!?
  79. How do I decide whether I'm gay, bi or straight?
  80. list these closet gay artists from 1 -10. 1 being confirmed gay 10 being
  81. My parents and sister hate me because I am gay. Should I go back to Australia?
  82. why are all the fit guys in the world gay?
  83. Do you think man who wear makeup are gay?
  84. Honest discussion of gay marriage.?
  85. Am I Bisexual.......?
  86. Why are people ruining my kids' gay club?
  87. Can girly Gay men become more aggressive?
  88. do you think being bisexual is a choice?
  89. What is the name of the gay judge on tv court rooms?
  90. Why is J.R. Smith replacing Rudy Gay?
  91. What is the little gay boy name off The Simpson's?
  92. I need to ask a gay person or supporter.?
  93. Is My Son Gay?????????
  94. Iis the age 13 To young to be bisexual?
  95. Have any of you guys ever been to a Gay Bath House?
  96. How do you know if you are bisexual?
  97. Turning Straight to Gay?
  98. What are some utilitarian viewpoints that would support gay marriage?
  99. Gay guys, have you ever hit/been hit by your boyfriend?
  100. Bisexuals in California?
  101. I have told my best friend im bisexual what would her thoughts be?
  102. help! i need a new hair style, and something that is... gay? is that the...
  103. What is Vancouver like if I am a bisexual male?
  104. Who here is actually gay and over 30 years old?
  105. Who here is actually gay and over 30 years old?
  106. Wtf Is A Metrosexual?
  107. On American Idol '09. Is Cody and Alex Gay?
  108. What does Metrosexual mean?
  109. What is Toronto like if I am a bisexual male?
  110. What does Metrosexual actually mean?
  111. Should I tell my parents I'm gay?
  112. help about my sexuality?
  113. Sexuality and Values?
  114. A little hint of Bi-sexuality?
  115. What are some ways to figure out if I am bisexual or not?
  116. how do you tell a guy is gay, by just his personality, not personal life?
  117. Do you feel pressure to conform to gay stereotypes?
  118. i'm a girl i'm 14 and i think im bisexual i have thought this since i was 11 and...
  119. HELP ME!!! im so confused about my sexuality?
  120. Does anyone else think Lamb of God is a gay rock band?
  121. Sexuality and Value Systems?
  122. Men & Women: Would you date a bisexual person?
  123. Are the Jonas Brothers Gay (homosexual)?
  124. i just found out my friend john kim is gay!?
  125. What's the big deal about being gay?
  126. will people think im gay if i bleach my hair?
  127. anyone know of any gay 'group' sessions in london?
  128. How can I tell if a person that I know is bisexual or gay?
  129. What are some names of good gay interest magazines?
  130. Why do most people call me gay?
  131. Why do most people call me gay?
  132. Warning: If you're an easily offended bleeding heart, don't read my dumb...
  133. what should i do...im bisexual and just go out of a relationship?
  134. I'm Bisexual but "chickened out" of going to a gay nightclub?
  135. my 2 best friends are gay together what should i do?
  136. do anybody know who started the gay rights movement? Its for a project.....?
  137. How do you know if a girl is bisexual? How can I find bisexual girls?
  138. Gay/Lesbian Christians, God IS Love, so He can't do anything but love us....
  139. How to tell my friends my sexuality?
  140. my friend is gay... how can i do?
  141. If you honestly believe that gays will suffer forever in hell, why make...
  142. What is the internet lacking in the gay perspective?
  143. is the guy Im talking to gay!?
  144. Was david and jonathan in the bible gay?? (lol)?
  145. How many gays/lesbians are against gay marriage?
  146. Are you still gay if you get amnesia?
  147. A guy from UPS is at the door and says he has a package for me. Is this a gay come...
  148. Where is everybody from and is being gay accepted there?
  149. Both being civil engineer and gay, Could you comment on my oncoming worklife?
  150. How do you know if your bisexual?
  151. Would a gay redneck have the hots for his BROTHER?!?
  152. I Think I Am Bisexual But Not Sure?
  153. is lee byrne (welsh rugby player) gay?
  154. I'm straight and my gay best friend asked me to marry him what do i do.?
  155. katie perry " i kissed a girl" gay acceptance?
  156. What should i say to my friend about my sexuality...?
  157. Being gay is wrong whos with me ??????
  158. Am i straight or bisexual?
  159. Did what I do is gay?
  160. am i bi, curious or just plain gay?
  161. Is Dave Grohl, of foo fighters, gay?
  162. do you rekon nascar is gay?
  163. am i a bisexual man?
  164. Random gay question???????????
  165. I think i'm bisexual?
  166. if were bisexual before you lost your memory would you be bisexual after.?
  167. Hot N' Sexy Bisexual Chick In California?
  168. Why has gay marriage made me love my wife less?
  169. Straight female going to a gay club for the first time...what to expect?
  170. Can You Change Your Sexuality?
  171. Okay im a bisexual girl trying to figue out what to get my girlfriend for...
  172. Am i bisexual, straight or gay?
  173. When did you realize that you were Bisexual?
  174. Gay guys only, please? How many older brothers do you have?
  175. How much does the pill that turns gay people straight cost again?
  176. Okay, this is a kind of awkward question, but I need to know(bisexual)?
  177. There's not alot of asian bisexuals or lesbians are there?
  178. Sexuality question.... Please help!!?
  179. Debate on Gay marriage!!?
  180. lgbt: what exactly is Gay Straight Alliance?
  181. How do I tell Jesus that I'm flattered he wants me, but no thanks, I'm not gay. . . ?
  182. If a bisexual/lesbian/gay person had a crush on you, how would you react?
  183. Do you think it's okay for a gay guy to get in a catfight with a girl?
  184. Am i a lesbian?or a bisexual or what?
  185. Since when are rainbows considered as something that gays like???!!!?
  186. How can i become more openly bisexual?
  187. What are you doing for your (gay) boyfriend/husband this valentines day?
  188. Any athiests out there against abortion, or gay marriage?
  189. ugh he hates me and wont talk to me cause my friend asked him if he was gay?
  190. DO bisexuals prefer shorter guys?
  191. I know I am bisexual, but don't know how to handle it!?
  192. My friend thinks she's bisexual.... when she isn't !!!?
  193. I'm bisexual, but only attracted to gay guys. Does that mean I'm a lesbian?
  194. Are you confident with your sexuality?
  195. How do you protect yourself from gay man on man pig sweety man hore sex...
  196. Are these Guess jeans metrosexual?
  197. Has Kido turned gay???
  198. Sending this to someone for valentine's day. Don't know her, don't know her...
  199. What does the film "Belle de Jour" suggest about female sexuality?
  200. Gay guy keeps bothering me in school?
  201. Do you get defensive when people bash on your particular sexuality?
  202. Answer if you are bisexual?
  203. Is my friend gay or bi?
  204. Gay Marriage is W-R-O-N-G!!!?
  205. There's not alot of asian bisexuals or lesbians are there?
  206. I'm 15 and I'm really confused about my sexuality. What should I do?
  207. Why does sexuality differ between genders?
  208. Do you think I am gay?
  209. does this mean im gay?
  210. is it ok to be bisexual?
  211. Am I a bisexual ??????????
  212. if being gay isn't natural then why does it happen in the animal kingdom?
  213. Am i Bisexual?? - PLEASE HELP!!!!?
  214. What is the chance of an autistic gay man to find his love?
  215. Why do people turn into gays and lesbians?
  216. Whats so wrong about having a gay roomate?
  217. Any straight or bisexual males ever get involved in a physical...
  218. Help? Valentine's day...Sending a letter to a girl I like..Don't know her sexuality?
  219. Explain to me how it makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint to be born gay?
  220. Not Sure If I Should Rent Out "Our Sexuality" From?
  221. I think i may be gay.?
  222. Who would you like to see replace Rudy Gay in the Slam Dunk Contest?
  223. Breaking News - Batista Is Gay + Bq?
  224. Is teletubbies Tinky Winky gay?
  225. "even if someone was born gay they still have a choice to not act on it?
  226. what is is with scene teens and being bisexual?
  227. Can gay couples stay at Sandals resorts?
  228. Who is your favorite gay/lesbian celebrity? Why?
  229. Why are gays so much fun?
  230. Is a guy gay if he uses products for his face?
  231. I think my boyfriend might be gay?
  232. where do u draw the line RE: sexuality?
  233. How do I figure out if a friend of mine is gay, and if he likes me or not?
  234. how to know that a man is a gay..?
  235. What does this mean about my sexuality?
  236. Given the fact that our concepts of sexuality and sexual expression are
  237. How do people feel about New Kids on the Block member Jonathan Knight being gay?
  238. Ladies (and gay/bi guys), do you like guys who are cuddlers?
  239. am i gay or not??????
  240. Do you think that a person's sexuality is fluid?
  241. How come people seem Bi or Gay on X?
  242. My gay boyfriend cheated on me?
  243. hey conservatives! Why is gay parenting bad?
  244. What country did gay people originate in?
  245. how do you know if you are gay?
  246. I'm a bisexual male and I'm in love with a girl....and a guy.?
  247. I NEED FIRST DATE HELP! (gay guys)?
  248. So this gay angel touched me... What do I do?
  249. bisexual... i want a 3 some.?
  250. why is america so straight and me so gay?