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  1. Adam From American Idol, Gay?
  2. Is being bisexual a big deal and should I tell my friends?
  3. "I am personally not gay"?
  4. do you think he is gay?
  5. I'm lesbian. I hit on this girl. I didn't know if she was straight or gay.?
  6. Do any of you gay, lesbian or bi's not like other gays? read on before answering.?
  7. Advice....Sympathy....sharing.....bisexual....?
  8. what percent of america is gay?
  9. Conservatives: Are These The Top Ten Reasons Why Gay Marriage is Wrong?
  10. Psychology and sexuality?
  11. Help me im confused with my sexuality aaaaah!?
  12. why do guys in prison sometimes become gay when they're naturally straight?
  13. Do you think gay marriage in Iowa will be legalized soon?
  14. Do you think gay marriage in Iowa will be legalized soon?
  15. [koreans answer please] are koreans open to gay?
  16. This bisexual guy asked me and this boy (he likes both of us) to go skiing...
  17. Male celebrities endorsing metrosexual products?
  18. WOMEN: do you view your body/beauty as more of a commercial and esteem...
  19. curious sexuality or love?
  20. Is the Button-up shirt more of a Gay/Metrosexual look?
  21. more detail on my resolved sexuality question?
  22. more detail on my resolved sexuality question?
  23. is being slightly metrosexual a turn off?
  24. Suspensions about Tupac's sexuality?
  25. Is there any scientific and empirical evidence to suggest sexuality is a choice?
  26. Sexuality: It is butt a finger after all...what do you think?
  27. should i date a bisexual?
  28. Do you think im a metrosexual?
  29. Which Male of the zodiac do you think has the biggest tendency towards a
  30. Why am i bisexual?? Why im not straight ?
  31. Maybe bisexual, should I tell?
  32. transgendered???????????? bisexual???????
  33. my boyfriend thinks he might be bisexual. help needed.?
  34. 16 years old. bisexual?
  35. best friend knows im bisexual?
  36. would you say spongebob is a "metrosexual"?
  37. AM I really metrosexual?
  38. I want to make it obvious that I'm gay. How can I dress gay? What to wear?
  39. Hahahhahaha. Metrosexual guy...?
  40. Where can I download virtual sexuality?
  41. im a gay guy and i like a 8th grader guy am I sick in the head?
  42. I have a crush on my friend, what should i do? (gay)?
  43. Are metrosexual men more accepted in Europe?
  44. Gay Babies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  45. What does metrosexual mean?
  46. Is Adam from American Idol gay?
  47. That Damn Catholic Church...
  48. If you are bisexual then how many percent you like for women and men?
  49. Do you believe in the sexuality and consent meter?
  50. How do i tell my parents im Bisexual?
  51. My deepest gay fantasy :)?
  52. Sexuality question for men:Do you use labels?
  53. Bisexual wanting to be Transgender? help?
  54. Why is the default catagory on yahoo questions is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and...
  56. am i bisexual? (i'm a girl)?
  57. is it possible that zac efron can be bisexual or gay?
  58. a sexuality question?
  59. is Nick Swardson gay? What do you think?
  60. i have a question for guys and girls in this section its about sexuality?
  61. How to tell if a girl is gay or bisexual?
  62. Why is gay marriage such a polarizing issue?
  63. Why must people always carry on about race and sexuality?
  64. I can't stand women, so why do people call me gay?
  65. Access my sexuality..?
  66. Other than a club or bar where would I be able to find bisexual women and
  67. I'm 16, a girl, and bisexual.?
  68. how do teenagers feel about the sexuality of others?
  69. Gay men. Have you ever had crushes on heterosexual guys?
  70. Why am I so messed up about my sexuality?
  71. What are some Bisexual Teen sites?
  72. How would you deal with being refused service at a bar because of your sexuality?
  73. How come furries are treated worse than gay ppl?
  74. should i tell my family im bisexual?
  75. Is the Button-up shirt more of a Gay/Metrosexual look?
  76. What makes gay people gay?
  77. This chick lesbian or bisexual, I always had a strong feeling?
  78. Is It Normal For Teenagers To Question Their Sexuality?
  79. sexuality question...mature people only!?
  80. girls would you date a guy who is bisexual?
  81. I'm thinking about joining the Army or Navy real soon. Are all those gay sex
  82. Im gay but every time i like a guy he is straight?
  83. Can someone tell me were I can find bisexual chat rooms?
  84. Why can't gay men donate blood to the American Red Cross?
  85. Am I bisexual? Or am I straight?
  86. I think I'm metrosexual. Help please!?
  87. Are you confused, down or feel threatened because of your sexuality?
  88. Pleeease help. I'm gay and I'm wondering if this how my crush should be reacting?
  89. Christians? Do some of you think gays should turn their lives over to God...
  90. How metrosexual am I?
  91. Spiritually speaking are bisexuals normal and us poor deprived
  92. I wish Non wrestling fans would stay away from our section & quit calling it
  93. Have More Bisexual Pride With Myself?
  94. Does your sexuality define who you are?
  95. I go with this girl, and she's fine as hell. but secretly i'm gay. how do...
  96. UK lesbian/bisexual sites?
  97. Question about sexuality (or lack of)?
  98. Why do people want support for Gay marriage? Should the government be out of all
  99. Can anyone help me with web addresses offering marital sexuality advice or tips?
  100. Do you believe that bisexuals truly exist?
  101. Do bisexual men have lower sex drive than straight and gay men?
  102. I feel like a gay guy?
  103. Whats your sexuality?
  104. Do you think a guy is gay just because he owns a camera and takes pictures?
  105. does this sound like a man who loves me. so uncomfortable about his sexuality?
  106. Gay/bisexual guys, how did u lose your virginity?
  107. I am Gay and need alot of help?
  108. Is sexuality a choice?
  109. hey can anyone tell me what influences equality in sexuality?
  110. Any Arab Muslim bisexual females or lesbians living in the US?
  111. is the singer lights, bisexual?
  112. What sexuality am i? Im so confused?
  113. If you're an older gay man who is the "catcher", do you have to wear
  114. What role do I want my bisexual third wheel to play in my life?
  115. What are the norms in Protestantism relating to sexuality?
  116. I notice that girls get mad at gay guys a lot...why?
  117. What is a metrosexual?
  118. Is it gay to watch gay porn?
  119. is there a name for this sexuality?
  120. Have you always been bisexual or was it more of a transition?
  121. Should we allow gay marriage?
  122. Bisexual? really a turn on?? GF?
  123. How do i tell the guys that im gay? Help me please :(?
  124. My Friend Is Breast Feeding and Sexuality...?
  125. Is it gay for a guy to say omg?
  126. why do bisexuals usually chose to sin rather than marry and have a happy...
  127. Not gay or straight..uhm..whats it calledd?
  128. Should i tell my mom about my sexuality?
  129. Do you think Michael Jackson is straight, gay, a peodophile, bisexual or asexual ?
  130. A question to the gay community?
  131. Spiritually Speaking: If a gay guy married a lesbian would that be
  132. Are there gay pride festivals in the UK?
  133. LGBT: A some what gay related Q for you all.?
  134. Help! Am I bisexual or not?
  135. "Straight" Girl , possible crush on bisexual.?
  136. Ok bisexual females, so tell me if this is wrong?
  137. bisexual wondering?????
  138. am i gay? i dont think i am? am i?
  139. Totally confused about my Sexuality?
  140. Why is 'promiscuous' a common stereotype for bisexuals?
  141. i just found out this girl im friends with is bisexual /gay?
  142. What are some signs that a friend is questioning their sexuality?
  143. Do you think its okay for guys to wear make up on a daily basis. Would you date an
  144. Need the essay Sexuality and Power in "Woman at Point Zero" and "The Color
  145. Anyone else hate being gay?
  146. I'm 13 years old and Confused about My sexuality.?
  147. Why do most bisexual men prefer men?
  148. Any lesbian/bisexual girls within the ages of 18-23?
  149. "Now, you don't even have to be gay to be killed for being gay"?
  150. what are the stereotypes of sexuality?
  151. Am I gay or bisexual??
  152. What goes on in a gay marriage? Please be detailed!?
  153. I am a bisexual female in a relationship with a female for 2 years. Am I...
  154. Are all emos kids bisexual?
  155. How do you understand the word metrosexual?
  156. According to catholicism being gay is not a sin but gay sex yes but the
  157. My brother mocks my sexuality :(?
  158. How can you KNOW your sexuality for sure?
  159. How Can I Forget I Was Bisexual And Forget My Ex?
  160. Why is it that women are beginning to fall for metrosexual men as opposed...
  161. How many gay people are there in the world?
  162. Help Help!!! My bisexual friend is looking for a boyfriend?
  163. Can one parent's sexuality be a major factor in a custody battle?
  164. How do most guys feel about female bi-sexuality?
  165. Why do people care so much about another person's sexuality?
  166. My mum is homophobic, I'm bisexual, and I don't want my little sister being
  167. has anyone ever seen that gay Newsies musical?
  168. have they found a "gay" gene?
  169. Will I "miss out" if I know I am bisexual but never do anything about it?
  170. What aspect in my chart indicates my sexuality?
  171. Stereotypical Bisexuals?
  172. Should i tell anyone im bisexual?
  173. If men can decide to be gay, or straight (as a poster has suggested)
  174. Domestic violence in gay relationships.?
  175. A question for mothers only please , if your child was gay?
  176. im a gay 17yo, what is the best or a good way to turn on another boy?
  177. Is John Mayer gay???
  178. i don't know if im bisexual?
  179. I know there are no gays and no nukes in Iran, but I'm wondering if there are
  180. Where did the rumor start that Martin Luther King Jr. was a gay pedophile?
  181. Advice from fellow lesbians/bisexuals?
  182. Bisexual!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  183. Looking for really good gay books...?
  184. Is there any gay-related area in Tuscany?
  185. Why do I not like the fact that I'm gay?
  186. My friend in love with a gay guy?
  187. Is there any gay-related area in Tuscany?
  188. waht should i do if im bisexual?
  189. Does this make me gay?
  190. Redone - what would you do if your 13-14 yr old daughter told you she was bisexual?
  191. Hey gay guys? Do I look very ugly? would I ever be your type?
  192. How can you say that a person who has been a bisexual for 2 whole years
  193. I'm 14, and gay. Can someone help?
  194. Suppose there's a girl, who's bisexual, who goes to my school...?
  195. What would be the sexiest gay/lesbian hollywood couple?
  196. what would you do if your 13-14 yr old daughter told you she was bisexual?
  197. if your bf is bisexual and he wanted a threesome?
  198. I have a question about sexuality?
  199. i think im gay but im not completly sure;?
  200. Im gay and my ex bf threatnd to tell m family tht im gay because we got in a fite :S?
  201. How can so called christian gays and lesbians expect not to go to hell?
  202. do all women have bisexual tendencies? YES or so I read?
  203. Im a 13 Year Old Boy nad I'm Confused about my Sexuality.?
  204. So I guess I'm officially bisexual?
  205. what are the lyrics to the gay lauguage of bubble gang?
  206. Is Lady Gaga bisexual or straight?
  207. Confused About My Sexuality. I'm 13?
  208. im bisexual but cant tell many . . .?
  209. When did you figure out your sexuality?
  210. Am I wrong for liking gay men more then straight men?
  211. what can I do to get my family to stop thinking I'm gay short of acting like a...
  212. Does kissing a girl make me bisexual?
  213. I am a 13 year old boy and I am very confused about my sexuality.?
  214. I admitted to a friend that I am bisexual?
  215. which prince is more GAY!?
  216. Are there any lesbians/bisexual people out there?
  217. Teen reading - gay stories?
  218. Human sexuality? What do you think?
  219. Question about sexuality?
  220. Gay men, where do you cut off the relationship age?
  221. Gay men. How will you spend your Valentine's Day with your boyfriend/husband?
  222. I don't know if im bisexual or straight please answer?
  223. Should a book set in a high school feature a gay character? ?
  224. Why Do My Parents Think I am Gay?
  225. Im playing my Clay Aiken music today all day long. Am I gay forever or am I just
  226. What is the name of the soft rock band where the lead singer is gay it's a...
  227. For bisexuals only.......?
  228. I'm bisexual and I want my ex-girlfriend to move in with my boyfriend and I. Any
  229. I am gay, i fell in love with a boy in my class?
  230. Is my boyfriend bisexual?
  231. question about my sexuality?
  232. Your Mums Gay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?
  233. What are good gay bars or clubs in New York City?
  234. why do a lot of people tend to say that things they dont like are gay?
  235. bisexual teens girls?!?
  236. Christians who claim god doesn't make people to be born gay...what's your proof...
  237. How can a person find out for definite if they are gay?
  238. Why did they ban gay marriage?
  239. Please give me some signs to look for to distinguish my friend as bisexual?
  240. If gays make up 10% of the population on average, what explains these
  241. what is this>sexuality?
  242. Help with my Very GAY Sister?
  243. ugh...i have this need ... sexuality that just wont go away?
  244. Is the internet a sexuality.?
  245. Straight people; would you date a bisexual?
  246. My Friend is Always Hurting Me? Makes fun of my sexuality?
  247. if a straight girl goes out with a gay guy...does that make her gay?
  248. **********************If yur partner was bisexual would you still feel the
  249. Am i supossed to question my sexuality?
  250. Why do people call me gay?