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  1. If Republicans don't hate gay people.....how come.....?
  2. Am I gay for dating this girl? Am I doing the right thing by being nice to her?
  3. James Bonds gay fling?
  4. If gay marriage is okay, why not incest marriage?
  5. Why do most straight men and some gay men have to speak those they aren't...
  6. Do you think that women have to deny that their sexuality to appear ladylike?
  7. Can I develop to be bisexual subliminally?
  8. How do u hid being gay from your high school friends?
  9. I need help! Is he gay?
  10. I am confused of my sexuality!!! Do i like girls or guys or am i Bi?
  11. Should I use the gay card?
  12. I have some problems with my sexuality?
  13. Do you think he's gay?
  14. Is it a sin to be gay?
  15. Am I straight or bisexual?
  16. would you think this is "gay"?
  17. why do so many americans think soccer is more "GAY" than football?
  18. What do you think about gay marriage?
  19. Wisconsin Laws, sometimes confusing: Minors and sexuality?
  20. If america is for freedom,then why is "gay" marriage still illegal in most places?
  21. Virgos are likely to be bisexual...?
  22. Where can I find good information on gay rights?
  23. hmmkay, so my gay friend is kinda freakin me out...?
  24. Anyone knows any gay sex scenes?
  25. why do gay people talk funny?
  26. what does one wear to a gay wedding?
  27. Am I gay, Bi or just confused?
  28. Oh crap, it's happened again, this time I'm sure I'm gay?
  29. One gay/bi/les Person to meet?
  30. Sexuality is vulgar; it is a Disease, but it can be cured!?
  31. Why are LDS (Mormons) not satisfied with taking away gays' right to marry?...
  32. Why are people/humans gay?
  33. I'm a gay Leo...and I'm searching! Compatible signs?
  34. People against gay marriage.?
  35. Why are people offended if you DON'T think someone is born gay?
  36. So I think I turned Bisexual?
  37. Has anyone ever heard of or gone through such a sudden change in there sexuality?
  38. Barney frank had a gay prostitution ring being run out of his washington...
  39. Confused about sexuality. HELP! PLEASE!?
  40. my girlfriend just told me today that she's bisexual?
  41. are there any gay teens in washinton that need friends with benefits?
  42. are there any gay "twinks" in washington?
  43. If one were bisexual, then married either and was faithful, would they then be
  44. how many diferent type of sexualities are there?
  45. which gas law is it...charles or gay-lussac?
  46. LGBT: If you could pay 2.99 a month for life not to be gay, would you do it?
  47. how to tell if a bisexual guy is flirting with a girl?
  48. I don't know if my friends gay. Do I ask him?
  49. Am I bisexual? I DONT WANNA BE!?
  50. Why do people think that this guy is gay?
  51. Christians, if God came to you somehow and told you being gay was okay and
  52. Are there ways to tell if someone is bisexual?
  53. Have any of you experienced gay-related violence?
  54. Is it now popular being bisexual?
  55. Are you really gay if you......?
  56. I need percentage numbers on realization of sexuality?
  57. Are there atheists who are against certain gay rights and?
  58. Do you know why I'm gay?
  59. Should I just go gay?
  60. Confused bisexual guy?
  61. Question about Bisexuals?
  62. Gay people: Are you a huge disappointment to your parents? Or were your
  63. what does it mean to to be bisexual?
  64. is a boy gay if he taps another guy on the butt?
  65. Are gay guys really girls on the inside?
  66. Im gay... what is a period .. In Females Health.?
  67. iam so cofuseed,bisexual?
  68. why do christians allow abortion and gay marriage to distract them for
  69. How important is it for a bisexual to come out?
  70. if i think i may be bisexual...?
  71. I don't think any god hates gays, Jews or liberals; should I become Christian to...
  72. Gay parents, do you ever get jealous of your partner?
  73. Why does gay men are so popular to women?
  74. The word gay is filtered at school?
  75. am i gay strait or bisexual?
  76. how do you tell your parents about your sexuality?
  77. Does this sound right, A Homophobic Bisexual man?
  78. Why would the Christian/Jew/Islam God hate gays?
  79. There Is A Lot Of Gay Guys Around These Days And I Was Wondering If Its Okay To Be...
  80. If Dumbledore went to a gay bar in your local city, which one would he
  81. SHANTS!!! people tell me that wearin them is gay, but i dont think so. am i wrong?
  82. Do you think he is gay? Or just the voice?
  83. What does it mean for a girl to ask if you're gay?
  84. Is it ok for an 18 Y/o gay guy to love having?
  85. Why gays and other people want diversity, when nature doesn't agree?
  86. barney frank had a gay prostitution ring being run out of his washington...
  87. When do most people know/learn their sexuality?
  88. Is being gay/lesbian wrong? the bible says it is?
  89. survey if you want to take it (im bisexual)?
  90. how do i lose my gay feelings?
  91. Is Democrat Representative Barney Frank, a gay superhero?
  92. Someone said Eli Cash in The Royal Tenenbaums is gay. True?
  93. do u think lil wayne is gay?
  94. Why does it seem like alot of ppl in the entertaiment world is homosexual and if
  95. Im 15 and gay living in Singapore?
  96. how many of you would date a bisexual woman who said she prefered men over women?
  97. ok guys adam lambert isnt gay he is bisexual ok? i would no im his cousin?
  98. How do you stop a gay guy from crying?
  99. do you think David archileta is gay?
  100. Are there any good gay bars or hangouts in Panama City, Panama?
  101. Are James Horne and Mathew Corden gay?
  102. Am i considered gay person look at the story?
  103. The legalization of gay marriage will lead the human race to extinction?
  104. Why is Josh being so gay? HELP URGENT LIFE OR DEATH MATTER!!?
  105. why are there so many gays these days?
  106. Should a "closeted" guy room with an "out" gay guy for college?
  107. I want to know have there been any famous gay Navy Seals in History?
  108. Why Are Straight people so ignorant and evil to gay men?
  109. spiritually speaking why are some people so bothered by the fact that there are...
  110. How do you KNOW he or she is gay or Lesbian by LOOKING THEIR APPEARANCE?
  111. I like girls but all my gay friends think there is something wrong with me?
  112. What do you think about Pat Robertson's meteorology theory, that gays are the...
  113. do you think dave nicholls is gay?
  114. Do u think its gay to sell victoria secret beauty product online or to a
  115. Am I bisexual?????????
  116. Gay men.Do you believe in "gay bombs"?
  117. Do you to be a bisexual is a bad thing ?
  118. Does sexuality have a big effect on your life ?
  119. How can I get a gay boy (who i FANCY) to...?!?!?
  120. Why does it have to be called Gay marriage?
  121. What do you think about gay aboption?
  122. GLBT: What are your thoughts about the Merriam-Webster dictionary recongnizing gay...
  123. Was there any gay people who actually voted yes on 8?
  124. do gay & lesbians believe that God made man & woman for each other?
  125. Is TVs Andy Levy really gay?
  126. Does he like me? or is he gay?
  127. hot gay guys are sexy?!?!?
  128. lesbian/gay teacher crushes?
  129. Like this guy, but don't know if he is gay or not..?
  130. What would you do if your best friend told you that they were gay or bisexual?
  131. Are bisexuals greedy?
  132. As a straight guy, I let a gay doctor to examine my a-n-u-s. Is that OK?
  133. My Friend Told Me Hes Bi Today And Im Gay?
  134. Gays in Pensacola or FWB?
  135. Are gay people allowed to serve in the US Military?
  136. Do you have to be gay to be a drag queen?
  137. do churches agree with gay marriege?
  138. I've been majorly doubting my sexuality lately...Does anybody have any advice?
  139. Does this mean he just really likes girls, enough to want to be one, but isnt gay?
  140. What should i wear tomorrow btw yes im gay please help?
  141. Girls stereotype guys and then girls say they're gay?
  142. a question about this weird guy at my gym?? do you think he could be gay?
  143. How do I know if a guy is gay from first glance?
  144. How do I know If I am gay bi or straight?
  145. Why do so many people think being gay is a choice someone makes?
  146. Should I tell my friend I know he is gay and he should just come out?
  147. do you think its gay when guys wanna spot you?
  148. for all you gays out there?
  149. can someone explain to me how the gay agenda is trying to 'force gay marriage on us'?
  150. bisexual boys or girls?
  151. Do you believe that people are born gay or that it is a choice?
  152. LGBTS: What's your sexuality score (Klein Grid)?
  153. Any gay/lesian chat sites?
  154. How is it possible for anyone to be a fundie and gay/bisexual?
  155. questions about sexuality. i'm 13.?
  156. Why are so many gay males so rude and stuck up?
  157. are gay men more likely to get prostate cancer than straite men?
  158. do u still think adam lambert on american idol is amazing ( hot . sexy) even...
  159. How do I tell my girlfriend about my bisexual past?
  160. How can you be attracted to a drag queen if you're gay? Why not just date a girl?
  161. Is the guy from High School Musical, Zac Efron, Gay?
  162. Does this count as bisexual?
  163. i think i might be gay .... but helP!!?
  164. is it possible that most girls are bisexual?
  165. If you say "thats gay" do you find it offencive?
  166. how come people say gay people get hiv/aids easily?
  167. Why is Miley cyrus So Gay?
  168. I'm bisexual and my friend asked me if I was straight, gay, or bi. Should I tell him
  169. Why do I have to be gay, not someone else?
  170. Girls (or gay boys) have you ever had this happen to you? If so what did you do? I
  171. Is Helena Bonham Carter bisexual?
  172. What is your favorite Zodiac sign in a gay male?
  173. will gay marriage ever be legal in any other states?
  174. In love with gay best friend?? help!!?
  175. Being gay is a sin. But isn't not being Christian also a sin? Yet I don't often...
  176. Is the recent metrosexual revolution making you embarass yourself?
  177. I'm worried I might be gay.............?
  178. Is Diabetes very deadly to gays?
  179. How can i fall in love with a gay guy i do not know?
  180. gay friend wanted please help?
  181. my friend/parents call me gay?
  182. If I told you someone in P/S is gay, who do you think it would be?
  183. Am Gay, But want to have sex with a woman?
  184. gay ..would you date me ?
  185. do you think this guy is gay?
  186. Bisexuals: What's the most turn ons about women and men?
  187. Gay For Pay?................?
  188. My friend didn't know that sexualities couldn't change?
  189. who is the gayest wrestler ever?
  190. Would girls necessarily date a Bisexual guy?
  191. could my man be gay?????????
  192. Is blink 182 a gay band?
  193. is adam lambert gay??
  194. So am I bisexual? 0_0?
  195. Difference between Bisexual and Pansexual?
  196. If a guy wears boxers, is that a good sign that he is straight? Do gay guys wear
  197. Is being bisexual wrong,will i be condemed to hell?
  198. Can hyper sexuality trigger psychosis? (serious answers only please)?
  199. Is it okay to be gay but only on weekends?
  200. Which London gay bars/cafes are popular during the day/afternoon?
  201. interrelationship of sexuality, marriage and family life..?
  202. interrelationship of sexuality, marriage and family life..?
  203. is it normal to be bisexual..?
  204. I am finally announcing to all that I am gay! How should I tell my parents this news?
  205. Do people look down on you for being bisexual?
  206. why do people turn gay or born gay?
  207. A question to all those against gay marriage?
  208. How to tell that your boyfriend is gay or bisexual?
  209. According to what i see in Highschools and Colleges and MTV most Girls...
  210. Question for bisexual people, what do you think?
  211. my wife thinks i am to close to my gay friend because he is showing me how
  212. what do i do about my bisexual bf?
  213. Is Zac Effron gay???
  214. need help figuring out gf's sexuality?
  215. How can you tell if someone is bisexual?
  216. Lesbians/Bisexuals - describe your dream girl..?
  217. do you think being anti-gay follows the same logic as being a racist.?
  218. Bisexual Is this discrimination or something?
  219. How can one pull a gay lad in London?
  220. What's your opinion? USA to sign U.N. Gay Rights Document?
  221. I'm a girl, I'm writing a story with a male character, what information about...
  222. Does porn dictate your sexuality?
  223. How do you know if she likes you?? Im a bisexual girl.?
  224. sexuality confusion?????
  225. If your Bestfriend came out to you as gay, how would your repsond ?
  226. How do you know if your dad is gay or not?
  227. I have a gay best friend..?
  228. does anyone know if adam lambert is gay?
  229. why do alot of teens/people in general find it "ok" to say gay related slurs
  230. Do you think straight guys like to flirt or play with gay guys when they are drunk?
  231. Bisexual .?
  232. POLL. Are you pro-gay or not?
  233. is wearing a pink long sleeves makes you gay?
  234. What is your opinion of bisexuals?
  235. is that right? Bush refused to sign a declaration to decriminalize being gay? lol?
  236. is wearing a pink long sleeves makes you gay?
  237. is adam lambert gay?
  238. Why are so many non-Indian people gay?
  239. If your a libra, whats your sexuality?
  240. i am worried my son might be gay?
  241. anti-gay people, what do you think of this?
  242. COnfused Sexuality!!! HELPPP?
  243. MEN: do you view women’s body/beauty as more of a commercial and esteem value,
  244. What were your feelings? (bisexual)?
  245. Ive got a gay crush on my friend... what should i do?? (story below)?
  246. How to go about a first gay relationship?
  247. I might be Bisexual!!?
  248. i understand all guys question their sexuality...?
  249. Bisexual My First Girlfriend!?!?!?!?
  250. is my friend gay or what?