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  1. How does historical and scientific perspectives on homosexuality may have shaped
  2. Is Robert Pattison Gay?
  3. do gay guys like guys?
  4. Sexuality question.....?
  5. Why does it seem that so much of what women do to get attention has to do with
  6. Am i bisexual? guys and girls opinion welcome please?
  7. does anyone know the name of the gay singer from hawaii?
  8. I told my friend that i was gay (and i'm not)?
  9. I have a boyfriend, and we are both gay but i used to love him but i like someone
  10. I am a guy. Judging from this description, would you call me gay?
  11. My guinea pig is gay....?
  12. Am i bisexual or curious ?
  13. I guess you can say confused about sexuality?
  14. how some evangelical christians know that you are going to hell for being gay or...
  15. Question for homo/bisexuals...?
  16. Does sexuality define you as a person?
  17. Why are there no bisexual people here?
  18. Kinda off the wall question about sexuality?
  19. Why is Harvey's Beer gay?
  20. Is Evan Bourne Gay??????????
  21. plz help me am i becoming gay?
  22. Thank u to HMF and others.Re Gay Male Late Fifties.?
  23. is adam lambert from american idol gay?
  24. With the way the media portrays sexuality, isn't it one of the ways to transform ->?
  25. WTF.. my nephew called me gay?
  26. What are some Catholic Bible verses against homosexuality and gay marriage?
  27. I am not sure about my sexuality, i don't really care about it. can someone help?
  28. Are You A Platonic Gay/Bi Male In Yorkshire, England? Or Elsewhere?
  29. Stereotypically, Am I gay if I lke these movies?
  30. If, according to Christianity, being gay is wrong, then why was i born gay?
  31. Recently i have accidently turned gay but i cant tell my family. Help!!!?
  32. gay male,late fifties who only likes younger people.?
  33. what is it like being gay in Andrexia?
  34. I have a question about sexuality and God.......?
  35. If 10% of people with eating disorders (or just anorexics, i forget) are...
  36. I think I am bisexual, how can I be sure?
  37. Do bi-racial and bisexual people get discriminated against?
  38. Am I bisexual? PLEASE ANSWER!!?
  39. can you help me find a GAY ANIME PORN SITE?
  40. Help me pls. im a filipino bisexual who wants to meet a korean bisexual...
  41. Do you think my new hairstyle looks gay (pic)?
  42. H.H.'s Random Question of the Day: So... Do you think he was... ya know... GAY?
  43. How gay is Madison, WI?
  44. for gay people-What was life for you like in your high school days & years...
  45. How likely is it that I would become bisexual or gay?
  46. With the way the media portrays sexuality, isn't it one of the ways to transform ->?
  47. Are snuggies gay (20 characters)?
  48. i have a gay friend, but he's acting TOO gay [read description], please.?
  49. Gay people: Have you ever felt straight, at a point in your life?
  50. how do u know if a bisexual guy likes u?
  51. Spiritually speaking if a homophobic wants to keep their children away from gays...
  52. Bisexual question please help?
  53. im a bisexual tomboy and I wanna get slashes in my eyebrows the way guys do...?
  54. Is he gay? Help me bc it seems like it but then again I don't know...Please help!?
  55. Survey:Whats with Gay Avatars it really making me MAD?
  56. If hetero marriage, to God, truly is sacrosanct - exactly how could some...
  57. what was your first gay experience like?
  58. Why are so many gay men obsessed with astrology/star signs?
  59. I can't tell if I'm bisexual or not. Can you?
  60. I think my cats are gay?
  61. Heels makeup eyebrows straight gay WHATEVER!?
  62. Should I tell my "strait" friend that I am getting a gay crush on him, or
  63. Am I gay or insecure? 10 Points for your opinpions?
  64. is eric cartman bisexual?
  65. Which is harder to overcome for a gay man: adolescence or senectude...
  66. I am seeing someone, I told her I was bisexual....?
  67. Ladies, do you think guys wear tight skinny jeans look gay?
  68. finally came out about my sexuality ?
  69. If your Girlfriend/Boyfriend was Bisexual, would you let them have sex with someone
  70. My best friend does not acept that I'm bisexual?
  71. Is Adam actualy gay or is he Bi.?
  72. Is it legitimate to be bisexual?
  73. Would a guy come across as gay if he acknowledges that another guy is hot?
  74. LAME! My friend is kinda gay and I guess we're not going to the movies tonight.?
  75. Best friend told me she is bisexual?
  76. does Ellen Page make anyone else think gay thoughts?
  77. How can a virgin know (s)he is bisexual?
  78. Can anyone answer this for me why do i keep thinking about being gay when i like
  79. Question for Bisexuals?
  80. 24 and confused about sexuality, please help?
  81. Some gay men want to be women because,they love men or want to be...
  82. Christians who oppose gay marriage...?
  83. What sets gay males from stright males really?
  84. is pink gay????!!!!???!!!???!!!?
  85. Am i bisexual or straight?
  86. I have a feeling that Im bisexual?
  87. Why do a lot of people think WoW is gay or like stupid and nerdy?
  88. Why is being gay so wrong?
  89. Why do gay men often have lisps?
  90. Am I Gay Or Just Sexual?
  91. Is Dick Valentine (The vocals of electric six) gay?
  92. If you had a gay teammate, do you think he should be able to change in the same...
  93. Since sexuality is so ingrained in us, wouldn't we be healthier if the
  94. am i gay or bisexual or bicurious?
  95. Okay So Am I Bisexual ?
  96. Straight guys: If you were to "go gay" for Brad Pitt, why would you do it?
  97. I'm in a secret gay relationship.?
  98. How can I tell my mom I am bisexual?
  99. Is the guy I'm dating gay? How can I tell? Help!?
  100. Is r'b'n singer Joe Thomas gay?
  101. Gay Long Distance Relationship?
  102. Is rick steves gay from the show EUROPE THROUGH THE BACK DOOR?
  103. How do you know when curiosity has become a case of a bi-sexuality?
  104. LGBT: Is Jem the singer a lesbian or bisexual?
  105. Is LA in Hell's Kitchen gay?
  106. How do i kiss my gay best friend?
  107. how do you come out as gay?
  108. am i gay.......................?
  109. Gay People- what is it like to be gay?
  110. Don't you love it when people say "your just bisexual" like what is that...
  111. Is it really right to ban gay marriage in Australia?
  112. I had and dream that every where i went they wer lesbians and they told me i know...
  113. Question about young gay sex...?
  114. There is this guy I like. I know he is gay too. What should i do?
  115. Is Cinema Bizarre Gay or Bisexual?
  116. Dudes...i have a secret admirer who is bisexual. She won't tell me who she is?!!?
  117. Does anyone know of some gay youth (Im 16) services in Sydney's northwest?
  118. I feel like Im a gay boy stuck in a girls body. help?
  119. Is this weird, im a bisexual but i...?
  120. Where is the best place to be married/united (legally) if you are a gay or...
  121. Why do gays want to get 'married', which is a sacred religious institution?
  122. would any gay guys like to be my friend?
  123. On a scale from 1 - 10, how gay are you?
  124. Why are some gay people fruity freaks & others almost seem normal?
  125. My best friend just told me that she thinks sexually about me. I haven't figured out
  126. What do you think of gays and me?
  127. Why do Atheists hate gay people?
  128. California voters - has anyone that voted last time changed their mind on gay
  129. Is it weird to wish you were a gay guy?
  130. POLL: Why are most of the white men gay?
  131. What are some signs a guy your dating may be gay?
  132. Gay And Bi Guys Only Please (Sorry Girls): How Do You Relax?
  133. World's Gayest Cough!!!?
  134. Girls and gay guys, opinion needed? Third time!?
  135. help bisexual help dont no ehat to do?
  136. Fruity=Gay?????? really..?
  137. do i look gay honest i need to know?
  138. Do you think he is gay?
  139. How can I stop being gay can I pray hard I like straight black guys like Dwight...
  140. i am 15 and when i kinda push or pinch my nipole water comes out what dose
  141. do all gay guys not like to touch straight guys?
  142. Gay/Lesbian incest, is it legal?
  143. I Need help with bisexual-ness?
  144. I think my son is gay?
  145. Is my boyfriend bi or gay?
  146. You think that the songs of the Madonna are of gay?
  147. ok help coming out about being bisexual?
  148. What does being bisexual have to do with your health record?
  149. Serious Sexuality Question! HELP!?
  150. I think I might be Bisexual?
  151. My Friends Gay, And People Try To Hurt Him?
  152. Hey straight girls and gay guys?
  153. How can I make friends with someone who is gay without them feeling like I am
  154. What's wrong with being gay??
  155. I'm not gay because i like guys. I am male to female transgender not dressing
  156. im a metalhead and im bisexual?
  157. why are gay guys usally the hottest!!?
  158. When it comes to questions about gay people......?
  159. Gay actors, public parks, 911, & Fox News! how do you make this funny?
  160. Where can I meet ATTRACTIVE bisexual women?
  161. Do you ever get laughed at because of your sexuality?
  162. Am I being unreasonable? (bisexual question)?
  163. Are you for OR against gay marriage?
  164. I'm bisexual and haven't told my best friend, just because we're friends who
  165. does this mean im bisexual?
  166. I am having toruble with my sexuality.?
  167. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is Alex J gay?
  168. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm is Alex J gay?
  169. Why do people think being gay is a choice?
  170. Christians, before you chose to be straight, were you bisexual or gay?
  171. my boyfriend was gay?
  172. Sexuality Curiosity.?
  173. I'm really confused about my sexuality. Help?
  174. Do Non-Denomonational Christians Accept Gays?
  175. Is it gay if my male friend blew me, but I thought about his hot mom while it...
  176. I am going to have gay sex for the first time?
  177. Is there a site where I can see pictures of cute gay couples?
  178. The worst enemy of gays is those who support them but really have their own...
  179. i'm 17 years old and i question my sexuality...?
  180. Is it illogical how we view men and women's potential sexuality?
  181. Gay people in the military. What if...?
  182. Sexuality of Pregnant Mans (Thomas Beatie) wife?
  183. Am I bisexual or confused?
  184. Is my friend Bisexual?
  185. Is it legal/ethical for a business to advertise itself as "gay friendly"?
  186. If gays aren't allowed to marry because homosexuality is a sin, then why...
  187. Why do I have Bisexual thoughts?
  188. I'm Bisexual but......?
  189. Why is it considered evil to be in tune with your own body and sexuality?
  190. Is there any actual evidence that being gay is genetic?
  191. Why is gerald so gay?
  192. My friend told me she was gay and she loved me. How do I tell her i don't love her?
  193. Please Help!! I am questioning my sexuality!!!!?
  194. A Drunk, a Smoker and a Gay Guy Went to a Psychic......?
  195. I am sexually attracted to one of my best friens and she is not bisexual..
  196. Bisexuals: Of all the people you've had sex with, what is the proportion between
  197. I think my cousin may be gay.......10 pts best answer please?
  198. Somebody give me a really funny, gay song? 10 points fba =)?
  199. Are there any hot, sexy, gay ASIAN men out there?
  200. There are any Gay in the WWE?
  201. European or Metrosexual?
  202. what to do about a 15 year old who thinks they are bisexual ?
  203. I'm confused about my sexuality...?
  204. I want to help people who are gay by telling you it's not good for you?
  205. How do I turn in a man posing as a bisexual woman?
  206. Im Gay.. Can I Get Married With My Boyfriend? He Has No Documents In This Country!?
  207. Gay/bisexual brothers?
  208. Oh my God what am I, Bi, gay or even straight?
  209. Is being a bisexual ok?
  210. Is my girlfriend bisexual?
  211. Is My Little Brother Gay?
  212. gay men, which one would you rather sleep with?
  213. Do you think being gay and lesbian are sins?
  214. Is it actually gay to have sex with transexuals or get turned on by transexuals?
  215. I hate being thought at as a gay person?
  216. ugh.. what do i do?! gay people?
  217. My gay friends b-day party is today?
  218. A gay guy wants to be straight. Any?
  219. i'm a gay male prostitute but i cant advertise on craigslist anymore. what do i do?
  220. Are claims to virginity and the wearing of a purity ring just another way to...
  221. I'm 13 years old and I'm confused about my sexuality. Help?
  222. i'm 17 years old and i question my sexuality...?
  223. I am gay 15yr old.Need somone to talk to about stuff in person,Anybody there in
  224. what action should i take if i know of gay underage sex in ontario, canada?
  225. A question for the gay men about something my bf likes...?
  226. I've been asked if I was gay, I'm not to sure if I am, which is why I am
  227. Is Tom Cruise gay? There is always speculation but is it true?
  228. why do gay guys do that?
  229. how do i flirt/talk to a lesbian/bisexual?
  230. I do not support to watch GAY PEOPLE?
  231. Does this phrase offend gay people?
  232. Why are people against gay marriage?
  233. Attention Ladies and Gay Men of Rock and Pop?
  234. What's a movie about a 13-16 year old gay kid, just about his life?
  235. Gay/bi/undecided guys: unusual to have a very touchy relationship with a girl friend?
  236. are there any gay/bi teens that wouldn't mind a long distance?
  237. What do you think about bisexuality, and bisexual people?
  238. will congress ever make certain gay slang words illegal?
  239. which states/cities are the most gay accepting/friendly ?
  240. (Gay or Bi guys only)?
  241. how does a gay guy get girls to date him? (they suspect you are gay)?
  242. The relationship between dukkha and attachment in regards to the body and sexuality?
  243. Is Yaoi Manga really gay porn and should i be worried that my Girlfriend is
  244. My sexuality is hopeless?
  245. I think im Gay i need help?
  246. Do i look gay? or would you think im gay...? (pics inside and more details)?
  247. does Natural selection prove you are not born gay and christians are right it's a
  248. truly bisexual or just confused?
  249. As a straight guy, I'm going to give a lap dance to my gay male buddy.Is that OK?
  250. first gay date. outfit options?