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  1. Who was America's only gay president? ?
  2. Where can I download ( Leo Bersani, Homos, Prologue: "we" ) pdf?
  3. Adults raised by Lesbian or Gay Parents, Please answer 15 survey questions.?
  4. My boyfriend's sham wedding to a lesbian?
  5. Spiritually Speaking, (and Physically and Mentally Too!!!)--can you Take a
  6. LGBT Disney's abc movie "Cyberbully" had a gay character and lesbian "subtext"?
  7. With all the problems in the world how can we justify any discussion about homo...
  8. Do lesbians "wait" for each other during sex?
  9. Christians and atheists, would you support a simple and safe medical
  10. Lesbians! Heed my call!?
  11. Best question ever. WHY are gay and lesbian life under cultures and groups?
  12. Best question ever. WHY are gay and lesbian life under cultures and groups?
  13. i keep fapping to lesbian porn, is that normal?
  14. Is Miami or Key West a better Spring Break destination for a young gay guy?
  15. Is Miami or Key West a better Spring Break destination for a young gay guy?
  16. Is Miami or Key West a better Spring Break destination for a young gay guy?
  17. Why are some lesbians so shy and difficult to get to know?
  18. Did homo sapiens suddenly appear?
  19. lesbian stalker!!!! yes pls help >.<?
  20. lesbian stalker!!!! yes pls help >.<?
  21. Can a straight man go out with a lesbian?
  22. How do you know if you're a lesbian?
  23. If a lesbian never has sex with a man?
  24. Christians- Let's say you are transported back in time to the early days...
  25. How do you know if you're a lesbian?
  26. Are Gays/Lesbians born that way, or...?
  27. Are Gays/Lesbians born that way, or...?
  28. Are Gays/Lesbians born that way, or...?
  29. Are Gays/Lesbians born that way, or...?
  30. My sexuality....I can't figure it out. Lesbians answer only!?
  31. Movie title help? ( Lesbian themed, boarding school)?
  32. Should Bella just become a lesbian?
  33. Is what Betty Bowers says about gay marriage in the Bible true?
  34. Is "lesbian" what you are, or what you do?
  35. Why do some lesbians toy with men?
  36. PLEASE HELP! Guy trouble..... Gay teen ?
  37. Why are some people homo/bi?
  38. Lilith conjunct Venus...he is not Gay?
  39. is it gay or quir if i straghtend my hair and im a guy?
  40. Since today seems to be "Gay Day."?
  41. Are gay relationships practical, fulfilling, successful, and etc?
  42. To married or serious Lesbian/Gay couples, how would you react if your
  43. Do lesbians like toned girls?
  44. Is s't gay guys say to straight guys video homophobic?
  45. Is there evidence modern man evolved from pre modern man(ex:neanderthal or homo...
  46. Did Modern Man ( Homo Sapiens Sapiens) appear 200,00 years ago or only 60,000
  47. How to know if a Korean is gay?
  48. Apple Juice vs. Homo Milk?
  49. is dwight howard and ty lawson for blake griffin and rudy gay smart?
  50. is dwight howard and ty lawson for blake griffin and rudy gay smart?
  51. NO HOMO, but why do some men.....?
  52. Why do this lesbian (butch female) coming on to me?
  53. Is it gay for guys to get a tattoo of a quote?
  54. how to find out if someone's gay?
  55. I'm confused, is my friend Gay, Bi or what?
  56. Im kind of afraid to eat someone out. Lesbian/Bi people where you afraid at first?
  57. who is the new 2012 cast of 1 girl 5 gays?
  58. is it gay or quir if i straghtend my hair and im a guy?
  59. im gay and no one meets my standards...?
  60. What's more disturbing: a straight serial killer who preys on women or a gay
  61. if humans are Homo Sapiens what are aliens?
  62. Do you think gays should be allowed to get married?
  63. Do lesbians use guys as coverups?
  64. Am I a lesbian or am I bisexual?
  65. No homo but why does it say # Heel on the back of Dolph Zigger's trunks?
  66. are you gay if you like to watch porn with ladyboys getting you know what with guys
  67. having a ring in middle finger means gay?
  68. Any FTM or MTF or gay or lesbian or bisexual person out there?
  69. What can a child do about new Nazi & barbarian, satanic, homo, evil neighbors?
  70. im scared that im gay?
  71. LGBT: What it really means when a person says "no homo"?
  72. I'm a lesbian, and I'm having trouble telling the girl I like that I like her.?
  73. Did anyone else know Marcus (X Factor UK) was gay? Because I didn't?
  74. Lesbian or Bisexual? I need advice..?
  75. Ashamed of being gay?
  76. Are straight girls ugly while bi/bicurious/lesbian girls are attractive?
  77. How to know if a boy is gay and if he likes you?
  78. Are straight girls ugly while bi/bicurious/lesbian girls are attractive?
  79. HELP!! PLEASE!!I'm a 15year old guy, currently on my Junior year, am i...
  80. What does the "homo" mean in homosapiens, homoerectus, etc.?
  81. Do lesbians prefer white wine or red wine usually?
  82. Is there any other gay websites similar to share that boy.com?
  83. Do you think if it was the other way round and most of the population was
  84. Evolutionists, what is the immediate anscestor to humans(homo sapiens sapiens)?
  85. i need a lesbian to pop out of a cake at a male bachelor party?
  86. Do you support Gay Marriage?
  87. Are there any religions that are not against gay/lesbian people?
  88. Fatima whitbread, is she a lesbian?
  89. Im 17, i don't have too many friends, and I think im gay, help please.?
  90. Help! Is my boyfriend gay?
  91. I your gay can you still get a girl pregnant? Please help?
  92. Tom Brady is secretly a homo?
  93. Why are my new neighbors lesbians?!?!?!?!?
  94. A LESBIAN VIDEO for my girlfriend... Help?
  95. When was the time Al Sharpton refers to when "Africans was riding in...
  96. Gays (as well as everyone I guess) tend to focus on penis length, should I even
  97. Would I be considered a lesbian?
  98. Looking for lesbian club tonight in the Manhattan nyc?
  99. Do you think my friend is gay?
  100. How to met more girls that are lesbians?
  101. Why are gay people so kind and good-looking?
  102. What does he mean when he says "gay lifestyle"?
  103. No homo but is it weird that I like Justin biebers music? ?
  104. why my friends don't believe i'm gay?
  105. question for gay men?
  106. Why have lesbians got such an attitude as opposed to gays?
  107. Will Sharia Law ever accept the homo movement ?
  108. LESBIANS.......................................... .?
  109. I'm a girl with her first crush on a lesbian. How can I tell if she likes me or
  110. No homo: Seriously do you think Justin Bieber is a decent freestyler?
  111. homosexuality and homo-eroticism is inherent in ALL men which is why
  112. Can a lesbian fall for a straight guy?
  113. First gay times??????????????????
  114. my bestfriend is a lesbian and now we are drifting apart?
  115. Is this normal when ur gay?
  116. Would you say it is becoming more 'trendy' to be bi or gay?
  117. Is it really okay to be gay?
  118. lesbians don't you think this charade of not wanting men has gone on far enough?
  119. Am I gay if I find Keanu Reeves and Leonardo DiCaprio attractive?
  120. Where can i find a place for lesbians/bisexual in los angeles?
  121. whats the probability of finding a spin up electron in the HOMO of a
  122. For those who struggle with homosexuality... you were not born gay!?
  123. Signs of being a lesbian?
  124. I'm a lesbian how do i get a girlfriend?
  125. Why does the left wing defend gays but also gay-hating Muslims?
  126. Does this mean you're gay?
  127. Why is gay porn so easy to masturbate to?
  128. Why don;t Gays start their own Gay Christian religion?
  129. How do I tell if my son is Gay?
  130. Very disturbed, I was snooping through my son's computer internet history...
  131. Where do gay teens in northern ireland 14+ hang out?
  132. is ingsoc1 a homo that lilkes it in the bum?
  133. FOR THE PERSON WHO ASKED "what do the colors in the gay pride flag signify?"?
  135. How should i tell my mom i am a lesbian?
  136. Is selena gomez considered as a lesbian pedophile?
  137. Are straight girls ugly while bi/bicurious/lesbian girls are attractive?
  138. Atheists and theists is a homophobe someone who afraid of gays or some one who...
  139. do you think she's a lesbian?
  140. Which rapper has the most swag (No Homo)?
  141. so i just decided to be a lesbian help?
  142. Is my best friend gay or bi and does he like me?
  143. Why did it take "homo sapiens" 188,000 years to work out how to sow seed?
  144. Gay guys, do u have a best guy friend?
  145. why arent lesbians hot in real life?
  146. How to handle homo sexuality?
  147. Looking for Lesbians?
  148. Gay, straight, or bi?
  149. Is it true that gay Asian guys usually go for white guys? And why is this?
  150. lesbians, what's so wrong with being sex objects for men?
  151. Why are gays using Kim Kardashian's divorce as an excuse for them to get married?
  152. Pedophilla vs. being Gay?
  153. Could I be a lesbian?
  154. why do lesbians aren't mentioned in the Bible?
  155. With so many gay people around will I be the only one left to keep the...
  156. Don't like homo thoughts, I need advice on controlling it?
  157. What few religions do not judge Homo-Sexuals?
  158. I'm gay, are you surprised? I'm finally coming out.?
  159. are justin bieber and selena a lesbian couple?
  160. why are almost ALL the Gay guys have to be hot and sexy and cute than straight guys?
  161. How was your first 'lesbian kiss'?
  162. I need songs on lesbians?? ?
  163. I think I choose to be gay..?
  164. What exactly is a homo thug ?
  165. Why are women so obsessed with whether their boyfriend is gay?
  166. If Ive done anal insertion with somewhat large objects does it make me gay?
  167. Gay 16yr old money for college help (adopted)?
  168. is it gay or quir if i straghtend my hair and im a guy?
  169. Why has fruity turned to gay?
  170. How could 13C-NMR be used to distinguish between a 50:50 homo-polymer blend
  171. Ever since my friend has told me she was a lesbian, shes been blanking me???
  172. why westerns are so concerned about homos like there is nothing more important
  173. opinion's on gay lesbian marriage?
  174. A scholarly book on gay and lesbian parenting?
  175. What do you think when you see your bishop/pastor/etc at the gay bar?
  176. should I be worried about gay news?
  177. What is the typical habitat of a human? Describe the niche of Homo sapiens.?
  178. Why does so many people ask why I chose to be gay?
  179. "Dashing Australia" where husband spend nights at g@y bars, and their wife...
  180. Why so many Iranians becoming gay?
  181. How to spot a lesbian?
  182. What gay (boy) anime shows like gravitation and loveless are there?
  183. Are straight girls ugly while bi/bicurious/lesbian girls are attractive?
  184. What do people mean when they say "no homo"?
  185. Gays, what are your tricks to get over him and move on?
  186. poll: i cant take it anymore, everyone thinks im a lesbian?
  187. poll: i cant take it anymore, everyone thinks im a lesbian?
  188. How do you feel about the phrase "no homo"?
  189. Im not sure if im a lesbian or bisexual...confused!?
  190. If I know I am gay, why do I enjoy hooking up with women so much?
  191. Is Ronan Parke gay????
  192. is God against the lesbians?
  193. am i lesbian because me and my friend say i love youto each other?
  194. If I have two of the same pencils, are they homo pencils?
  195. How can i stop being gay?
  196. Could Homo Sapiens Sapiens and Homo Sapiens Neanderthalis interbreed or not?
  197. Is Sai an expert on gays and lesbians now?
  198. Do you guys know any gay comedians?
  199. Is Britney Spears a Lesbian?
  200. Can someone tell me how the homo Heidelbergensis and homo neanderthalensis dissapear?
  201. This doesn't make me gay, right?
  202. here did homo ergaster live?
  204. What are some really good clues that someone may be gay or bi?
  205. How can I look more like a lesbian?
  206. If I'm attracted to an intersex person does that make me a lesbian?
  207. What are the chances I'll get hit on if I go to a lesbian bar by myself?
  208. Im gay (14) and I like my bestfriend who constantly messes around with me.?
  209. Why are "bikers" gay?
  210. Are there lots of lesbians, Bi girls and Bi-curious girls these days?
  211. Answer me! Am I Gay or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ?
  212. Do lesbian women respond well to compliments?
  213. I'm bi but I want to be full lesbian ?
  214. No Homo: Why do mixed black guys from latin america look better then mixed black
  215. Why do lesbians always hit on straight girls but gay guys don't ever try
  216. If a gay person take to court a case for being bullied and discriminated,?
  217. Who is your favourite famous lesbian?
  218. How did Homo Habilis and Australopithecus Africanus differ?
  219. How do i know if im lesbian, or bi?
  220. What is Islam's view of neanderthals and homo erectus erectus?
  221. How would you respond to this awkward quention ( gay teenage boy)?
  222. Christians: What are Neanderthals and Homo erectus too you?
  223. LGBT: At what age did you decide you were gay?
  224. ...Are horses lesbian?
  225. ...Are horses lesbian?
  226. why is it considered gay..?
  227. Did you know lesbians don't exist?
  228. Why is anyone who is against gay marriage labeled a bigot or homophobe?
  229. Wow! What'd you think of the latest South Park (Spoiler Alert [No homo {No
  230. Are straight girls ugly, while bi/bicurious/lesbian girls are attractive?
  231. On a scale from one to ten how gay is this ?
  232. Do you think im a lesbian? Please help?
  233. Gay men make better nurses?
  234. Teen lesbian advice needed here!!?? HELP! >.<?
  235. do you think the cowboys should trade tony homo?
  236. Is being Gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgendered a mental disorder and is
  237. If life is so fair, then why does the gay Asian boy think I'm a creep?
  238. How to stop being lesbian ?
  239. Since nearly all girls are bi/bicurious and lesbian, what's the whole point...
  240. I'm gay but my gay friends thinks I'm just curious?
  241. Why's it okay for gay men to degrade women but not straight men?
  242. I'm only attracted to gay porn but I have a girlfriend..?
  243. What does it mean when a gay guys tells you he likes you?
  244. I'm totally straight but lesbian porn turns me on.?
  245. Lesbian Friendly US towns and cities?
  246. Why did Homo sapiens migrate through the Americas?
  247. how can i protest about gay rights?
  248. if you went and got a pokemon avatar after ashiwan and mc mastermind you are a homo?
  249. any turrent to download ballad of gay tony n lost and damned for pc?
  250. I hate being a homo. Sometimes I hate myself and want to end it all for being gay,...