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  1. is it gay for a guy to have their belly button pierced?
  2. What do gay guys think of girls?
  3. Why does "everyone" question their sexuality when they're teenagers?
  4. Do metrosexual guys wear skirts, dresses, or female swimwear at all?
  5. Is the recent metrosexual revolution making you embarass yourself?
  6. Poll: Guys are you a metrosexual man?
  7. am i a bisexual, straight, or a lesbian?
  8. 21st century Hollywood horror film which projects woman as victim or her sexuality
  9. How metrosexual am I?
  10. In the fountainhead, why is Dominique's and Roark's relationship purely about
  11. Could it be that i don't have a SEXUALITY?
  12. Help in turning gays straight? How ridiculous is this, especially in this...
  13. Confused about my sexuality?
  14. sexuality complications/ confusions need your views plz !!!?
  15. hi, bisexual guy question????? help!!?
  16. Do you think Adam Lambert from American Idol is gay?
  17. can any one help cos i don't want to be gay...?
  18. Where can I find bisexual or lesbian girls?
  19. How smug would you be (1-10) if you turned a gay person straight?
  20. How do you know when your time with gay is up? 9 main signs that you are...
  21. My Cousin is BISEXUAL?
  22. Do you think myspace is a good place to meet single lesbian/bisexual females?
  23. when straight people refer to gays and lesbians as flaunting their sexuality?
  24. this bisexual girl. opinions? did she play me?
  25. How should i start planning a gay?
  26. Sexuality question about a girl.... only serious answers please....?
  27. poll/survey: survival of the fittest or gayest?
  28. Do you think that someones sexuality should be tested by a book in which a man reads?
  29. If you could change your sexuality, would you?
  30. Does a woman see her sexuality through a man's eyes?
  31. If I like women because I want to wear what they're wearing, does that mean...
  32. Yay or nay to gays rights?
  33. Unsure of my sexuality?
  34. gay people what are gay?
  35. do you think i'm bisexual, or just a really good friend? confused...?
  36. Are blind people bisexual?
  37. if you're a girl and you do a girl are you gay or just curious?
  38. where can i find some great gay adult movies for free online?
  39. Im confused about my sexuality?
  40. do you believe that everybody is a bisexual?
  41. Do you talk to your kids about Sexuality?
  42. Does being gay make it harder to find a mate?
  43. What is my sexuality?
  44. Unsure about sexuality?
  45. How are gay people married?
  46. Do I tell him my sexuality?
  47. Does she like me? She is gay, and I'm not.?
  48. I want to meet other bisexual girls like me.?
  49. I had a gay dream involving Thomas Jefferson, does this mean I'm gay?
  50. how do i know if i am bisexual?
  51. strange bisexual situation?
  52. Gay guys have this ever happened to you or your partner?
  53. How do I deal with my Bisexual friend?
  54. why is it that I had sex with a pre-op transsexual and i'm now freaking...
  55. if men choose to be gay, because women seem unintelligent?
  56. Is being gay becoming an epidemic?
  57. Do metrosexual guys wear skirts, dresses, or female swimwear at all?
  58. How can a gay 13 year old guy hook up with other 13 year old guys?
  59. A question to all lesbians / bisexual girls?
  60. need help looking for 13 year old boy that's confused about his sexuality?
  61. how do i tell my family that i'm bisexual?
  62. Why are the major monotheistic religions extreme in condemning sexuality...
  63. you know that saying... "ship the africans back to africa, mexicans back to
  64. Why are Gay Republican so hated?
  65. im bisexual. and i like another bisexual girl. how do i talk to her.?
  66. My gay mate (vicar) argues, the bible is incorrect as gay attraction is...
  67. i'm confused about my sexuality....?
  68. how can i know when a guy is bisexual or gay?
  69. What laws do you get in trouble with if you discriminate against gays?
  70. Is there a magazine that is designed for gay teens in England?
  71. Is it common for pagans to be gay/bisexual?
  72. Am I the only one who thinks Glen Davis is gay?
  73. Are You Bisexual?????
  74. What would be an interesting Human sexuality topic?
  75. if a girl is bisexual and she diddnt come on to you?
  76. I'm looking for a girlfriend for my bisexual wife in East Texas.?
  77. Poll: Guys are you a metrosexual man?
  78. Who thinks the wii is getting more and more gay?
  79. I'm so totally confused about my sexuality!?
  80. LGBT: Who was the first person to be aware of your sexuality?
  81. If whole idea behind sexuality is to procreate, then whats the point of...
  82. Will be in kissimmee florida around April 12th - 18th, any good gay bars or
  83. Really cute gay in my school. What should I do?
  84. I am a 25 year old bisexual woman. Do I stick with the man I love or try to find
  85. What do you make of the article about pshrinks trying to change people's sexuality?
  86. What Do You Think Of Doctors Wanting To Help Gays Become Straight?
  87. I think I might be bisexual but Im catholic?
  88. Do gay realation ships even last?
  89. WHY DO YOU HATE GAYS? really really really want an answer?
  90. Is my new love interest secretly gay?
  91. Lesbian /gay bulling .?
  92. whats with gay guys?? they are weird as hell?
  93. So what is your sexuality?
  94. Is my new love interest secretly gay?
  95. George Webber, the m8rdered radio reporter, was gay and looking for "rough...
  96. Problems with my sexuality?
  97. LGBT: were you in touch with your sexuality as a young kid? (READ!)?
  98. Are the members of AFI gay?
  99. What does having a choice or not actually mean when you use it in a
  100. views on sexuality questions from a Christians point of view?
  101. Bisexual in Washington?
  102. A unique power for a gay character in a novel?
  103. Gay Men...ever any exceptions?
  104. Tomboy or bisexual/lesbian?
  105. (bisexual) why after breaking up with her i feel like i love her even more?
  106. Could being gay be considered a mental defect, a biological imperfection,
  107. Question about sexuality in Hamlet? 10 points?
  108. How normal is it for a person to change sexuality in their teenage years?
  109. I need help. Am I bisexual?
  110. Who is the Gayest of all time.....?
  111. I'm 19yrs old and when i'm out in public i see myself checking out girls
  112. What is Obama going to do about gay marriage while in office?
  113. What is my sexuality?
  114. Confused about my sexuality. HELP?
  115. Why do so many Bisexuals believe that most people are bi?
  116. Does this make me gay?
  117. Why are some people really crazy when it comes to another person's sexuality?
  118. bisexuals what do you say to people when they say bisexuality doesnt exist?
  119. embrassing question help ( gay guys only)?
  120. Does it really matter which side you get a piercing on, in terms of being gay or not?
  121. Gay Movies what's the name of the movie in clip 0:53 and 0:56?
  122. 21 Year old virgin, what is up with my sexuality?
  123. what do you think about Sexuality?
  124. What is the definition of being bisexual?
  125. hey i heard that gay night clubs play really good techno music... where can i...
  126. bisexual: first kiss?
  127. Bisexual problems rising?
  128. Why is there so much stigma with sexuality in the U.S?
  129. newly bisexual question?
  130. How did Rock Hudson hide his sexuality for so long?
  131. I am pretty sure I'm either a lesbian or bisexual, dumb question but...?
  132. why are only older gay men interested in me?
  133. How metrosexual am I?
  134. If a guy doesn't try to sleep with you after three months is he gay or in a
  135. Would he turn gay by the time he comes out?
  136. im bisexual. i need help with a girl situation...?
  137. Gay attracted to my straight best friend. What should I do?
  138. Evolution is false, abortion is wrong, gays are a corruption, stem-cells are bad.?
  139. Is being in a relationship with a bisexual considered a sin in Christianity?
  140. Are there any gay animals?
  141. how do i ask a suspected gay guy if he's gay?
  142. Bisexuals - How long did it take you to "figure yourself out?"?
  143. How do i find more Gay/bi guys in my area? stoke on trent in england btw xD?
  144. Why do people care so much about sexualities?
  145. Question for Bisexual girls?
  146. I Like Gay Men With Boobs Like Lamy Chopin Iv!?
  147. Atheists: what is your position on sexuality?
  148. have you ever been called bisexual or gay?
  149. I love men sexually however I always found myself attracted to butch females
  150. Confused about my sexuality?
  151. POLL FOR GIRLS: would you date a bisexual guy?
  152. Female problem: How do I become more comfortable with nudity and sexuality?
  153. GIRLS POLL: would you date a bisexual guy?
  154. How do I know if I am bisexual?
  155. Im bi curious how should I go about having my first gay experience.?
  156. how am I biphobic for not dating bisexuals?
  157. Can my boyfriend just give up being bisexual?
  158. What are the names of "all" the sexualities?
  159. Homophobia- Could he be gay?
  160. How do i know if im Bisexual or just want to try it.?
  161. every one in school calls me gay what do I do?
  162. Please Help Gay guy is trying to hang out with me!?
  163. Gay Marriage is a Abomination, Do you agree with me?
  164. (Gay guys only) . How do you think of this gay TV clip?
  165. Who was the first person you told that you were gay?
  166. I am worried that my friend is gay.?
  167. Why doesnt god like gay people?
  168. Any gay football players?
  169. do you believe that every girl can be bisexual?
  170. i want to comfort my boyfriend about his sexuality, he just came out to his parents
  171. If God hates gays - why did it make them?
  172. Will i get Aids from this gay client?
  173. Why are Liberals and Democrats pushing the idea of having gays serve 'openly' in...
  174. why is it okay for gay people to have sex at a young age (14) but when straight
  175. beautiful bisexual women answer this...?
  176. I'm 23,gay.My parents say I shouldn't go back to study.How can I convince her?
  177. am i straight, gay, bi, or just curious?
  178. Did someone figure out your sexuality before you told them?
  179. Im bisexual and i need your help?
  180. What does a gay cow eat?
  181. so a guy who likes a rim job...does it make him gay?
  182. What do you think being bisexual really is?
  183. My best friend found out that I'm gay and that I like him... Idk what to do?
  184. Opinion on gay people?
  185. Gay guys: would you be concerned?
  186. could i be bisexual?????? helpp?
  187. Is sexuality a choice? (read description too)?
  188. Where to go if experimenting with sexuality?
  189. What is a metrosexual?
  190. what does LGBT mean i need to know i know its about lesbians and bisexuals?
  191. Is it possible im bisexual?
  192. is bobby cannavale gay?
  193. What sexuality am I?!?
  194. Have U Ever Questioned Ur Sexuality?
  195. Help: I just learnt that my bf is bisexual !?
  196. Is a guy slightly bisexual if?
  197. could peking ducks be gay?
  198. Yahoo! is prejudice against gays??!!?
  199. My gay friend and the guy I like...?
  200. Question about being bisexual?
  201. How do I find a bisexual female, willing to...?
  202. I think I might be bisexual?
  203. I don't know what to do. Bisexual christian?
  204. is it wrong to get together with someone when you are questioning your sexuality ?
  205. I will be going to college next year. How do I know if the college is gay...
  206. how do you honestly know your gay.. i really have no clue its to confusing now?
  207. Am I gay? Or Do I need a Father Figure?
  208. Am i Gay? Am i not. Help what am i?
  209. im a gay 14 year old...?
  210. how do you know if im gay?
  211. Does listening to Abba make me gay?
  212. the human body and sexuality?
  213. Is this strange body language for 2 guys? Is he gay?
  214. Somebody please help im a bisexual?
  215. Is it ok to date a gay boy?
  216. How do you know if a guy is approachable without giving yourself away as gay?
  217. LGBT: If a kid has gay parents, and asks where do babies come from, what do you say?
  218. what do people have against gays?
  219. Why do you think countries ban gay and lesbian rights?
  220. am i a lesbian? or bisexual. i am so confused. please help me.?
  221. Do you think gay/bi people are right?
  222. Would i look kinda gay if?
  223. Do you think Zac Efron is Gay?
  224. What is the best remedy to cure gay addicted?
  225. Curious? Or bisexual?
  226. Am i a bisexual person?
  227. Are gay men more prone to HEMORROIDS?
  228. what should be the normal behavior of a spayed cat in her sexuality?
  229. Why don't republicans ever bring up the fact that barney frank is gay?
  230. is mr/mrs garrison gay?
  231. Just how gay are you?
  232. am i bisexual or what?
  233. So question for gay people....?
  234. To straight people who support gay civil rights including the right to marriage,...
  235. am i bisexual? please help me. or am i a lesbian?
  236. confused about sexuality...truly needs advice...?
  237. Guys would you think i was gay if?
  238. I don't really know what to do. I am bisexual and my family does not know. I
  239. Do people in society make you feel bad about yourself because of your sexuality?
  240. Will Obama's Sturmabteilung (SA) be run by a gay man like Hitler's was?
  241. Do Mormons come across as Gay?
  242. Gay men. How do you know if a straight guy is insecure with his sexuality?
  243. Can you Condition yourself to change your sexuality?
  244. Books based on Lesbians or Bisexuals?
  245. Gay Friendly Colleges-Film?
  246. I think my brother might be gay?
  247. Is everyone bisexual?
  248. im gay. how do i tell this guy that i like him?
  249. what are your ideas on gays and lesbians?
  250. Is there a possibilitie that i could be bisexual?