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this is about me (tamzin burnett) and i would like to request it be removed. John knows i would like it removed but hasn't taken it off. I do not feel comfortable with my personal family information being on the internet, and having such an unusual first name is making it easy for people to read about my personal family life. I would really really appreciate if this coudl be deleted.
Thank you
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Posted by: J Burnett
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Ricky & Jacky Burnett - PLEASE HELP!? Fathers name is Robert (Bob) Burnett whom I am no longer in contact with and mothered by Stella whose last name I am unsure of. Born appox 1980 - 1984. I have looked for a couple of years with no luck and this is my only wish in life. I lost a brother a few years ago and I would love to get to know my long lost brother and sister.

It makes me sad to think I may never find them and if anyone can help me I would never forget them and I would be happy to help them achieve anything they are unable to do if I can.

I am 21 and have 3 siblings. Two sisters and one brother. James Burnett, Tamzin Burnett and Hayley Burnett. My Mothers name is Heather Burnett.

I know nothing about my dad or his family or anything at all about my half brother and sister.

I just hope they too would be keen to meet me.

Thanking anyone who has even taken the time to read this. Take care always.