My friend and i are coming up with engine swap idea's for my 93 dodge dakota with a 3.9l ,yea i know a 5.2l or a 5.9l would be a more common and easy swap .My friend owns a dodge durango with a 5.9l and im not so impressed with the engine tone,and accelleration,My brother in law on the other hand owns a 05 dodge ram with a 4.7l and the sound,and the acceleration is great...anyway my friend thinks a 4.7l should be a easy swap. I'm wondering if there is anyone who has tried this or know any knowledge of 5.2,5.9 and 4.7l engines Other questions i have are/ will my transmission mate to a 4.7l? will the 4.7l engine harness mate to the truck? just as a added note my dakota is 4x4

viewing some of my answerers lol i have things to point out ok so a 3.9,5.2 5.9 and a 4.7l all were options in a first gen durango 97-03 BUT! the same engines 3.9 and 5.2 were 2 of the options for a dakota SO! the engine mounting brackets must be similar enough to the 5.9 and 4.7? right? next what i mean by the engine harness : would the engine harness of a 4.7l connect to my bulkhead connector?