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    Hi, I am responding to this thread because I am researching the options for high school diploma, instead of a GED for my fiance. Anyway, I did not get the answer I was looking for from this thread. I think it may be because I know something many of you do not, so read this carefully before you find yourselfs $300+ short and without what you thought you were getting:

    You can apply and attend many colleges without a legitimate high school diploma or even a GED. The catch is, that if the High School diploma is not REALLY accredited, you will NEVER be able to graduate college with a degree (Associates, bachelors, masters, doc, ect...) even though, you may take as many college classes as you like.

    However, you may graduate many (but not all) certificate programs (programs that require no degree). The problem is that your college may accept your transcripts, but they may not actually research the source until you petition for graduation. When they discover the lack of accreditation, you will be awarded NO degree.

    A big clue based on what some people said on this thread, is that one person mentioned some schools do NOT accept this diploma. This is not a preference- this is because they looked into the school before admitting you into the program and discovered that you will never graduate and therefore do not meet the requirements of their program (they want to admit people who WILL graduate.)

    So basically, getting a high school diploma from a program that is not legitimate may fool some employers with a HS diploma reqirement, but as far as school goes, you will really never get anywhere further than you can with no diploma. So, if a certification is all you seek, skip spending the money and just apply to your community college. They will probably suggest a GED, but it will only be required for some certifications (so check that as well).

    As for everyone else, to my discoveries, the GED is the only option. So consider that. The work may be harder- the test more stressful, but you will get a high school equivalent degree at the end of it all. Plus, it is cheaper to take the GED in most cases. There is also no limit to how many times you can take it. And in most states

    (I think all of them actually), you need only retake the portions you failed, but can keep your passing grades. The fee for retakes are even cheaper. GED prep classes are free (In most community colleges).

    Good Luck! and do not be fooled. If you have a question regarding an alternative high school, Call the college you wish to attend. Their admission department WILL be able to tell you if this HS diploma will heed your future college education or if you will end up needing your GED anyway. That is what I did to discover that you do not need a diploma to attend college and gain certain certifications. That is how I found out that the alternative HS program my fiance was about to submit $200 to in order to attend, was far from legitimate.

    Do yourselves a favor, and when doing research make sure at some point before giving away your money, you call the people will know best!!!! Again Good Luck! My fiance will be getting his GED for sure. Forget these alternative, pay more, short-cut, get you nowhere options.

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    i have heard good reviews and bad reviews. i want to know the real deal. do all colleges accept you. if it is legit how doe it work? & how much is it

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    I wouldn't do it. I was denied into a technical school with this diploma. I then had to go get a GED. When I told them about having an online diploma they said they would look into it because you can't have a diploma and a GED apparently. Lincolns diploma was not recognized with the board of education. So however you guys got into college/schools with this diploma, please tell me your secret.

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    are the courses easy at lincoln academy online???

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    I have a question I'm looking into the online high school diploma... But I live in New York State is it gonna make a difference?? Like is it gonna matter if the Diploma is from TX??

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    I did my research and this is what i found out about Lincoln High School. Lincoln High school is accredited by NHSSA or the National Home School Accreditation as stated on there website.

    From my online research NHSSA is not recognized by CHEA or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and neither is NHSSA listed anywhere on the US Department of Education. Both CHEA and the US Department of Education are very important factors in learning if a school is "legit" or Accredited.

    I searched on both websites and 0 results.

    My opinion is NO Lincoln Academy High School is not Legit and i would recommend other Online schools like Penn Foster. Penn Foster is Accredited by DETC which is recognized by the US Department of Education. If you want something faster GED is your best bet!
    Study hard , pay a fee anywhere between $100-$200, and pass it with a high score in one day!

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    Do we have to pay in full before getting the diploma?

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    Lincoln Academy is not in any form legit.

    Lincoln Academy is a total scam they in no way are legit. Please if this can help anyone out there thinking of getting their diploma online think again. Studying for the GED is the way to go. Nothing comes easy and a little hard work I promise will save alot of grief in the end. Our son had to learn this the hard way.

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    I graduated from there and was accepted by San Jacinto college. My brother did the program to and he is already accepted by our dads house at Lone Star college.

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    Yes I did their program just to see if it was real, but it wasn't I was looking into a faster way of getting my high school diploma. Lincoln Academy is not accredited in fact (NHSAA) is not a real program. The only advice I have for you is to STAY IN SCHOOL.
    One last thing, the part I messed up with is not talking to my mom about it. My mom has been a teacher for over 15 years and has a masters degree in special education.

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